Sunday, November 8, 2009

When offended: Nah, it was nothing!

Boredom, sorrow, shame, ... Ok. Feelings are alerts of things I should take account on? Feelings are like a US$300 prostitute who motivates you to do "something": a nice bait to make waste your life and resources.

It is nice to think that goal of life is to learn how to control those impulsive feelings. To think that this life is a test place to measure our "integrity", but what a test! We have temptations everywhere, from our beds to our friends, from our jobs to our parties,... temptations to show off our bad feelings are daily and constantly present.

We really feel good when we unleash those feelings. It is well known that, after putting it out, all that remains is emptiness, but why on earth is that emptiness so difficult to remember when we are angry or offended? Even if we try to say "Nah, it was nothing!", deep in our heart, we are begging and wishing for a revenge... well, Saint Bible says that evil will be punished...

That irony is a !@#$%^&* joke! :-&

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