Sunday, January 31, 2010

Courtesy and Thanks

Vice circles of vice circles! You rip what you sow. Courtesy and thanks. I am no telepathic, but people bring conclusions from the way I use communication channels.

- We must practice Courtesy, because life offers us things in unexpected and slow ways
- But this way of thought promotes inertia!
- Yes, like any other no-improvable way

Knowing is good, imagining is better, but patience and hard work are much better than those. So, when you are overwhelmed by work, and have low patience, remember to be polite: because you can catch more bees if you use honey, instead of salt.

- Patience and courtesy? I have achieved great results when I go to extremes!
- But people seek equilibrium from time to time. Remember to be polite during your extreme.

- Courtesy, patience, torture or sacrifice, no mind, extremes, equilibrium ... The gift of Life is so difficult to maintain!
- When Somebody gives you a present, in which happiness do you think? In yours or His? He is God!

Women might blush when men give them flowers, but men might also blush if women show their affection and thanks with a little kiss. If somebody gives you a pair of shoes, instead of saying "I feel happy. I really needed them", try to remember this: "I really appreciate your attention and sacrifice for helping me in your need. I don't think this is enough to show how very grateful I feel, but I wish you understand that I really thank you for it". Don't repeat Lord's Prayer with empty heart! Express your feelings!

That present may help you in your needs, but remember that everybody has a need of affection, even rich and powerful ones. Increase their affection and pride for you!

Many things to think and do

Summary: what do I want? What do I need? What things do block my goals?

Commodity, music, learning, appetizers, worries? no mind! tasks, emails, friends, relatives, elderly, diseases, punishments, offenses/defenses... worries: wishes, sex, women, money, hunger... there are many unpleasant habits in myself, and it impress myself too much how difficult is for me to keep those feelings controlled.

But each one may be seen from different points of view. For example, to look at women might either increments possibility of relationship or serves as auto-control practice.

Principles like e+Motion and 1%= 0.01%*100 are great, so is "Divide and Conquer", but we do need a queue, because we have many things to do, and also many temptations for not doing them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First, second and third person

One day I was trying to give an example of how women reject men if they have some faults in their bodies. In this case I put myself as an example, and immediately somebody said "Aw, you have low self-esteem!" What the hell? If I knew that, then I would choose that person as an example :-P

Anyway, examples are good. I never knew people were more interested in how I am instead of what I know. This is why I have problems with each singular pronouns:
  • If you use first person, it is too compelling but motivating enough that people may think you are talking about yourself.
  • If you use second person, it is too aggressive, and people might think you are offending them.
  • If you use third person, it is too empty and people tends to think you are a gossiper.
Examples are good, but even with your best intentions and explanations, people can misinterpret the way you choose your words.

You want to send a message, but people keeps changing its words associations. What yesterday was offensive, now is colloquial or even standard common sense!! but viceversa also happens, and what is common sense now, tomorrow could be aggressive.

A nice day is possible, if you can $$$

Life not bad if you have means of enjoying it or to convince people to do what you want (e.g. money), neither loneliness. You can really have a good time if you go wherever you want with enough money for you to spend, even if you are alone.

You could go to the movies to see a successful movie like Avatar; or to visit many clubs and enjoy them until they get closed; to know new people and new places, and do new things.

I saw Avatar. The idea of the connection between living beings and the ability to switch bodies is very interesting. It keeps me dreaming.

I saw The Love Guru movie. Although it has cliches of comedy, action, love couples, and most importantly, deep messages, I liked this comedy very much.

I know people who likes Austin Power. I don't like that character, but I like Guru Pitka's jokes!

Doing unknown things may bring unknown enjoyment, or not.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who is right? Who is wrong?

Sadness, Sorrow, Suffering, Sacrifice, Suicide... Are all of these the correct path in life? Jesus was murdered, and Buddha preferred to live in economical poverty. Epicurus said "Do you want to be rich? Don't put too much effort in increasing your wealth. Instead, try to reduce your greed", but isn't improvement of our world a greedy goal? As everything, it depends on what Improvement is.

We human beings are emotional machines that work in the way determined by their own needs. The sad part is that the harder to satisfy the need, the greater the desire of it.

Making conscious choices is always difficult. Playing a lottery is much easier... Well, I can control many aspects of my future, but not everything, like how long I will live. So, is it wise to ignore that uncertainty and keep living? Maybe that's true, but I don't like it.

The ten commandments of the Holy Bible should be taken as the Ten Greatest Advices for Life. Why? Because what is bad today can be useful tomorrow.

Aristotle said that "fear is caused by whatever we feel has great power of destroying or of harming us in ways that tend to cause us great pain", be it physical, emotional or intellectual pain.

