Sunday, May 3, 2009

Testimonial: Naruto Manga in my Tear-Jerker List

My Tear-Jerker List is growing. I thought I wouldn't cry for any story, but now. I have cried by three stories (Maybe four, but I am not sure)

The strange or interesting thing is that I have seen these stories two or three times before they pull tears from me. Maybe I was not prepared the first time, or something has happened in my life before those stories wet my eyes.

1) Bruce Almighty: after Bruce is fired from his job, seeing him blaming God, made me to empathize so much with the character, that it generated several tears from me.

2) Lord Of Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring: When Frodo tried to leave Sam, Sam tried to swim in order to reach him, but he does not know how to swim!! Then, Frodo helps Sam and then ask him: Why did you do that? after the answer of Sam, I dropped some tears.

3) Naruto Manga: All the events related with the life and death of Jiraiya, plus the messy life of both Naruto and Nagato, then reviewing all the chapters from Kakashi seeking Naruto to make him know about the death of Jiraiya, making emphasis in Tsunade's Tears, Iruka's consolation and Shikamaru's reanimation (while remembering the death of Asuma). With this, I cried a river. (Note: firstly, I wanted to review the conversation between Tobi and Pain, before the attack to Konoha, which I have not done yet). The Starter: What Fukusaku said about the Child Of Prophecy, after naruto leaves. (I thought it was Tsunade who said it)

4) One Piece Anime: (All entries including and after this one are new) In Baratie saga, when I learned why Red Leg Zeff and Cooker Sanji have that kind of attitude towards life... wow! When I think about how One Piece story develops, I always recall "The Wizard of Oz"...

5) Gran Torino: all events (totally all events) that happened in Tao life, from where he was washing dishes, until he got locked in Walt's basement. I think I should mention movies like Million Dollar Baby and Gladiator. Very deep movies that really moved me, but they didn't pull tears from me, although they almost achieved it.

6) Pursuit of Happyness: my first tear rolled when Chris and Christopher were playing basketball... wow, everything was suffering until the very least five minutes. To think that we will live something like Chris Gardner lived... the ending was somewhat happy and common cliché, but "knock knock" jokes cleaned it! This phrase from Monster anime's ending song fits well: "...we could lose it all, but we'll go down fighting..."

7) Never Ending Story: your long-time friend (e.g. Artax), who sunk in the Swamps of Sadness, someone as reliable to you as your own pet, who don't believe in what you believe and focus "blindly" on his sadness to the extreme of letting himself die.

8) Yip Man 2: after you see "Yip Man 1" completely, focus on all difficulties that Yip Man faced, and still, to utter that kind of words after his last battle against "Twister"... I hope for that day too! This movie was difficult for me to see. First, I got a virus in my PC. Second, those subtitles were a mess! :-/

9) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Chapter 11: 'I trust Simon because he gave us Luck that time. When I feel weak or without confidence, I recall that Simon that got us out of there. "I will never make fun of him", I said to myself.' One tear, maybe two, but that was enough 'movement' for me. Also, the saga of Commander Rossiu was great!

10) Huo Yuan Jia / Fearless: this one happened while reading the english subtitles, but I made a big effort of not crying because there were many people near me :'-( I was reading them because I wanted to remember all what he learned when he was with the blind girl.

11) Up: the first 12 minutes of this movie reminded me all those childhood dreams that I have not achieved and all the struggle I have had, before something terrible happens to me. It also touched personal memories that ignited me to start this blog a long time ago.

12) Donkey Kong Returns: 20100718T091746. I was in DR-Metro when I was reminding the new Donkey Kong game trailer. It brought me memories of some favourite songs from old games, like Megaman 2, Final Fantasy VI, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Chrono Trigger.

13) El Reino Del Celo: sorry for this link, in spanish, but it talks by itself.

14) A sequence of songs: (1st) Soda Stereo - Entre Canivales; (2nd) MCD - Nadie; (3rd) La Ley - El Duelo; Date of tear-jerker: 2011-01-21 07:56 AM (GMT -4). The fourth song I was planning was: La Ley - Mentira.

15) One Piece: Death of Going Merry, 'nuff said.

16) Gunsgrave: Chapter 11, Time 7:11, Brandon leaves flowers in the tomb of Ritchie's mother. I felt the urge to cry, but the scene was spoiled by the crazy guy. To feel the presence of the Big Daddy...

17) One Piece - We Fight Together: the opening of post Marine Ford arc, that is a kind of summary of the whole story until that moment and how the crew met.

18) The Richest man in Babylon: the description of the war, and specially, the moment when enemies went away from Babylon, and the war cry after that.

19) Listened to Sensation White 2006 intro, at Dic 6, 2012

20) Coach Carter: reminds me of that trill that you feel when your message is well received. When a seed lands on fertile soil.

21) Ink: we all have a belief about another universe running in parallel with ours. We always want to confirm if it really exists, or not. What if the price of confirming this world's existence is a sad experience?

22) League of Legends: and, like if it was by an act of magic, a chaotic group goes unexpectedly in great sync. (January 4th, 2014)

23) The Boys Are Back: so much love to show, and it's clear he doesn't know how to do it correctly, but the hope is that those recipients of love are willing to accept whatever he can offer, and know how hard he tries.

24) Stromae - Papaoutai: it was the meaning behind the meaning of the meaning of this video…

25) La Sonora Carruseles - Micaela Boogaloo: I don't understand that moment, en-route to my job. The Xylophone Solo started the emotion that day.

26) (This space is reserved for a tear-jerker I'm putting my effort to recall)

27) Eres Mi Religión, Muelle de San Blas, El Duelo: December 25, 2015... a tiny peek into the past...

The one from Naruto (#3) motivated me to make these writings about these Tear-Jerker stories.

Alan Moore, co-creator of "Watchmen", said that Comic Books can do things that cinema and literature could not. A manga entered in my Tear-Jerker list. I wanted an example of what Moore said, and manga is the closest thing to a comic book, so...

The day I started this post was the last day in my country, Dominican Republic, of a book festival called "La Feria Del Libro". Maybe I could find a book about ... :D (I don't know why, but after some tears I feel a little relieved)

Walt Disney, Video-Games and Anime have always been there. Then, the Twister-Ending stories, then Hayao Miyazaki. Now, the Tear-Jerkers. It seems that I won't be so tired when I become an old man! ;-)