Saturday, February 21, 2009

God isn't perfect, and He learns from us!!

I wish my hypothesis would be more elaborated, but I just can't.

Many of the bad things that have happened in our world have been, somewhat, allowed by "God": extinction of animals, wars, hunger, diseases... Even if they were created by humans, those "creations" were allowed too!!

We are human beings capable of thinking, creating and/or destroying... even we have the ability to create life and more human beings with our innate abilities!! And I suppose "God" did the starting-kick.

Why did "He" gave us those similar abilities? The only cause I can imagine is to observe the way we use and employ those "gifts"... and learn from us!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be Happy = Have Money

Do you want to go to the beach? movies? eat some pizza? play videogames? internet? Everything you can do that may make you happy, is more probable that you will need to pay some money to get it.

It makes me sad that, if I want to do something funny, I have to think in money first. I don't think in something more. EVEN FOR VISITING FRIENDS YOU NEED MONEY!!!

If I don't have enough money, I rather stay in my house using internet, but even that needs money.

The money is not necessary for being happy, but it is more probable that you will need money to get the most of the things that makes you happy.

Friday, February 6, 2009

When "worlds colide", philosophy is born

I was thinking so long about the procedure that generates philosophical quotes and phrases, and now, if someone have arrived to this conclusion, I will accept it too: Interacting with people generates philosophical quotes!! not only that, but also struggling with the ideas and the way of thinking of the others.

I would like to find a more comfortable and easier way to generate them, but until now, it seems to me that it is the most effective way to do it. Why? I don't know, but I have seen that people generate philosophy more easily when they are suffering or depressed.

Why did I choose "worlds collide"? because each head is a world. Everybody have a propietary perception and definition of the world, their world. And when two or more people are in disagree with some thinking about their worlds, they are colliding... but also, unconsciously, I think they are producing philosophy!!

The only thing that is missing about this method is way of sharing the resulting conclusions with more people (colliding more worlds).

If you have another way of generating philosophical quotes, please "collide your world" with mine ;-)

PS: The part in quotes also reminds me about a video game...
MK vs DC

Sex is important if both are agree about children

If both want children, is good. If neither of them want a child, it is good too. The problem arise when, consciously or not, one of the couple want a child. The sex act that should produce pleasure, now is the opportunity to have a kid.

I'm not saying that kids are bad. I am only saying that, if you don't feel prepared for that responsibility, you should take actions in order to avoid it, but be prepared for all the problems that avoidance will generate.

It is difficult, frustrating, depressing, disturbing to see the face of the one you love when you say "Sorry, but I can't have a child now. I don't think we are prepared for it." This phrase will generate a deep sadness to the person who wants to have a child of you.