Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holocausts Meta-Messages

Yesterday I saw Watchmen movie, and I started to think about stories I have seen, which I believe they have a meta-message hidden within them:
  • Japan Atomic Bombs
  • 911 TwinTowers
  • Pluto: Bora Project Final Objective
  • Naruto Manga: Konoha Destruction
  • Heroes Series: New York Destruction
  • Code Geass Anime: Freiyer Bomb
  • Watchmen Movie: Mr. Manhattan Bomb
  • The Day Earth Stood Still: Klaatu Menace
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • 2012
Do humans really change their points of view after holocausts and catastrophes? Is this the only way to make a global change to all of our ways of thinking? History has proven that events like these can really change world-wide appreciation of problems and things.

Nah! It seems a good excuse to reduce our world's overpopulation! If we really want to broadcast a message, we should find better ways than to do mass-murdering.

But Thiaooubians say "Accidents Happen", so maybe Luck is involved.

Pool of Great Memories

Why do things never happen exactly as I predicted them? (like when I want talk about something with people) I think people are interested in what I say, but they don't pay enough attention; maybe these events happen to me to forget waiting for things to happen, and to become more active and look for them.

I need to meditate about my arts and goals, but also I need to learn from my mistakes, like the common one related to depend too much on people; even for this kind of problem I can create a Prototype or Main-Logic to get along with it (for example, I will ignore anyone who doesn't give me at least a learning benefit) Main-Logic needs to be simple and to-the-point, but how to treat with this ever-changing world or future?

No matter what path or art you choose, complications will be always exists, temptations will be always exists... (sex, parties, drinks, games, ...) Some people seem to have less inconveniences in their lives than others, and I call this thing Luck: some people are born with it; others must build their own one.

There is a quote that says "Depression is like a pool full of mug, in which we willingly take dips". We must build our own pool full of great memories related to your situation or goal in which we should take a dip from time to time. Sometimes decisions are hard to take, but these memories will inspire you enough to withstand them. And also, when you start rejecting things from your life, you magically start to find enough courage to do things you were silly afraid of (like to practice English with north-Americans)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Luck and Life Flow

This is a summary long conversation that I had with a friend of mine. I was deeply interested about his points of view about Luck and Fate. He doesn't believe in Luck, but I believe in it as part of a Yin-Yang.

J. K. Rowling said "Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences." Very great quote but, as you should know, besides dramatic consequences, we should add unexpected ones also.

My friend does not believe in Luck. He believes in something he calls Life Flow. I believe in Luck. If I can't control some events or things I depend on, then I take them as Luck. Of course, work is needed, but I think Luck and Randomness are relatives. He said that, if somebody has the control of that something, it can't be called Luck.

He thinks that Advertising can make any idea a Hit. I am skeptical about Advertising to be the only requirement, but it really helps a lot! So we really can help our Luck.

He said: "What is Luck for you, it can't be for others. If you can't intervene, others can. A result that depends on a decision either from you or others, can't be called Luck. I would call it 'Life Flow'."

He also said: "Powerful ones never imagined themselves to do the same thing forever. They seek and find new ways of profit. Life Flow prompts them what things to focus on or to invent. Luck does not bring anything. They must seek." I was agree with all this. The sad point I see is the uncertain amount of Time
we need to find those ways.

He continued: "They must do something if they want good results. As a basketball teacher said: 'Ball you don't throw, ball you won't dunk.' You must make a decision, for what you call 'Luck' to appear."

I put him an example. Sometimes we say "I need to find money, no matter how", but when we say "No matter how", we affirm the uncertainty of the How. He answer me: "No and Yes. Yes, because the money you will look for, belongs to other people; No, because if you do what people wants or likes, that can make them pay you."

I was proud to talk about that with him, but he wanted too much to change topics. Then, shortly, he wanted to keep focus on his explanations, but I kept bringing our differences between Luck and Life Flow.

And he always prompts me to work on some of his ideas, saying: 'That way we'll stop talking about Luck, and start talking about 'Greens' ( or 'Benjamins') :-P"

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Telepathy | Atom = Improve Universe

Naruto: "If there is such a thing as peace, I will find it. I will never give up!"

I don't know how to improve this Universe. Even if I get an idea, I can't make a working prototype of that idea. So, I write this entry to remind myself that I will stop to think about ways of improving this universe, until I fully dominate atom creation or telepathic communication, which none of them are probable for me right now.

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that I will stop to bring out any deception of life that I may find. I really love life, but I can neither ignore its bad facts nor improve them. What I can do is improve my life to the extend my current knowledge allows me.

Insecurity within opportunities

I got a dream in where I was looking for rum and a lime soda. I was drinking with a group of people and then the rum was gone. I decided to look for the rum, and people from the group said me to bring a bi-liter of lime soda. Wherever I went, I found either half-empty bottles, or not bottles at all, even though they sell another types of drinks. I also recall there was a lot of party in the way with people (and specially women) dancing. I went into more or less five mini-delis and in none of them I found it, but in the last one I found a blue drink and a coconut soda.

My first impression about this dream was this: I will search for something, and Iwill find something I never imagined, and it will seemingly match with my situation and I must decide if I will take it, keep searching, or quit it all.

I'm reading Bakuman. Chapter 34 is a very good one. In this one, Mashiro receives an "early chance" from Miho. Although he obviously rejected it, he still thought hard about that opportunity. Many times we also receive unexpected chances, and we keep wondering if we should take them or not. Luck or Fate? It seems that we need to learn to enjoy to fail and choose between alternatives.

But then, what about time I lose while I commit my mistakes? What about all misinterpretations that will eventually occur by trials and errors? Even if I learn to withstand pain while working toward a goal (e.g. Art), that knowledge won't help me when I decide to go to catch another goal (e.g. Love), although that previous knowledge can be solace.

It seems that in life, we need to live inside middle terms. If that is so, then why do we need to choose? Possibly to eternally remember ourselves to live in middle terms. Whatever the situation I need to make a choice, normally one choice is possible. Well, if you have to choose between two bad alternatives, choose the better one! I took this idea from Thiaoouba Prophecy eBook. That book treats about a planet inhabited by highly evolved people who look like they always receive good news (I think they look always happy). In that book also I recalled something about human memory: Humans easily forget...

We humans have books and computers to help us with memory, and cell phones, ipods, internet to feel happy everyday... but that fact about choosing between two bad alternatives is something very evil, diabolical, bizarre, devilish, ...

Also, even if we make either the better or the worse choice, in the future (commonly near future) will appear a better alternative that we "magically" or "idiotically" ignored before. Should I feel happy because I can see that alternative, or sad because I couldn't see it before? Well, I think a very good purpose of life is constant evolution and improvement, so it should be obvious that we will be able to do things tomorrow that are inimaginable today. I just remember when I said I will never blog...

From Thiaoouba Prophecy and The Freedom Of Choice book I read the theory of "Life is a test", that our soul come to life in order to test its spiritual capabilities. If that is so, then what subject in "life career" are we trying to pass or flunk? In what moment did we forget we are in a test? Maybe at birth? They said humans easily forget...

We are not sure about what kind of things do we want, but we are very sure of things that we really don't want! Luck or Fate? Are there unbeatable limits? Possible Vs. Probable.

You can't determine neither on which spiritual level you really are, nor which level you should head for; but you can surely determine what things you don't want and don't like. Granted, sometimes you need to destroy in order to improve, but there are also very extremist people who only think to destroy.

My mom, Gladys, was talking about housework, and I got interested to find out where her motivation to act comes from. She started answering this:

- When I'm not in good mood to work, I sleep a little. Then, when I wake up, I recall things that I need to do, and after a moment, I start doing them.
- What kind of things do you think about to motivate yourself to act? - I asked.
- I think only in what I need to do.
- Only that? And by art of magic that motivation appears?
- Yes

The thing that excite you to think should be very similar to the one that will excite you to act! This is highly probable, and so I have a question: Why (in MY case) is the desire to think easier to achieve than the desire to act?

I read a japanese proverb that says "Every morning, gazelles know they need to run faster than the slowest gazelle one to prevent lions to catch them; Every morning, lions know they need to run faster to catch the slowest gazelles; Moral of fable: No matter if you are gazelle or lion, run!" I made an analogy between this proverb and my philosophy of Yin-Yang. This is my idea:

"Every good action I make may have a bad point of view inside of it; Every bad action I make may have a good point of view; Moral of fable: No matter what kind of action you do, have a point of view! As long as it's related to Love and/or Improvement, just do it!"

