Friday, November 13, 2009

Insomnia Dreams

"The Dream is not what you see in sleep; Dream is the thing which doesn't let you sleep."
-Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam-
(Found in, used by abduraooft)

Really true. I really need many of these insomnia dreams. I recall when I knew what cartoons where, then movies..., then video games, then woman attraction ... , then programming ... I had insomnia the first time I met with each one of things I have previously mentioned, but sometimes I wish I can control the way I feel about things I like.

Some people say we should sleep only four hours a day, but is hard for me to keep up with it. Also, I hate when I do something because there is someone (parents) or something (homework) pushing me. I would like to bring my insomnia naturally, just like those "first time" moments...

When I think about it, it is the free sample that God gives you, in order to get you addicted to seek Happiness, just like some people get addicted to Drugs.

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