Yin Yang. Nothing is neither 100% good nor bad. Seek balance, forever!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I like to watch those uncommon close-combats

I saw episode 143 of Naruto Shippuden. One of my long-awaited fights from the manga. I can say you that this fight didn't disappoint me.

I like taijutsu fights because they look like art or dancing. Maybe other people other techniques as well. Some are really nice, but I like the flow of of close combats; nevertheless, I am lost, because these kind of fights are the hardest to animate or elaborate.

I tend to make comparison between these jutsus and actual warfare. Close-combat could seem outdated, but the more it is ignored, the higher the risk of falling into a close combat trap. For example, what would you do if your gun run out of bullets?

In the real world, I think Jackie Chan is THE artist of taijutsu or stunt-fighting, if that is an acceptable way to call his style. Jet Li can be one too, but some moves violates physical laws too much, and he is less gracious but good enough.

It's hard to choose your first attack, and even harder to be confident enough of it. This should be the pleasure of randomness, isn't it?

Strugglers pull my tears out!

I dropped one or two tears while seeing Gran Torino. It's a very good movie with some very funny quotes. A christian thought I got during some of my laughs was "Will God punish Walt by talking that way to a 'padre'?" LOL

I can identify any aspect of me with every character in the movie, including those gangs and Walt's family. But mainly, my fun was in Walt's life and my sadness was in Tao's. Maybe, when I get old, those feelings will switch...

You have a lot of struggles, then you lost something important; then you struggle again to improve your situation or to defend it, and you achieved it, but your actions brings something else and you lose again; then you struggle again... Oh God, when will this stop? When I die, of course.

Then, between struggles, we ask ourselves why we get too much suffering. Other times we ask why those bad things happened, because everything was going too well and calm!

Life is hard, so I identify with life strugglers, because they show these life's bad aspects with their actions, something like saying "Hey, it's alright that we invented things like cellphones and internet, but there are still important things that we need to invent to improve our inner life style. Look at my example..."

The sad part of our actual method is that, in order to set a good example, somebody needs to die...

Funny Note: the last barber shop scene, when Tao learns how to talk like a man, is really good and hilarious!! :-D

Friday, January 15, 2010

hundredTH percent

Magic of Yes, Randomness, 1%, Divide and Conquer, e+motion. All these simple ideas tend to greatly reduce the struggle we have when we need to make choices, or start working, even though we were always taught that we should give our 100%.

100% is too much stress, so I think that 0.01% is more compelling and simpler. Even if you lose motivation, doing your 0.01% can really motivate you.

You only need to devise the most idiotically simple activity to your goal, and then each time you lose motivation, do it. you will be amazed how you easy you can keep the ball of motivation rolling after that silly kick start.

You may have many vices, habits or hobbies. For example, mine are:
  • Playing chess: arrange pieces, open a book
  • Playing fighting games: choosing practice mode and do simple combos
  • Reading manga: simply check out new releases, or award-winning ones
  • Movies and series: follow buzzwords or famous names
  • Music, drinks, party, dancing: simply choose a nice and random discotheque
  • Women: simply look at them
If you check them, all these "habits" started from small amounts, so small that they can be so simple to do, and even embarrassing to avoid them.

This 0.01% thought reminds me something a Very Important Being said: "Because your faith is too small. I tell you the truth, if your faith is as big as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there', and it will move. All things will be possible to you." And yet, I trying to improve my auto-motivation...

Even though, it seems the 0.01% of a vice is bigger than the 0.01% of a goal, but both are easy. ;-D

Saturday, January 9, 2010


The pleasure of Randomness, the magic of "Yes", impulses and instincts, extremes, that silly pattern of us to do everything but what is perfectly stated and proven, the kick that started this Pythagorean Device that we all call Universe, the fact that our boredom prompts us to switch activities determined by our state of mind; that we need to guess, predict, or calculate our unknown path in life, and we don't know who has the right answer to all of our problems, and that we should develop our own answers; that the majority of us are not geniuses, that we still keep searching even after we achieved many of our dreams, and how hard is to maintain an equilibrium of everything; that everything has a start and an end; that Earth is not the only inhabited planet in this Universe, but it seems the majority can't prove that; that we always pray when we walk through dangerous neighborhoods (I'd like to know what an atheist would do), all those seemingly unrelated thoughts that I (or maybe you) have during all your life; about that big effort we put on useless things; the paradox of how hard is to forget things we want, and to keep things that we easily forget; "God created man in his own image", so it seems He has many of our faults, right? ; No Mind and/or Just Do it ; ...

WHY DO THESE THINGS DO EXISTS? ONLY TO EXERCISE OUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE? Come on! I believe there is a more selfish purpose for creating the Universe! Although to demand Love should be enough selfish for me.