Funny side note: while I was writing this entry, a fly landed on my screen. I played with the fly with my mouse. When I put my mouse closer to the fly, that fly funnly goes away the pointer!! LOL

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Deceptions of Life

I am really sure that producers think very different than writers, and this difference have spoiled many wonders, because what should be a great message is changed to an advertising machine. When writers notice this fact, they start to feel discouragement.

Thomas Alba Edison said "Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success", but also, I think vices and money keep spoiling bright minds and ideas, and writers are not the exception. I am starting to feel that we need to forget everything about Utopia and Perfect World, and learn to live with all prejudices that Money brings, as we also live with the "Divine punishment" of "By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return."

Buddha also fought against great sources of suffering like birth, age, disease, death. We also need to add to that list things like people's greed towards Money and Power; to accept that people associates Quality of Life to Money and Power; to accept all of them as part of the process of life and not get too attached to them in order to reduce suffering ... but we also keep trying to find meaning and purpose of everything! Then, why do we feel good enough to get attached to things? It is because is not the right thing to get attached to? Maybe God is an egoist Who punishes everybody that don't pay attention to Him by giving them bad feelings. (God: If you don't pay attention to Me, then suffer!!)

Greed is a natural process in our lives. Everybody needs to suffer and pass through all this deceptions of life, surpass and overcome them, and leave evidence of their existence for other people, maybe new generations, to see them and either improve them, or find new deceptions.

Encouragement still missing

I was recalling a list of things I want to keep always with me, because they help me to make better decisions (1%, people, music, sketches, main logic, pleasant art, leisure, my own style, infancy dreams ...) until I thought about these one: To do a main logic prototype in way that can be corrected or upgraded! Good idea, because EVERYBODY likes to make corrections, and I am not the exception! What I need to do is to create my objective in a very limited way, then that finished product will prompt me to make improvements for it.

To add your own ideas inside old ones is not bad also. In Bakuman manga, Eiji Niizuma, a mangaka, thought about using super-villain's cliché: at the end of a great battle, it becomes a protagonist's good friend; Also, in Pluto manga, Gesicht, a robot-detective, asked advice to Brau-1589, a imprisoned robot-criminal; but the way these mangas use these clichés is an interesting way to merge them with good and new ideas, not rejecting them.

The best way to think seems to be also the best way to act. In your mind you set up filter and motivators. The first time I thought about filters was when I was reading The Freedom Of Choice. Before that book, and some years after I read it, I kept calling filters as Defense Mechanisms for things like: emotions or feelings, information, for playing fighting games like chess and King Of Fighters, to flirt or reject some women, and recently for form validation and program maintenance. Sometimes these kind of filters seems to primitive and archaic/old-world, but they are like food: they are old enough, but still do their job, and they do it very, very well.

Talking about my women's filter (and I use that filter for some people too), I can say something: I like when people ask me things they what: if I can give them what they want, I do; if not, I help them it what is possible for me; but many people gets upset when I can't help them... Hey, now that I am thinking about this, I get upset when I can't get what I want either! I feel bad when I ask for a favor, but people say me "No" without explaing why ... Women are that way. If a man can provide women with Health, Wealth and "Love", women can become easy. Is there another thing better than this Holy Trinity?

This means that filter I chose is good, because I discovered some aspects of me that are very similar to aspects I really hate on others. Abraham Lincoln used "All men are created equal" quote too much, and when I started to notice inside me those faults that I don't like from people, I feel everybody had suffered for same thing I did, in some moments of their lives.

But, even with all these knowledge and revelations, I can't still generate inside me that feeling of encouragement which can make anyone to blindly follow a path, and use that encouragement in whatever goal I want or choose.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Programming Blindspots

"A programmer who hasn't been exposed to all four of the imperative, functional, objective, and logical programming styles has one or more conceptual blindspots. It's like knowing how to boil but not fry."
-Tom Christiansen

I know more or less what MVC is about, but I have some "blindspots" when I try to organize some of my code. One example is: Where should I put twenty SQL queries that are needed for filling twenty combo boxes? In some solutions there is a master table which has many foreign keys, and you should choose data from other tables in order to fill this table.

Another example: How should I use data stored on a user session: to pass them as parameters (objects), or use them as global access (static)? Because there are many "unconnected" sections of a program which may need an access to a session, like when there are many parts of a view which can only be seen for admin users.

From my point of view, there are still some topics where Structured and OOP programming can't be agreed. Sometimes an Idea can suffer disadvantages from both of them. The quote I used here prompted me two more programming styles, but I think that list will grow with time.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sucess = People - Hatred

What kind of things I need to think to focus everything in my life in only one objective?
  • What you do is Art. Feel proud about it
  • Feel excitement about your goal
  • Do what is more probable to be a success
  • People are important to achieve your goal
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Think about and do only one thing at a time
  • Do at least 1% of your goal everyday.
But, if you check this list, the only two feelings than can be near to Happiness are Pride and Excitement. Personally, I don't like to think about Happiness, because I am easily seduced by it, and it makes me forget important things like "Problems will always exists" or "Little inconveniences may grow up". If you want to be Happy, you must act the Blind about faults. Also, sometimes you need to do things what you hate to achieve things what you want or love. For example, everyday you wake up early and go to work, but you can't imagine doing by free, because money can help you to get or keep things you want or love. Sometimes, when you want new friends, you should act the fool.

I am trying to make the path to my goal more pleasant, but there are people which defends too much their point of view, instead of making corrections about them. If you show a fault on my view, yours may have faults as well. This is similar to people who defends their kids even if they did the wrong thing. It is disgusting. When you thing about how people ignore or reject your ideas, instantly you perceive that to think only about your goal is not enough motivation.

Motivation must be daily renewed. I thought that sex without compromise could be enough to keep me in good mood, but I need to spend too much money to keep doing it... Oh God! I can keep a daily motivation by trying to love people!

- But isn't it acting the fool when you love people without taking into account knowledge and convictions about them?
- Look, whatever you do in your life will generate Love, Hatred, or any other feeling that is descendant from one of them, but YOU can control the way YOU feel.
- Well, this is good, but now I am wondering why this knowledge about Love and Hatred is still not enough for me to be focused on my goal.

Things you do can make other people to feel angry, or people can make the fun of you too. Also, people can do things that can make you feel angry! This is a paradox! What I do can bring Hatred, and what people do can make me feel Hatred. So, now is clear why Happiness is the easiest path if you choose to be blind. There is no challenge in it. The REAL challenge is to cope with omnipresence of suffering in every path you choose, and how hard is to keep going forward with suffering accompanying you wherever you go.

Loneliness. This is a perception I have developed recently. "Nobody has interest in me, and everything I do make people to hate me; if someone likes me, either they feel shame about others knowing their appeal to me, or they try to take advantage of what I can do." This is because Love is a great goal, but I can't set up low or easy obstacles to myself to achieve it. Big goals need big efforts.

People are the raw material of success, because you can reach it by thinking about people, but as the premise I developed, people hate you. Then, your efforts must be focused to exchange Hatred that your beloved people feel about you for Appreciation, at least. This is because they really can help you to be successful.

To feel Pride about my goal? To work hard to achieve it? To have patience to withstand shortcomings? To pray a little and depend on luck? You need much time to do all of these things! Also, there are people who hates or will hate you... Then you should act in a way you can increase the estimation that people have about you. Oh, then should I act the fool? In life, there are moments when you should act the fool; and others when you try not to do it. Anyway, if what you did is good enough, besides Experience, you will also win Appreciation.

But although this is a great analysis, Yin-Yang always exists, and in this case, dark side appears when people ignores everything you do and are convinced that you are a waste of time, or in my case, they are not interested in what you say because she thought I was wrong...

But it is really funny and can make you happy when you re-read what you have written one, three, six or twelve months ago!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wishes have free will

I was trying to make a list about things I will need to put all my focus, even at a extend to ignore friends and family more than often, when suddenly, this thing appeared:

"My goal is the most important thing in life. Everything is subordinated and depends on it. Nothing is more important than my goal. My goal is not a tool to achieve my wishes; my wishes envy my goal so much that they come to me and try to supplant my goal."

Wow, it seems wishes and dreams have free will like the one women have. Wishes are jealous: they can't stand when another dream have more of my attention, and they start fighting for it. Wishes may be Witches =D

Happy = Blind

This was really the first deep thought I have written since I was determined to stamp every conclusion about events of my life in either a paper or a TXT. But today I have discovered that it can be interpreted in many ways, so this entry will be updated with each interpretation I could discover about it.
  • If you want to feel happy about something, you should act the blind about its defects. Thinking on defects without a way to correct them generates sadness.
  • Do you want to be happy? Then live your life as if there are no faults in it.
  • To be happy, learn to ignore suffering. Don't forget suffering. Turn a blink eye to suffering. Believe that Sadness and Suffering are Eternal: they don't die, they only get hidden.
  • "Love is blind and Madness is with him." It is the same with Happiness.
  • "Happy: If I am, I don't know; if I know, then I'm not."

