Monday, November 30, 2009

Choose and Suffer

Some thinkers said that we should not feel guilty if we can't achieve something, but not trying it; Although one feels rare when someone else achieves what we wanted, and these feelings increments when we notice that person took the same starting path we chose. One feels either happy, or cheated!

I think the correct way of taking that previous example is so obvious, but the problem is to choose a path and suffer the whole way through it. We are guilty because of choosing our decisions, and the payment is suffering. Some many people have more luck than others, so, sometimes I wonder: are our lives chosen or assigned before we are born? When I start thinking about how I would keep control of the entire universe, I can't accept anything but to choose who will do what thing, when, and how.

For some people, to "date" women is really easy, but for others (for example, me) is no so easy at all. Feelings of suffering are more intense when I fail doing this than when I flunk a test. So, I was born to keep sacrificing my feelings and keep being sad in order to suffer more.

George Bernard Shaw said something like "Learn to suffer. Learning how to do it will help you to suffer less." Practice your suffering with unnecessary things to learn how to stand it when doing what is necessary... This is easier said than done. :-(

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