Sunday, November 8, 2009

Destiny is like Bedazzled movie

You didn't remove my fear of torture, but you did remove my fear of failure; no to women obsession, but yes to success... Is my life like the devil's contract in Bedazzled movie?

In these particular movie, no matter what the main characted wished and begged to the devil, his wish will always, always have a drawback, a defect, a fault, a shortcoming.

I always try harder to get what I don't have right now. Nevertheless, I am noticing that I have good things right now, but I want something I don't have. Am I crazy because of that?

What is really sad is that it seems we have some good qualities but we neither notice them, nor know how to make the most of them. Most of the time, we keep asking ourselves "Why can't I do/have it?" In my case, it is urgent to find a way out of this... vice?!

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