What is the Meaning of Happiness?

If we forget about all qualities of something we are trying to understand, and we focus on a very specific quality, we can arise to a new concept, at least for us. For example, the language alphabet is from A to Z, the math alphabet is from 0 to 9, but combinations of digits and/or letters are infinite!! But what about feelings' alphabet?

When I look at an engaged couple, I get an unpleasant feeling. This feeling is a mix of Happy=Blind, envy, anger, sadness, shame,... I believe this feeling is a mix of everything, and it is accented by the fact that couples really enjoy feel this way about them, specially women; although this is not rare, because women are very sentimental and emotional. If only I could put those silly feelings out of me...

Happiness or Meaning? No matter what path you choose to achieve something in your life, it's your commitment and decision to that chosen path what is really important. Euphoria, anger, aggressiveness, certainty, constancy, security, decision... Even if you choose a wrong path or run away from it, accept this fact and choose another alternative with the same intensity. Even if your path is insecure, you should show attachment and devotion to whatever your goal is.

Andre Maurois said something like this: "There is no key for success. Theories fall down in front of practice. Everything you can achieve is reduced to Luck and a Long Patience."

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Sometimes I wish I could communicate with animals, but it seems it is impossible. Some humans ignore whatever I say, then animals should ignore much more than humans. I will say things like "get out of here", because I don't want to kill them, but it seems there is no option.

It would be interesting to talk to them telepathically, but they could ignore messages or feel offend by that "privacy invasion". There is no pride. I am almost sure anyone who defends privacy is because is hiding shameful facts, or is defending himself from people with bad intentions. Are you seeing the vice cycle?

From human right, to self-defense mechanism, to copyright-infringement, and eventually to principal ingredient of world's blockage, because some groups will use the ability to dominate light, atoms and gravity to earn monetary benefits or kill others.

Overpopulation, excessive consumption of natural resources, pollution, poverty... This obscurity of knowledge is destroying our world. Minority is not interested to make the first step, because they don't see "their" benefits of sharing that information.

In math, irrational numbers are a mystery and I think they can help cryptography... But secrets create distrust, and within trust is the danger. What a paradox! How world would be if there are no secrets, and all people using telepathy, with a strong desire to love and improve everything? Well, I think to continue to share this way to think all over the universe could be a next step, but as a Dominican president said: "There is still too much to be done!".

The idea of not providing enough help is not buying me completely. Why should we humans receive help only one time each two thousand years? Why do we need to suffer all these disadvantages without any help? To give value to knowledge? To eternally study origin of everything?

Suffering is a must!

Is giving value to adquired knowledge the only reason for which I should suffer and seek answers by myself? Even after all gift I have received in my life I keep suffering.

People are important, but people like to make others suffer because of material profit. Good friends are hard to find, but in the end, is that tiny 1% effort that you do what is really helpful.

About that 1% effort, it should be a very silly action that you will feel a lot of shame if you don't do it. An action on which your pride is bigger that the failure. It should be a very brief and quick action.

Could it be that God is also seeking a better answer to these questions and He wants help? It could be a good reason to suffer, but it is difficult to believe if God is omni sapient. To create a beautiful and attractive material reality is really good to bring someone's attention, but in my thoughts, is probable that God still wants to improve this method of attracting people and some new alternatives of doing it.

I can't see a better reason for The One with the greatest knowledge of universe, to want to make us live a life with suffering. I can't believe to learn something is necessary to suffer for it, although if the knowledge is good, some people will look for it and try to ignore suffering.

Even if the purpose is to love and improve, everybody suffers when is ignored. And if one tries to keep improving and go forward, there are people who believe that you do it for arrogance.

Ignored, despised, rejected. I don't like people to suffer this, but it seems that to improve, is necessary to ignore: To do what you hate in order to get what you love.

Because how absurd this looks, I thing God wants ideas and help, but if "Everything is an oscillation" is an universal truth, then feelings are not exempt of this law.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A shoulder to cry on

Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.
- Kaiser Wilhelm II

Give me the possibility to make the love whenever I want, free and without getting married, and I will conquer the universe!!
- Ignacio Cortorreal

A man really needs a woman to share his success or solace his failure, although there are people with different needs... but it is difficult to find that person, because may have another way to solace very different to the way you want.

But, even if we waste all our life looking for that person, in the end, it will really worth one's while and pays us back.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Origin and Source: The key to overcome habits

Why on earth do we fall in love? I suffer when love not corresponded or totally ignored. Ah! I think God is looking for a good answer to this problem also! Nevertheless, we all have a desire or a need to find someone to have a blissful exchange of feelings.

Why is so hard to move all that Love to a more profitable or beneficial objective and keep that feeling only focused to that objective, and avoid it to look to another place? Improvement. We all want to improve our current situation, but we need to have our eyes wide open to be able to catch any great alternatives which can arise.

Everything can have the ability to help us improve our situation. Then, why does that silly Love come up towards that thing? It seems that my Love filter is somewhat damaged, but how could I repair it?

The Freedom Of Choice book talks about a filter related to suppression of development and free will. Then is probable that you should follow that line of thought if you want to improve your Love filter.

Could a good filter be "Are you married?" Ah, to make someone to really notice you takes time. It is possible to make people think about you, but it takes time. Now that I am talking about it, I think that hatred is generated by the indifference that people shows to everyone.

Love in Times of Cholera talks about an interesting aspect of time you will spend trying to win the heart of someone you love. After the time needed to accomplish every stated condition passes away, it is possible that your previous feeling of Love had lost any sense of existence and importance. Like City Of Angels movie, after Angel becomes human for the one he loves, something terrible happens.

Another thing I need to filter are things that make me feel that love. Beautiful, sympathetic and attractive women, my desire of physical contact, and the fact that women sometimes show a not so clear interest in me ... Oh! What a fool I am! I am confusing Courtesy with Interest! :-(

Wow, I am really feeling that I am doing my regression towards my childhood character. The fact that people misinterpret a pleasant gesture from a woman as interest, is a vice. That nice gesture is Courtesy!

The very moment when I "learned" about "falling in love", in that very moment I started to confuse everything women do, like friendship and courtesy.

Another one: I think that when I played "Mom and Dad" with a blond and green eyed girl when I was eight years old, in that moment I got my sexual desire and appeals distorted.

A conclusion to which I have arrived is this: We should really find and study the source and origin of our problems and vices that we want to solve. The key for solving them is locked and hidden inside the origin and source of them.

Is suffering inevitable?

Is it possible to obtain the total knowledge of the universe without withstanding tons of suffering? Yes, that is possible, but what is the probability to achieve all that knowledge without having some kind of problems?

Even if the locksmith which guards the key of the Source of Knowledge can offer it to you, you should show him that you are capable of doing a REALLY good use of it. For example, if you pass through any kind of suffering, you must rip off any feelings of revenge, and move towards a total development and improvement of your life.

I think that a little suffering is needed in order to give more value to anything you could achieve. But this could be the same as "If you are not jealous, then you don't love", then this can be somewhat absurd. Over-possession is not good.

Suffering is an obstacle that appears all over the way to any kind of success you are trying to achieve. But remember that Universal Love and Eternal Improvement of our life are excellent goals, and each one has its own levels of tolerance and acceptance ...

About having a group of prospect women

When a friend of mine found his ideal love, he was in a relationship with two or three other people! Then, he said to his ideal love that she should give him the opportunity to explain them that he can't continue with those relationships because he found his real love.

Then I should throw myself at every woman that passes across my life and make a group of them until I find the ideal one, or the ideal arise within them? What if one of them show to every other woman what is the kind of move I am doing? Well, if one of them uncover your process, and everyone of them leave you alone, then no one of them was the ideal one for you.

In that case, what you should do is to start your group over again, and keep walking ... :-D

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pearls are always missed

Easier to Run from Linkin Park, again. This time, it is the part with robotic voice sound effect! First, it made me to dream about singing with a robot at my side. Then, I checked the lyrics ... I was almost crying when I read them:

"If I could change I would take back the pain I would
Retrace every wrong move that I made I would
If I could stand up and take the blame I would
I would take all my shame to the grave"

From the Inside is also great and generated similar feelings, except the robot dream. :-)

Many great people all over the world are trying to send everyone the message of how we all are wasting our life by waiting an answer. Solutions to our problems, even private ones, are hidden inside actions, doing something to improve our life style, not complaining about it.