Constant Love/Hatred refocusing

I am thinking how I should decide and/or choose between some extremes, even after I know that each extreme has its drawbacks. These are some examples:
  • I choose Love, but Money is necessary to solve my Needs ;
  • Money is power, and people Loves me, until I have no money ;
  • You must Think and plan, but it promotes Inertia ;
  • You should Act or create, but then you will suffer for all Mistakes you will commit ;
  • When you do something the first time it feels like Excitement, but if you do it eight hours daily, then it feels like Job ;
  • Luck or Destiny: Even if they are different, in none of them your future is unknown: you assume it ;
  • Happiness or Meaning: you must forget one if you want to get to the other ;
  • Peace or Justice: In Watchmen movie, Rorschach's day book will do Justice revealing the truth, even after Peace was achieved.

Also, there are things that cut in my goals: Fatigue, Boredom, Headaches, Pressure. I have many wishes, I think about them too much. It is necessary to think, plan, and exercise, but that promotes inertia. I need to get Harder, Stronger, Faster, Better; but if I lose many matches, I also lose motivation.

These are some reflections those cut-in things:

Pressure: I'll elaborate well-founded responses, either if it's possible for me or not.
Headaches: It is because I think too much. No mind.
Fatigue: copy + paste / find + replace
Boredom: Improve your natural speed. It can be funny.

Even though all of these conclusion, my motivation still keeps asleep. In Pluto manga, Dr. Tenma woke up an AI by using extreme feelings. Which extremes will awaken my motivation? I will try to find them!

My list of extreme started this way:
  • Money: you can get whatever you want with enough money.
  • Desire of programming: I feel good when I program.
  • Essential Complexity: As you add more features to a program, it starts to become complex.
  • Importance of People: even though, programs must be helpful and useful.
  • Solve Problems: a program must solve a problem
  • Infinite Options: but amount of options increase as time passes by.
  • Updatable Solution: an existent solution might be hard to upgrade.
  • Time: improvement is possible, but it will take time.
  • Price: nothing in life is free. Time is the universal payment method.
  • Feelings: these are another form of payment. Your sufferings.
  • Hatred! You are really sure of things you don't want or hate, although "nothing good is born from hatred"
  • Love! Happy=Blind. To live for an illusion. The best path is not defined, but it seems it exists. Luck? Destiny? Faith?

Hatred+Love! (They pull and/or push our "cart") You must define where is your Love and your Hatred in every situation of your life! For example, right now my Love is in my Art, and my Hatred is Vagrancy. And at least one of those two extremes can be easily refocused.

Now I'm thinking about it, the constant or cyclical refocus of Love/Hatred, their intertwined relation although being opposite; and the fact that there is a good point of view inside a bad act, these facts only remind me of a special circular shape for me: Yin-Yang. Even though Yin Yang does not explicitly shows the reassignment of Love/Hatred, its circular shapes and sine division of halves, prompts constant oscillation or revolution.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Balance Vs. Extremes

50% God, 50% Us. No matter what your dream is, a half of the total work belongs to you. God rarely does a complete work. Count on God only if that work is impossible for you, this is, if you only can do 1% of it.

Why should life be hard? Fight too much to satisfy your own desires, or simply give a blink eye to all detestable aspects of work, in order to keep going?

To fight against life, to live by illusions, to know what makes Money and Sex so attractive, ... I believe their attraction it is not only because of pleasure and power. They should have something more spiritual hidden inside them.

I am trying to compare Sex and Art: think about sex, think about art; wish sex, wish art; remind sex, remind art; then, what about to see, to have an opportunity, or to do sex? What about those circumstances that arise, and you don't have control about when these "offerings" appear?

These are things I think that helps in order to increase my motivations towards an art: Memories, 1%, Infinite Improvements, Think=Act, People Energy, Just Do It, Yes Magic; but the Magic of saying "I'll do it" is very similar to the magic inside "I hate it" or "I don't want that"

That intense, strong, great feeling that I feel towards Sex, I would like to transfer it to an art, but even excessive sex tires, well, if it is done with the same cow ...

Pluto: "Nothing good is born from hatred." Then what if people take advantage of us? Should we use brute force to prevent that, without feeling hatred? What I really need is to wish to work, without looking for self-excuses.

Some things that makes my intellect to stall and choose wrong decisions are : sex, rejection, vagrancy, libido, money, to lose, materialistic women, envy, greed. In Pluto, an AI keeps sleeping until extreme feelings are injected to it, but what if it comes another opposite extreme feeling that put that AI to sleep again?

If nothing good is born from hatred, then we should not hate what harm our development, right? To seek good points inside bad things is not enough! Instincts and impulses take us to extremes!

Equilibrium is an intelligent choice, although it promotes inertia (better that than to fail), but if we go to extremes, we can perceive unknown answers. But there are some hindrances or defects, like fatigue and hunger, that slow us in our path to extremes!

