Thursday, December 3, 2009

The motive is still intact

In Metro I saw a pretty girl who was holding two little plants on her hands. She is really pretty and I would like to talk with her. In that moment I though about using those plants and start a conversation by asking "What kind of plants are them?", but then I realized is not simply a excuse, but an aggregated profit or benefit destiny may have offered, even though I didn't use it.

What about feelings? They keep being alive. They don't die there. The first motive of talking to her is still intact: She was pretty!

I feel shame of myself because I didn't have courage of talking to her, probably because I was never going to get what I wanted. This kind of thought feels greedy, but what can I do? That was exactly what I thought.

I am trapped inside a sadistic situation: I want to improve myself, but at the same time I don't want to pretend to be like not myself. Conclusion: Everything Changes.


  1. I still hate when girls say "No". I need to improve that.

  2. We all hate it...except when you ask if she wants to go to her home. ;)