Although sometimes you can amuse yourself and play with your luck, important things in life can be taken so lightly. It's hard and difficult to get serious, "but in the end, it does (!) really matter" :-P

What an unrequited love can make us do

Engagement is a kind of relationship in where at least one of their members is afraid of infidelity. Women are a raw material that moves this capitalism. They "proclaimed" their "Female Freedom", but only for very specific things, although there are always exceptions. They still insist that men have some obligations and duties... WTF?

The more beautiful the woman, the more money you will spend on her, or bigger your mishaps or her vanities after getting married with her.

All women believe in magic, telepathy and clairvoyance to the point that, if a man is not able to "connect" with them, he is instantly rejected for not being the "ideal" one. Materialistic women are comprehensible, because they reject "low-class" men.

Homo, penny-pinching, antisocial, boring, silly. That is how women discriminate people who think this way. It is not my fault that they can't interpret Universal Love.

Material prove is only important if there is connection between a couple; the !@#$%^& thing is, if I simply say "She doesn't love me", that desire of being loved comes back to divert me from my goals!

Is there any woman that really loves me? You see, I still keep that wrong idea of "Love at first sight", or the one that says "There is a special woman for you in the world". Those ideas tempt people to waste their times waiting. Even if they are true, you don't have a good method to identify them. Do you still believe in magic?

Thinking about women and this blog really takes my time. Although this blog helps me to keep a reminder of all my motivations and mistakes. Women consumes money and time, but it seems there is some mighty evil reason that keeps me from pulling them out of my mind. Reasons like consuming much money, being greedy, superficiality, thinking in fantasies, these are not enough for pulling women out of my head. Is sex or physical contact really that powerful?

Ok. It's the carnal desire that I need to suppress. Again, I am not saying I am homo or penny-pinching, it is because money and time is needed to do things the way women like it, and I don't have enough yet. Every woman is the same: they like when engagement goes slow, but when it comes to marriage ... I need something capable of removing or greatly reducing that desire, and move my focus on other goals. That energy can be more productive in other aspects of my life.

Let's suppose you find the way to focus on any goal you desire, and either you succeed or fail on some of them. In the end, you would like to have someone to share all your achievements. This is highly probable; nevertheless, I REALLY wish to focus all my life in only one goal at a time and forget all wasteful things that appears on its way. But in reality, you need to have to focus on at least three simultaneous goals: job, dreams and life.

Many things of my life can be corrected with money. It will be great if I can focus on three goals at the same time and to be able to throw away those fears of too much work , or obstacles, or restarting again. Also, I really wish those goal paths more pleasant and enjoyable.

Women feel is not enough with SMS or monthly visits. Every women is not that way, but is normal that women complain about these things in exactly those moments when you can't really do it, and then women start their drama.

No matter how intelligent or beautiful a woman could be, they make you spend money and time. I don't have a great ability to seduce, and I'm even less capable at long term. If I were handsome enough, women could throw themselves at me.

Some people say there could be some people over there really interested in you. If that is true, then I should know it, but I don't. For that reason, I believe in chaperon method (somebody who is a messenger between a couple), because we could be wasting our time if we are not sure that any of us is really feeling something special. And I don't know why, but it is easier and funny to say to people: "Hey, that person over there is in love for you!"

If I really want to refocus that energy then I should exercise it everyday, trying to forget it and thinking more about new goals. Everybody does sacrifices to keep their life style, so should I. But I want to remove the fear to restart wrong paths.

Even though there is a special positive energy that emanates from contact between people, that energy doesn't avoid me to feel upset when I hear some unpleasant comments. Should I be alone? Should I ignore people?

Of course not! There is nothing important in this world that is no related to people in some way. People always make spontaneous critics, or specific critics about things you say or do. It can be unpleasant, but is the best source of corrections and it prompts you that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Also, you should feel happy about people who ridicule you because, as Arthur Schopenhauer said, the next step after a truth has been ridiculed, is to give it a violent opposition. In addition, there are people who appreciate and want to keep contact with you. For these reason, you should stop feeling upset for any unpleasant things some people say about you or your actions, and keep focused on your goals.

As an added bonus, you can also note that, when people make critics about you, not only they open a communication channel to you, but they also focus part of their lives on you. This fact alone can generate a happiness similar to friendly and gracious critics.

Well then, everything is good depending on which way we see it. If that is really true, then our eyes need much water and soap to clean them, or an ophthalmologist to put us on treatment, because that goodness is commonly ignored when there are problems. In my case, I am myopic ;-D

Our eyes live for themselves. They look to anything they like. They have autonomy to look at attractive things. Accidents exist and this is one. Learn to live your life taking into account the possibility to be really distracted by beautiful things.

Easy or hard women?

Which is the way to attract easy or hard women? The same thing that makes something easy to achieve, is not so easy to achieve. You need to work in order to have money.

Things like Internet, newspapers, transportation, and even food need a process before being created. Even though there are some exceptions where you can catch them with ease, none of them came to existence by art of magic.

Returning to our first case, question is Money Vs. Time. For some people to waste time is easier than to waste money, and for others this is opposite. This is a clear example of Einstein's Relativity Theory... :-D

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Donald

I was in an interview when reading about Donald Trump's interests in Cap Cana. Then, I saw phrase "You are -not- fired!" and it ignited my curiosity about his personality, because this was a very funny phrase from a magnate, and I have a "crude" image from them. After a little search, I found interesting quotes from him:

"If you're interested in 'balancing' work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable."

"Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game."

Can you feel it? We can actually think like big ones, but it seems there is something missing within everyone of us ... Money of course! :-P. But that should not be the only missing thing ... ;-)

Origin of "Pay it forward"

I liked "Pay it forward" movie very much. It's an excellent nostalgic plot capable of getting you depressed; nevertheless, this time I am focused on an special idea that was shown at the beginning: Where that phrase came from?

This generation have internet, the greatest tool to share anything you might think of. This tool (and programming, for example) are at some scale really underestimated. Some entities are starting to show interest on people's ideas and creating tools to ease their sharing from people. This is good, but it should be global, maybe universal, and in reach of anyone capable to think, not to buy.

Then, the next step should be to filter ideas, and store but not reject them, because a silly idea after being better elaborated can become to a really good or important one.

Of course, Yin-Yang is always present, and ideas related to Money and Control are more attractive to powerful ones than Constant Improvement of People's Life. Grabbing and checking tons of ideas can even help to correct faults that Elite may not see.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vices of information and corrections

Why is fun to read and write about many things, and not work about many things? Possibly the hustle to find the correct path and avoid mistakes!

I like read about origin of universe, about etymology, projects, game analogies of OOA&D, etc, and write about my thoughts about them.

Providing ways of storing and retrieving information (data size and process speed) is a must, a need for everyone. Because we humans forget things too easily.

Maybe our personal encrypting code can be related to square roots. They are something useful up to value of digits we should take as negligible, and use that very imprecise value (like the square root of two: you round it to an error level you could accept, not to its real value)

There exists on me a bad habit of trying to correct many things in life but all aspects that needs corrections on my actual work (should I say Art). I will elaborate on "Corrections to Art" in some future. For now, I will think about how silly is to waste time not on my ultimate goals.

Invisible energy from other beings

Mechanisms to avoid suffering. Everybody hates suffering. When you are not motivated, you feel sad and might suffer too.

I talked with a friend and I got motivated! I knew he was going to say many unpleasant things, but nevertheless, I got motivated!

I think there is an energy that fluids when there is communication. If that is so, then we people are underestimating the power of interaction between living beings.

Last night, I was thinking about that, when suddenly, a pretty girl threw a sight to me! I got motivated enough to write the next "verse": (LOL)

If you briefly look at me,
the happiest man I'll be,
'cause in that very lil' second,
your life is focused on me.
Si me miras brevemente,
seré el hombre mas felíz,
pues en ese pequeño segundo,
tu vida se enfoca en mí.

Beauty is so fantastic and magnificent, but eyes say too much!! It's painful not to dominate language of eyes!

You must be proud of what you do, or you will lose your motivation.


People: 1=10%; 2=70%

How is it? Majority of kids can act the fool just for fun and many adults can't even accept the idea of doing it. Do kids have a bigger capacity than adults? The capacity I am talking about is to ignore the shame.

Some famous people (like William James and Albert Einstein) have talked about the myth about 10%. It says something like this: "Human beings use less than 10% of their capacity." I feel this this belief may be true.

People are really important and helpful for every kind of activity. One people can only work 10% of a solution; but two people can provide more than 50%, maybe 70%. This is because people can help with parts of the work, or at least give us feedback and nagging.

Four-stars General Collin Luther Powell said: "Use the formula P40/70, in which P stands for the probability of success and the numbers indicate the percentage of information acquired. Once the information is in the 40 to 70 range, go with your gut." You can't move by feeling only. You need some kind of certainty; but a 100% certainty costs too much resources and time that you should not spend.

