Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cultivating beliefs and ideals

There are supressing ideals (which make your living worse) and upgrading ideals (which make it better).

There are also if-ideals (they depend on conditions) and global-ideals (that can be applied to every aspect in your life). Even beliefs, ideals and thoughts can be improved!

There exist great if-ideas. An example could be "If life present me drugs, I will reject them" or "I will always create things as long as I can stand". These two pearls depend on conditions.

There are some ideals that can be crippling you and they should be ripped off. Oppositely, there are ideals that can be cultivated and make them sprout much enough to convert into a sucessful conviction, which in turn can change your character.

Reject bad ideals, and harness good ones. They can really help you to succeed.

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