Friday, November 20, 2009

Women want slaves

I had intercourse with someone which don't like to see at my face!! (well, maybe because I have almost two months without shaving anything... ;-D) Anyway, I thought that act was a clear message trying to say this:

"You could have all my body, but you will not have my love."

Wow! What about all I have tried to say you before? About all what asked you and you never responded? Even after a third people made you react, you never said anything!

What all women want are slaves for her.

Women like to order or command men. "Do that!", "Stop!", "Forget about it!". But about her feelings, we need to be a seer and try to guess what does she wants or needs, then she starts commanding again!! At that moment, we start thinking: "What is really what a woman wants?"

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