People are a real boost!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Discordance may create Revenge

I was thinking about things that happens when friends or couples are on a fight, and when one doesn't want to be agree or give the reason to the other, and how this discordance generates a desire of revenge...

Everybody reacts according to their perception of life. When a relationship got broken, both feel cheated either by the way of this life, or by their couples. There is no agreement between them.

This makes relationships a little frightening... It seems that one of them should swallow the hatred deep inside him, even though that hatred is reminded every time the "forgiven" person arrives...

There is a quote that says "Resist not evil", but there is always a limit...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dispose of what you hate

- To devote all my existence and resources and efforts to her. I am not 100% sure of achieving all what I want by acting that way...
- Then verify if those acts can avoid whatever you do not want.

Yeah, yeah! Very correct answer! Your acts may help you to win all things what you want, or if this is not possible, then your acts can throw over all things you hate.

This fact is another good evidence that everything have at least two points of view: a good one and a bad one, and that you can always look for a good point and take advantage of it. In this case, to smash things you hate.

But this good point does not happen by art of magic. You need to improve your understanding about your situation, and your future, of course.

The motive is still intact

In Metro I saw a pretty girl who was holding two little plants on her hands. She is really pretty and I would like to talk with her. In that moment I though about using those plants and start a conversation by asking "What kind of plants are them?", but then I realized is not simply a excuse, but an aggregated profit or benefit destiny may have offered, even though I didn't use it.

What about feelings? They keep being alive. They don't die there. The first motive of talking to her is still intact: She was pretty!

I feel shame of myself because I didn't have courage of talking to her, probably because I was never going to get what I wanted. This kind of thought feels greedy, but what can I do? That was exactly what I thought.

I am trapped inside a sadistic situation: I want to improve myself, but at the same time I don't want to pretend to be like not myself. Conclusion: Everything Changes.

Act the fool

I was inside Metro when I saw two Mormons who entered to it. When I see English-speaking people, I feel inside me a need to practice my skills, but somehow, that need is not enough to move me to talk with them.

I think the motive why I don't want to work that hard on my goals or art, is the same motive you don't want to talk English with foreigners: to make the ridicule, or have to reconstruct all what you have done from the beginning.

I don't like this. I really hate when I feel stopped by those silly feelings. It seems they are deeply attached to my genes. I wish I could totally remove them from inside of me.

If it is possible, it seems I will need tons of work!

Fail early. Fail often.

Another synonyms in my area of work are "Try earlier, try often", "Release earlier, release often" and "Test earlier, test often". These are REALLY useful advices to keep in mind, believe me.

Don't let it grow without proper watching. If you think a seed has fallen on the way, please treat it as soon as possible. Don't let it sprout and become an obstacle in your way in a near future.

Also, if you are trying to accomplish something, try to do it very fast. This way you can test more possibilities and learn more from each of them.

I was asking to my aunt about how her relationship with her boyfriend started. She said: "Everyday, he and I encounter on the way to our jobs. One day, he asked me two questions: 1) Are you married? 2) Could I have your phone number?".

Too fast! well, not as fast as "Since the fist time I sought you, I felt in love for you", but fast enough to show her what he is really looking for.

About work arts, specially when doing prototypes, it is good to avoid wasting time on erroneous ideas and learn from them. If there are many of those types of ideas, you should test all of them in order to learn quickly.

There is still many areas of our life that needs tons of trials and errors, so put your hands on whichever you like the most. Also, You must completely reject the idea to stop thinking, analyzing... or asking!! ;-D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My mind set up on this

Now my thoughts are really set up on these things:
  • Create useful and helpful things for at least yourself
  • Have a strong desire to create and upgrade
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Design - Code - Test
  • Maintain - Extend - Reuse
This list is simple, but it can take a life on some specific goals. It will depend on what kind of things are you trying to do.

Of course, this list is not completely improved, because these are not enough to fully motivate me. Thinks like 1%, 70% and People have a hidden meaning that I am eagerly searching for.

Her silence and my guessings!


What do you want? What would you like me to do? What things are spinning inside your mind? Do you wish something? Did I say something wrong? Don't you want to talk to me? Did I do a bad thing to you? Don't you love me? ... !@#$%^&*, Say something, woman!!

It seems they really believe in clairvoyance, because a female workmate said me that "women like men which can surprise them" Oh, holy !@#$%^&* If that is so easy, then I could use a mask from Scream movie, and try to give her a real surprise! Maybe their heart could recieve that "surprising shock" that they wish.

"You are not connected to me. That is essential in a relationship." Oh my !@#$%^&* God! Of course it is, woman! But telepathy is not essential, !@#$%^&*!! I can't use telepathy. I can only use my !@#$%^&* tongue to talk to you!! How will I know what do you really want?

Sometimes I think that women really want a blue prince coming on a beautiful white horse and taking her to a great castle (or a rich man on a Hummer taking her to their mansion), but as her couple cannot give it to her, they prefer to keep it silence because we can think they are materialistic... !@#$%^&*! What about all of us, men! We will really love to marry a very rich lady which can, instead of a marriage ring, buy me a Mercedes, BMW or a Jaguar!!

Women, some men have a REALLY hard time trying to understand what things do YOU really want. Are you really wanting that your boyfriends become that optimal "blue prince", or do you really enjoy seeing us becoming crazy? :-|

Monday, November 30, 2009

Create & Upgrade

Some time ago, parents decided which person will marry their sons and daughters, then Love appeared. After it, a son or daughter decided who will marry them; things got bad and then Divorce appeared; then friends appeared and after it, Infidelity was born... At the end, it was not about Love, but Interest.

Love is super-estimated. There is no such a thing as Unconditional Love. People give to it too much value than it actually has, because it is the feeling most similar to the one that really matters. Love is an usurper, an appropiator.

The most important feeling is the one that moves you to upgrade and improve your actual situation and limits. The famous Love is an obstacle, an hindrance that tries to make you stay like and where you are; but the real feeling what I am talking about makes you think how to improve everything in your life.

Create and Upgrade are the best feelings out there. The others are branches that sprout from them. But sincerely, everthing has a coherent refutation. Because women REALLY love to create children and upgrade their education, even if they are not the best teachers, they really want to.

Some examples of things in my life that I always keep trying and thinking how to Create and Update are knowledge, job opportunities related to my abilities and likes, independent life, and this list will never end. There is always something new to learn...

About little improvements

Have you ever tried to make little improvements to any kind of thing you normally create? Have you tried to do visual improvements to it? For example: using smaller or bigger letters smaller, or using narrower or wider spaces between letters, words or lines, or making colors a little brighter or darker, and so forth.

It is very meticulous to make these very little variations of these modifications. Sometimes to do them feels like a very silly job.

Working on solutions of problems could be like using catapults, because you need to make one or two experimental shots before being able to calculate correct landing of stones.

Thomas Alva Edison said that "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.". So, to really improve something, a certain amount of work is needed, including those silly modifications.

Talk #6: Get a Stone and Cold Heart

- She is not the type of woman that will make you feel proud of her. She looks like a whore.
- What about my ex?
- She is, but she does not decide like she should. Maybe you were not enough for her.
- Why didn't I see it this morning, after my REM-Sleep neural reassignment? What I sought was total garbage of feelings until a friend of mine showed his passion because he will his girl today.
- Stop it! Think about Stone and Cold Heart, man!

Talk #5: Revelation of having a weak heart

- All these texts should help me to improve my abilities related to my economy, not on my sentimental part. For example, they should help me to improve my abilities of Design-Code-Test and Maintain-Extend-Reuse
- You big and nasty bastard!! I help in your "sentimental part" because your heart is very weak and soft. Remember Chandra Suresh: "Stone And Cold Heart". There is no success without sacrifice. Then, the question is: What kind of success do you want to achieve, and what kind of Sacrifice, Suffering and Sadness are you willing to stand for it

Broken Trust

Heroes: when Niki didn't want to show Jessica to psychologist, or when Claire confessed that her father Bennett erased her mother's memories. The help they wished never came, but the one they didn't want had occurred.

People want to hear the truth, only to make us feel bad or, even worse, damage us. They insist too much in their efforts to convince us to open our hearts to them. We know we don't like to do that because people may hurt our feelings, but they play their roles so well that they achieve us to feel confident about them.

Oh holy crap! What a bad feeling when after we talk openly to them, they crush our feelings by doing exactly what we didn't want them to do.

Secrets are not only a need, they are duty! Never open your heart if people can't open theirs for you.

