Monday, November 30, 2009

Utopia or Human Extinction?

Part of the raw material of the capitalism is in families, marriages, and love. The system is more complex, but it depends on them in great part.

Love, courtship, relationship, engagement. Wow, many affordable red things come into my mind...

Marriage is the spearhead to sell weddings and artifacts related to it: cakes, dress, parties, etc. And weddings commonly occur in churches. Churches have their meaning, but nowadays ... besides, they need economical help.

After a couple becomes husband and wife, then it comes children. The cost of rising them. And everyone wants at least two or three kids. Schools and hospitals anyone?

And I am talking about mandatory things you will do, but what about many other types of gifts you should give to your family and many other people?

Many years ago I thought about committing suicide, but now I really love my life. I respect everybody's life. I am just stating things what I hate about it, and how we tend to get easily comfortable with them.

Is there hope? It is possible, but what is more probable? Utopia or Human Extinction?

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