Nothing in life is free. Cars need maintenance, painting, fuel, oil, coolant, lights, ... so our body, dreams and goals!

Ideas, thoughts and feelings are like light in our dark path, seeds in our fertile soil, and pieces for the machine of ideals that we are. So we need to work for our dreams, because they are not free. If you rest enough, you can have better ideas. Rest is necessary, but it takes some of our time.

Nothing is free. Time is the universal payment method, but we also pay with feelings: the risk of either instant or future suffering. Hey, as time passes by, my desire towards women increases. Why?

I am trying to elaborate a list of things that increments my "desires": education, genes, advertising, ... While I was elaborating this list, I remembered when I recently felt the pleasure of randomness in chat! That pleasure started when more than four people wrote comments about my nonsense messages.

People that shows you esteem also increments your desires, and also your motivation for goals. Wow, and this thought was generated from that chat comment! Our thoughts are always connected: they follow a seemingly unknown or obscure order ...

Every new idea will be related to a previous thought, as the same way all my conclusions are related to my desire to find the eternal source of motivation!

To reduce one kind of motivation, and to increase another: Which way to go: Balance or Extremes?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Decisions: choose the best trash

Maximus from Gladiator, Guts from Berserk, Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption: They suffered all their lives and their conclusions were neither great nor happy; they were necessary conclusions. At some point, their lives got totally wasted, nevertheless, they were still alive for some rare dictum of destiny, if that can be said. Is their suffering planned by authors of those stories? Then have a look at Passion Of Christ story and The Holy Bible. Maybe His suffering was planned by God. What do you think? If for some rare casualty you possess a special or disgusting quality (like Math), it is because "Somebody" wants you to use it to break your own limits or for your own profit, at least (e.g. Combat abilities of Maximus and Guts, or Accounting abilities of Andy).

It could be very interesting to encourage people to find their own special abilities and use them for their profit. Imagine a a way to influence in people's mind all over the world to do what we want them to do. That way is Television, Media! They can make you think about things you have never imagined. For example, in Lethal Weapon 4, Wah Sing Ku used a pose to avoid a bullet, but it landed on his brother's chest. In that scene, I reminded how some of our actions can help us, but can harm beloved people too.

When I think how to improve my "abilities", there are two big obstacles: Sex and Money. These obstacles are big enough to twist all my decisions and make me choose wrong paths of either thinking or acting. Any option I need to choose might circle around those two things.

When there is only one option, everything is so easy, but when there are two or more options, each of them must be studied , SWOT-analyzed,... in the end, everything is reduced to choose one alternative.

There is an hypothesis that says Electrons are books, and that they may contain information about things that happen around them. If that is true, then maybe that's why some Masters capable of reading and teaching how to read all the information encrypted inside electrons were killed and their books about the topic were burned or hidden away from us to avoid us to reveal all dirty acts "some people" did to take total control of this world.

We should have as much information as possible to avoid repeating mistakes, even though there will always be things out of our control. "Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony." (Morpheus, The Matrix). No matter what path you choose in your life, it will put you in either a happy or sad unexpected or illogical event or position.

Election, Choice, Conditions, Decision... Sound and Light, Atoms and Information. Songs like "Smell Like Teen Spirit" from Nirvana, and "My Life" from Game featuring Lil Wayne, show how ironic this generation can be. Even if you choose your problems either top-down approach (choose an appealing path) or bottom-up one (study several paths before choosing one), amount of paths or options will increase as time passes by, because it is well known that future always brings new alternatives. If that is so, then options are essentially infinite!

Also, when you are studying an option, as time passes by, there appear more options that worth study, and you know a good one of them, and even it appears as the perfect option for you, but for some reason, you reject it. Why? Maybe because you want to study all other options before you choose one. And it's also common not to choose the better one.

You choose a path, and when obstacles appears in the way, you stop, study all ways to avoid that obstacle, and then you choose a new path until new obstacles appears... Do you see a vice cycle? Also, choices have feelings associated to them.

I had a dream. In that dream I was inside a doll house. I was trying to choose between three women and as time passed by, more women were coming. A special woman that I met in my real life was not only offered, but pushed towards me to accept her! I didn't know what to do. I was confused, so I rejected her and chose another one... then I woke up.

Maybe you will ask me the same question I asked myself: why did I rejected her? Was it because there were nicer ones? Was it because of friendship? Do I feel love for her? Is she so special for me? Did I think that she and I are not a good match? I am not sure of the reason, but I learned something interesting: either at short or long term, feelings always influence our decisions, believe it or not.

You have to make a Choice, then, as Time passes by, Infinite Options appears, but whatever your choice is, it will be mixed with some kind of Feelings... Has God created feelings? Does God feel something?