Choose and Suffer

Some thinkers said that we should not feel guilty if we can't achieve something, but not trying it; Although one feels rare when someone else achieves what we wanted, and these feelings increments when we notice that person took the same starting path we chose. One feels either happy, or cheated!

I think the correct way of taking that previous example is so obvious, but the problem is to choose a path and suffer the whole way through it. We are guilty because of choosing our decisions, and the payment is suffering. Some many people have more luck than others, so, sometimes I wonder: are our lives chosen or assigned before we are born? When I start thinking about how I would keep control of the entire universe, I can't accept anything but to choose who will do what thing, when, and how.

For some people, to "date" women is really easy, but for others (for example, me) is no so easy at all. Feelings of suffering are more intense when I fail doing this than when I flunk a test. So, I was born to keep sacrificing my feelings and keep being sad in order to suffer more.

George Bernard Shaw said something like "Learn to suffer. Learning how to do it will help you to suffer less." Practice your suffering with unnecessary things to learn how to stand it when doing what is necessary... This is easier said than done. :-(

Prostitutes and Thieves

What are difference between these couples: Top Model and Trafficant Vs. Rich Prostitute and Thief? The only difference is Money and "Beauty". In many cases, Beauty increments these "nasty" qualities.

When I see a woman, I see a household prostitute: looking for a man with enough money to satisfy all her material wishes, and "marring" him... When I see a man, I see a thief: trying to take advantage of other people in order to have enough money for those prostitutes.

I am really writing my letter of death with these phrases, scaring all possible "great" women from my life, but I have enough money, I wont' have too much problems.

Sometimes I think that this World is really good as it is.

Profitable Superpowers

In Heroes, Simone and Nathan Petrelli had a very special conversation about super powers that Peter and Isaac have.

Simone said to Nathan they can use their powers to try to help and change the world, and tried to motivate him to help them; but Nathan argued this was dangerous, because people with unclear intentions will try to take advantage and profit with them, or will use them as Guinea Pigs. She left the place saying something like "Where others see Hope, you see Disaster." I think Nathan could say to Simone that her point of view was exactly the opposite: She tries to see Hope where leaders will see more Disaster.

When something innovating appears, it is used to improve our world, but only after leaders generate enough money and control with them. It can't be helped.

Utopia or Human Extinction?

Part of the raw material of the capitalism is in families, marriages, and love. The system is more complex, but it depends on them in great part.

Love, courtship, relationship, engagement. Wow, many affordable red things come into my mind...

Marriage is the spearhead to sell weddings and artifacts related to it: cakes, dress, parties, etc. And weddings commonly occur in churches. Churches have their meaning, but nowadays ... besides, they need economical help.

After a couple becomes husband and wife, then it comes children. The cost of rising them. And everyone wants at least two or three kids. Schools and hospitals anyone?

And I am talking about mandatory things you will do, but what about many other types of gifts you should give to your family and many other people?

Many years ago I thought about committing suicide, but now I really love my life. I respect everybody's life. I am just stating things what I hate about it, and how we tend to get easily comfortable with them.

Is there hope? It is possible, but what is more probable? Utopia or Human Extinction?

Feelings: consequence of Universe

Why do feelings exists? What was the origin of them? Why they are present on every life, in every act we do? If we don't feel it, then others feel consequence of our acts.

Are all these useless feelings, that makes us do silly things, to make us test ourselves, or are a consequence of disappearing the Singular Nothing? Maybe feelings are the dark side of material reality.

I can't think of a better alternative. Great successes need great sacrifices, so it is OBVIOUS that God have made a great sacrifice (maybe) in order to create Universe as it is. Something so unpredictable as feelings can't be a pro; feelings must be a con.

Leaving evidence of our existence?

I saw a movie called "All Is Illuminated". This story talks about a boy who want to find a person who was deeply related to his grandparents. Somewhere in the movie a group of people talk about a woman who, in the past, threw a ring with the purpose of leaving evidence of her existence. As a woman thinks about how they have gathered, she said "The ring is not here by us; We are here by the ring!"

Interesting. Is it possible that some artifacts of us contain a part of our soul after we are dead, and then these artifacts start calling people related to us, or at least with same anguishes we had in our previous life? I don't know, but many great people in the past made their best effort to leave great evidence of their existence in this planet. What for? For next generations to take advantage of them? Come on! Humans are selfish! I suspect there is something hidden inside those evidences left in the past.

The only thing that pass through my mind is: Reincarnation!

Friday, November 27, 2009

At first, do what is necessary only!

"Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." (St. Francis of Assisi)

Although it could be seen silly and ugly, please, try to start by doing only what is necessary, because if you start by doing more than that, you could lose the charm.

Even it is funnier to add enhancements to a prototype, than to construct the perfect thing from the start.

Start by doing what is necessary. Keep that start as small and objective as possible. Remember the KISS (Keep It So Simple, at the start, of course)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Java is losing me

Java teachings always shows the hard way from the start. And they try to make it "softer" via IDE.

Java teachings love to complicate matters. I mean, we need to learn the fastest way to generate useful results using as lesser resources as possible. If you only think about big enterprises, that's fine, but what do you leave to all dreamers in our world?

Flexibility is thrown as trash. You start learning things like Three-Tier and MVC, but NO IDE does refactoring or code generation taking account of those structures, or if they do it, that knowledge seems to be kept top secret.

If I have an idea of a program, and it seems complicated to me to implement, I feel like doing an unwanted abortion. I am not saying that childbirth is easy, but procreation is not that difficult. Children are always born naked, then its parents provide them with all what they might need.

Although it seems long, Bradley Kjell did a really good job teaching Java, no like those too verbose Java Tutorials which frighten instead of appeal (Duke holds pencil like a sniper rifle, LOL)

Oh, my child programs ...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teaching how to fish

Instead of helping others in order to improve their quality of life, some people prefer to take advantage of their debilities.

There is a proverb that says: "Give someone a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach someone to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Many people are afraid of teaching, because they believe they will be thrown way their hen of golden eggs, but you should remember this: "Fishing is not an attractive activity for everybody." This part could be one part of your income, teaching could be another one also.

Always try to improve quality of your life as well as others. Challenges will never stop appearing in everybody's life. Redirect all negative feelings to where they will be good: this eternal challenge of life is great!

Feelings: like bacterias

Shame, fear, pain, hatred, sadness, ...
Pride, desire, pleasure, love, happiness, ...

Which one is tied to what? Feelings are tied to acts, or vice versa? (you act because you feel, or you feel because you act?)

One group of feelings which we usually call Bad Feelings, commonly hide ideas, suggestions, opportunities and possible experiments. (When you want to hit someone: normally, there is a better idea than that)

The other group of feelings which we call Good Feelings, like to be hidden inside places where they should not, or in the wrong place. (When you love the wrong girl)

Feelings need to be fed up with something, or they will eat whatever they like the most. (Like hatred towards an old friend)

You should find any type of feeling and assign to each one something to work on: something to love, or hate, or desire, or fear, etc.

Interfaced Vs. Multiple Inheritance

What happens when a class has a bad implementation of a method and you want to improve it? Well, you open your source code and start modifying it, but alas, you don't have its source!

It could be good to provide a better implementation of that bad method via inheritance, because you don't need to modify original source code, but in languages like Java, only one inheritance is possible. You can have multiple interfaces, but these don't provide implementations.

I think compilers should accept every method and only complain about duplicated methods or properties. For example, when you extend from two parents, compiler should stop and complain about two parents with the same method, so YOU can correct that inconsistency. Sometimes multiple inheritance can be used without problems, and in those special cases of method collisions, you need to work.

In cases like this, we need to rely on those run-time alternatives of Delegation, Composition, or Aggregation. The price of Java Strong-Typing is that we need to be Over-Specific. I am recalling those old COBOL days...

Monday, November 23, 2009

HTML is Single Inheritance!

I was trying my ideas tree. It seems to work nicely, but I found one question that is somewhat a revelation:

What if I want to link one node to another node? The layout I did is that one parent has many childs, but what if I want a child to come from many parents? I have never thought about that!

The only possible answer is to make that node to hold a reference to that parent. This reminds me of the problem of references that are assigned at runtime: they can't be confirmed at compile time. Why is it bad? because your code can work wonders when you tested it, but when your clients do their testings....

OOP depends on Type Checking to help to "detect" those possible problems, but what about HTML? Now, EcmaScript is getting more and more necessary.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Movements Vs. Feelings?

Feelings make our body react in any specific way.

Why not trying the inverse? To infuse feelings by making some motions with our body?

Tony Robbins said: "Emotion is created by motion." It should be really fun to be able to generated any kind of feelings we need to motivate ourselves only by doing whatever silly movement we normally do when we are on that state.

