Friday, June 6, 2014

Sendo < Sawamura < Makunouchi

No existe en la actualidad un personaje de la vida real que me inspire de esta forma. Sólo existen en las historietas. Fuera de esto, existen personas de las me siento muy agradecido por haberlas conocido.

"So even the Deathblow Dragon can end up in the hospital.
It's weird, ain't it?
Even after getting beaten up so badly,
you still want to keep on boxing.
Something about Makunouchi always makes you feel that way.
His fists weren't honed on the street like ours.
His were built in the gym.
It makes you think you can win if you train harder,
that you can grow stronger.
His fists carry that message with every punch.
So you think, "I'll train, come back stronger, and beat you."
He makes you feel that way.
Our fists are murder weapons, designed to put a man on the ground
so he never gets back up.
But Makunouchi's fists just make people want to fight harder.
His fists pick you up.
Conked out, huh?
Well, it was one hell of a fight."