Monday, December 28, 2009

Luck and Life Flow

This is a summary long conversation that I had with a friend of mine. I was deeply interested about his points of view about Luck and Fate. He doesn't believe in Luck, but I believe in it as part of a Yin-Yang.

J. K. Rowling said "Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences." Very great quote but, as you should know, besides dramatic consequences, we should add unexpected ones also.

My friend does not believe in Luck. He believes in something he calls Life Flow. I believe in Luck. If I can't control some events or things I depend on, then I take them as Luck. Of course, work is needed, but I think Luck and Randomness are relatives. He said that, if somebody has the control of that something, it can't be called Luck.

He thinks that Advertising can make any idea a Hit. I am skeptical about Advertising to be the only requirement, but it really helps a lot! So we really can help our Luck.

He said: "What is Luck for you, it can't be for others. If you can't intervene, others can. A result that depends on a decision either from you or others, can't be called Luck. I would call it 'Life Flow'."

He also said: "Powerful ones never imagined themselves to do the same thing forever. They seek and find new ways of profit. Life Flow prompts them what things to focus on or to invent. Luck does not bring anything. They must seek." I was agree with all this. The sad point I see is the uncertain amount of Time
we need to find those ways.

He continued: "They must do something if they want good results. As a basketball teacher said: 'Ball you don't throw, ball you won't dunk.' You must make a decision, for what you call 'Luck' to appear."

I put him an example. Sometimes we say "I need to find money, no matter how", but when we say "No matter how", we affirm the uncertainty of the How. He answer me: "No and Yes. Yes, because the money you will look for, belongs to other people; No, because if you do what people wants or likes, that can make them pay you."

I was proud to talk about that with him, but he wanted too much to change topics. Then, shortly, he wanted to keep focus on his explanations, but I kept bringing our differences between Luck and Life Flow.

And he always prompts me to work on some of his ideas, saying: 'That way we'll stop talking about Luck, and start talking about 'Greens' ( or 'Benjamins') :-P"

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