For example, what things do you normally do when you got excited? or happy? or with a lot of courage and energy? Try to describe those movements. Then, try to reproduce them all. It could be even possible to find new moves that you could associate with your emotion. Some examples are singing, exercising, rithmic or dancing moves. You could even try with breathing or facial gestures.

It seems good enough, but it could be falsifying real emotions. I think we could even adapt to those movements and not recieving an emotional boost. But atoms could also be an illusion, then we live surrounded by illusions anyway.

Francis Edward Smedley said: "All's fair in love and war." My war is against feelings. I want to fully dominate them. To make them as my slaves. Could it be possible, or probable?

Cultivating beliefs and ideals

There are supressing ideals (which make your living worse) and upgrading ideals (which make it better).

There are also if-ideals (they depend on conditions) and global-ideals (that can be applied to every aspect in your life). Even beliefs, ideals and thoughts can be improved!

There exist great if-ideas. An example could be "If life present me drugs, I will reject them" or "I will always create things as long as I can stand". These two pearls depend on conditions.

There are some ideals that can be crippling you and they should be ripped off. Oppositely, there are ideals that can be cultivated and make them sprout much enough to convert into a sucessful conviction, which in turn can change your character.

Reject bad ideals, and harness good ones. They can really help you to succeed.

Offense=Ideas, Pain=Motivation

If people ridicule you, and you feel offended, please check the reason and their act, because it seems there are ideas hiding inside them.

Examples: You are laziest in your job. You are ugly. You will have "luck" with a woman today... If you feel bad when hearing similar things, then congratulations!! You have spotted a flaw in your system! Now, your task is to find the best way to correct it, or to take advantage of it!

You need to feel enough pain, in order to rise your standards and force you to move in the direction you want.

Examples: when you finish off a bad relationship, or when you setup long-term goals because you want to improve your actual status.

If you feel alright with your actual status, then you won't never see a reason to improve it. If there are no problems, then there is nothing to get better, isn't it?

Learn to hate your actual status until you got what you want. Then, repeat the process again. To accomplish new and great goals, you will need new and great efforts.

Ying Xiong: Broken Sword

These are one of many dialogs from this movie which made my head dizzy.

I brought this one because it was today that I have already digested it.

Nameless: Great calligraphy.
Broken Sword: Great swordsmanship.
Nameless: You didn't see my swordsmanship.
Broken Sword: Without it, I couldn't have written this calligraphy.

WTF?? What a !@#$%^&* second answer from Broken Sword! I didn't see its relation to the swordsmanship of Nameless until today.

Those are very deep answers. I will love to be able to create that kind of phrases. It seems that, in essence, you need to connect two apparently different topics. If somebody says something about one thing, that could reveal something else about himself. Then, you bring that out, and when he asks you in bewilderment, you will bring your phrase.

If I checked its leading:

I have great calligraphy because I have great swordsmanship. If you are capable of understanding my calligraphy, then you probably can understand my swordsmanship. If you understand it, then you should have great one.

I was focusing on calligraphy, not in literature or meaning of scriptures. If I go that way:

Those are my thoughts after many years of battle. That is the way I really feel. If you find this phrase great, then you had similar sufferings like mine. If your abilities got you as far as understanding this, then they should be great!

But of course, both of them are swordsmen and they talked about calligraphy, maybe not meanings ... I am trying to connect two apparently different topics ... :-D

Turing machine: secuential

Turing machine is the most simple theory to explain how computers solve problems: they solve them sequentially.

Even people solve problems sequentially. Of course, many can people can work in parallel to solve a common problem for them, but each one does its work sequentially. Even if you write with one hand, and at the same time play piano with another, each hand is doing a sequential work!

Looking at these examples, it feels funny to use Java Threads for parallelism, but sometimes that is not so simple enough.

Even when we are designing a diagram, or if defining dependences, or writing a use case, we always think sequentially.

Is sequentiality the most basic feature of solving problems? Stored data is a basic feature too, but am interesting in knowing more about it, although it seems like a law.

Design Vs. Code

Design shows a "better" or "ideal" way to achieve a solution.
Code can alert that a design needs possible or inevitable improvements.

From concrete (code) to abstract (design)? People push Design too much, even after they try the first prototype, and when they see the mess of code, they swallow down that fact and keep pushing Design! Design and Code are very tied together. To think in design first is really usefull, but I have found many obstacles when coding that were not evident when designing.

I personally believe that Design is the first filter for a good application, but it does not means that your application will have the best structure. But if you reduce context of application maybe ... The catch is, when context gets bigger, application should evolve or be replaced.

There were statements, then they where grouped by functions/subroutines/procedures. These functions then grouped by classes/objects. Now, those classes are grouped by namespaces/packages... What will come next?

Trampling people? Try a little too!

People like to trample image and pride of others. And they really enjoy it! Then, remember that people are good by nature, even if they act the fool.

By hurting your feelings, people will make you think on things you will never think on if things keep as stable as they are. For example, if nobody or nothing hurts you, you could think your world is the best. You could even get bored about that world! But this world has many things to be fixed.

So, keeping those three things in our mind, we can come up with very clever ways of reversing the trampling to its source and, very importantly, to show our intelligence!

And no! This is not about hitting offenders on their faces! :-P

People are good by nature

No matter what kind of things people have done, are doing, or will do, any of these acts will have a point of view from where you could see them as good acts!! Think about that: killing someone, stealing others, cursing people, taking advantage of anything, ... In some sense, everything what people do could be doing some kind of good! People are doing some kind of favor to themselves, or commonly, to somebody else.

Then, in that particular sense, everybody is good by nature!! It is a very relaxing phrase to remember when you find people who try to smash you in any way; but, as you know, nothing is 100% perfect, and I will put the example of two people: a thief and someone with almost no money and a family. But even thieves have family!! So, these two people encounter themselves Who will prevail? What happens when opposite acts interferes between themselves? Then, sadly, it comes to the Nature Law that says "the stronger one survives, and weaker one dies."

And that last law is really true, no matter if the strength is material, or spiritual ...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Using objectives to test logic errors

Objectives, goals and purposes are useful to test our code, but only if there are no logic errors.

For example, you have an idea and you want to test it out, but you are afraid of using the real context of your idea and spoil or confuse everything, so you try to test in another narrower context... No! Forget about it. You could end losing twice the time.

Although you try to change to another kind of test, your probability of commiting a logic error is the same, so, don't waste time doing collateral tests. Use the main logic of your application, and build your test upon it.

If you want to do a test aside from your main application, do it inside a class or a function, to make it easy to adapt.

Some privates thoughts related to programming

Your code or program won't appear by itself. Even if you beg God for it with all your power and strength with a prayer. Stop dreaming and start coding!! ... Well, it's Ok that design helps organizing ideas, but code is what tests if design is really good. So, do your code!

Programming with full vice, learn and memorize programming techniques, practice and improve design techniques... Are these the only things to think about? Come on! Everybody needs a pastime!

Coding directly. your own include file of functions. Renaming files... Express your own programming methods, and put them to a test, be on a competence, doing an important application like txt_db_api... W Sometimes I start wondering: What do I find greatly motivating about Chess? Why can't I transfer that motivation to programming?

Programming what you don't want

I hate to program what I don't want. It is hard to adapt PHP to a design. My solution possibly may not be OOP.

Well, at least I will try to make it flexible. Template pattern is a real procedure inside an OOP method.

As I re-read previous two lines, now I am recalling that maybe all inconveniences I have on my programs may fit on some of those Gang Of Four's Design Patterns, but I need to read and compare my solutions.

I think that problems in adopting OOP for me has been because I have not a very deep comparison of OOP Design Patterns Vs. Structural/ Procedural Designs, because a software like Unix was created without OOP in mind (in that time, I think), and it is still great software.

We really need more motivation to move on, because only the idea itself or money are not enough to move us. I think what is missing can be something universal, something of meaning, that can be used in any skill you want to improve.


- I fear to have to destroy whatever I have done.
- It is better do something small or little, than to do nothing
- What about being ridiculed?
- It depends on what is really on bet: whatever it is, you will lose.

Evolution = Find/Replace Fest

I am thinking harder and harder how to make a program highly evolutive. And the core part that keeps me on it is when you have to add a new field operation in the business logic.

These are two typical lines of a conversation about the evolution of a program:
- We want that program to do this new thing.
- Ok, but that program was not created to add that function flexibly.

You can add a patch for it, or you can re-modularize affected sections of the program. This is somewhat related to the "Optimal Vs. Agile" entry. Dividing and Agregating are intertwined, because nobody wants a program with 300 patchs, but there could be some patchs which will be essentially complex to link or adapt inside the original code.

Change? Earthquake!

