Sunday, November 8, 2009

Events: Good=Help ; Bad=Test

This is related to how you feel when some events happen in your life. When good events happen, you feel so happy; but if they are bad, you start feeling sad, or angry!

"Good events are help. Bad events are tests." I am talking about those unpredictable events that occurs for no apparent reason. Those events that keep you wondering where they came from.

When events are help, they bring some kind of unexpected benefit to you: happiness, enjoyment, money, or something material. Things you really needed, and they came to your life.

When events look like tests, majority of time they present you the option of resigning to your ideas, goals and desires, accompanied with some tragic situation: broken relationship, job firing, project problems, even household problems! They ask you if you will keep going or send everything to hell.

Remember: "Good events are help. Bad events are tests."

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