Friday, February 6, 2009

Sex is important if both are agree about children

If both want children, is good. If neither of them want a child, it is good too. The problem arise when, consciously or not, one of the couple want a child. The sex act that should produce pleasure, now is the opportunity to have a kid.

I'm not saying that kids are bad. I am only saying that, if you don't feel prepared for that responsibility, you should take actions in order to avoid it, but be prepared for all the problems that avoidance will generate.

It is difficult, frustrating, depressing, disturbing to see the face of the one you love when you say "Sorry, but I can't have a child now. I don't think we are prepared for it." This phrase will generate a deep sadness to the person who wants to have a child of you.

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  1. actually causes sadness. But sometimes we have to have our feet firmly buried in the ground to know consientemente decide who can and can not. is uncomfortable when they hear what we want.