Think about those moments when a program need to go "multi". By "multi" I mean, for example: multi-language, multi-tasking, multi-enterprise, multi-datafield, multi-userlevel, ... or even adding a new field in one form...

A typical work flow for a highly probable expansible project:
  1. You design a solution
  2. Then a future need appears
  3. Then what to do? a) adapt new solution to old one (maybe turns legacy)
  4. or b) redesign old solution to include new one (maybe a lot of work)
This seems like a big deception when I look at those buzzwords like "Agile Development", "OOA&D", although "Extreme Programming" seems more tied to the principle that has always worked since those old binary programming days.

What is the feeling we have when an application needs to evolve or scale? A total earthquake!!

A colossal redesign only to add a feature that sounds so simple when it is said. This fact alone can be said to be related to the main feature of programming: a program will change, or it will die. All possibilities of Change is what will keep programming alive for many years to come.

The only really useful ability a programmer needs to improve, are his abilities to find and replace inside tons of code. It really pays off.

Optimal Vs. Agile

How to organize my job? or how to deliver my solution as fast as possible?

To choose between an Optimal and Agile solution?

Procedural or OOP?

Well, I think it should be an Agile, trying to make it easy to make the possible future transport to the Optimal version. But it sounds easier than is done, specially when there are more "Agile" solutions awating...

But that is exactly what Java promotes! Java in essence has a high load time, but its execution "should" be faster. And it has a high elocuent syntax...

It seems there are still too much way to go in order to resolve the "Essential Complexity" of programming...

Ritchie & Stroustrup: "modern" grandparents

It is very hard for me to think that somebody invented a "modern" programming language without knowing anything about these two great people: Dennis Ritchie and Bjarne Stroustrup.

When I see "C", I think about a language designed to reduce all verbosity that could arise when you have to type more than 20,000 lines of code.

When I see "C++", I think about that previous language, redesigned to make a really big improvement of modularization of those 20,000 lines.

Of course there are many benefits and drawbacks for any language, including those two. But for a programmer who needs to type high amounts of lines, those are nice features.

Mathematical Refuge

Programming is the perfect refuge for all that mathematical talent in the world that is getting wasted because there is not a clear way to employ that knowledge.

Programming is where the mathematical abstract world can get out. It is a window that was open of all of us which where "in jail".

The drawback of it is that the effort to make any mathematical abstraction to come to life, is at least five times harder than to express it on paper.

Although that big effort could also be a motivation... huh?

Chat + IRC + Internet = Refuge

There is Internet, Chat, IRC, etc. You can be grateful that they exist, because they are willing to answer you any question a physical person may not want to.

People don't have time to answer your question, but some[body/thing] has.

It is like a playground where you can share and test your ideas and make question that are somewhat impossible in the "normal life".

Internet is my refuge!

I thought about Matrix again! About the underworld communication system in the movie.

When I was typing "A program is a living being", I thought about Matrix too!

A program is like a living being

This was the thought that made me create a Programming category:

A program is like a living being: it takes time to be born, you take it to the doctor to analyse its diseases, you put make-up on it, you can take it to the gym and put it on shape, you give him proteins... even you can replace it.

Making a program highly evolutive?

Is making any program highly evolutive impossible?

Think about a group of three people which are together and two of them want to be able to communicate in front of the other, but making sure that he won't understand anything. A private mutual key is needed to encode message, but if they share it, the third one will see it.

Everybody has one. Only higher beings knows them. They know keys are necessary, but if we knew it and get drunk, then somebody will have it and will know anything about we think.

I can tell that when you need something, is when you get more miserable.

The way of getting around the problem of the group of three is that the two of them get far away from the third, and share keys, but the problem is that the third one could get more interested in knowing what does that rare message means...

Even if a highly and ethernal evolutive program is possible, it will always have drawbacks. Nothing being 100% perfect. (For me) Perfection is an illusion, like selling bug as a feature.

Work, Leisure and Rest

I read a little evangelic treatise that some people ocassionally distribute on street in order to try to bring people to churches. This one talked about the common "salvation" topic.

Have churches succeeded in eliminating sexual attraction, work abuse, and pleasures? No! Their moral legacy is the best one, but there are things that haven't and won't ever change. For example, you still need to work in order to get food. That is an universal truth.

We only thought binary: work and rest. But leisure is as important as any of the first two.

Saint Trinity: Work, Leisure and Rest... Until destiny says that there is another one more important thing, then it will become "Fantastic Four" :-P

One? Other? Money!

I thought about trying to start again with my first girlfriend, but I remembered that I was the first boyfriend of someone else...

You want one, but not the other. The other wants you, but the one not.

At this state, I think neither of them wants me!! :'-(

Damn money!!

Miracles #2

Early in the morning, I was on public car going to my job, when the car driver start talking about something that happened to him. He was saying something like this:

"I always liked to bet, but one day I didn't have even a tiny bit of money. I remember that deadline to renew my driver's license and pay my car's taxes and tags was very near. I remember also, that in that time I asked God to help me with something, because money I've got was not enough ... and I don't know how it happened, but I found one thousand pesos inside my car. Probably some passenger may have dropped it. I took them because I really need them, and until this date, nobody had ever came to reclaim that money."

I heard another story with this same line of thought, when my aunt's husband was young. He spent all the money his parents gave him, and he only have a little money and he decide to spend it on lottery. He said, "God, if I win the lottery, I promise I will change from now on. I will never waste earnings of my parents or relatives this way. Never!" He was hiding below his bedroom and a suitcase filled with clothes. He was prepared to leave the town when he heard the lottery numbers and then he noticed that he won!

Those kind of events make us believe that God exists! Are they coincidences of our life? Maybe, but I don't think so. Sometimes God really make great manifestations of His Power and Ability to make something like that, and make it look like a casualty.

One cow and three pigs

Some years ago, I saw a novel on TV called "Por que diablos" novel. It was a very funny novel. I thought his main actor could never had another chance to do something like this again, until "El Cartel de los Sapos" appeared and rebamped him again!

Well, talking about "Por qué diablos", in that novel there was a very funny scene where the woman of the main protagonist couple was making a psychological test to the main man, who was a prisioner. It was a dialog similar to this one:

- I will show you some paintings and you will tell me what you see.
- Ok. Let's try it.
- What do you see here?
- A cow and one little pig
- Uh. Well, what about this one?
- A cow with two little pigs.
- .... And what about this one... No. Let me guess, a cow and ...
- You are right! three little pigs! You can really read my mind!

LOL, the first time I saw this I thought he was making fun of her psychologist, but now what I am really thinking is that he was trying to seduce her.

When you look at life, you have two ways of taking it: with a lot of responsibility, or a lot of fun. You must take a little from them, or you will end wasted.

Women want slaves

I had intercourse with someone which don't like to see at my face!! (well, maybe because I have almost two months without shaving anything... ;-D) Anyway, I thought that act was a clear message trying to say this:

"You could have all my body, but you will not have my love."

Wow! What about all I have tried to say you before? About all what asked you and you never responded? Even after a third people made you react, you never said anything!

What all women want are slaves for her.

Women like to order or command men. "Do that!", "Stop!", "Forget about it!". But about her feelings, we need to be a seer and try to guess what does she wants or needs, then she starts commanding again!! At that moment, we start thinking: "What is really what a woman wants?"

Creating, finding and fixing errors

I was reading about how increasingly difficult it get to find and correct errors as time passes by. It is very clear that a 100-lines program is a lot easier to correct than one with 10,000 lines or more.

When you begin a task, you try avoid all possible errors. But when that task get too big, it becomes highly difficult to test all possible errors, then we try harder to make those errors evident and easier to find and correct by organizing our work in a way to ease this search.

Whenever you do anything, you should do it while thinking: "When I need to fix something, will it be very easy to find after 6 months? How sure am I about this?

Look at women without shame

I was in the metro. In the metro you can see beautiful ladies. But it is sad when there are many women and you can't have one. What to do then? The next phrase was my thought.

"If you find some beautiful girl, look at her with no shame, because it is highly probable that you won't see her again in your life anymore."

It is a very selfish to think about women like that, but it is also difficult to find a woman who perfectly matches with you.

I wish the day will come when I can stop this passive way of acting towards women, because I really want to feel activity inside me, not just to pretend that I am active.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kids are bad

This situation is happening many times:

Kids like to bother other kids, or even adult people. They are mad, but what I hate about it is that they REALLY hate being bothered, to the extend they may want to fight adults.

When I think about this, I recall there are adults who act like these kids. It seems people are degrading.

How to answer these "bothering" attacks. In kids' case, it is to talk with their parents; In adults' case, is to talk with The Law, because God had chosen His filters. And if you choose your own answer, you may be acting against The Law.