Sunday, November 8, 2009

Programming = Constant Improvement

In programming, there are too much code to maintain, but that is what ensure all jobs. Does it means that projects always become too complex? I think so. Because everybody always try new alternatives of how doing things, and those alternatives needs programming.

For example, each Windows version brings many improvements to user interface and experience. Of course, they don't create them, but Pablo Picasso said: "Good artists borrow. Great artists steal." Go figure, but that is another topic. If someone had used Windows 3.11 before, and try to compare it against Windows 7, they will instantly know what I am talking about: providing better alternatives to do common things as time passes by.

Of course that old windows helped too much and it still can solve many problems. So MS-DOS. The same can be said about Unix/Linux, but that is not an excuse to stay the same forever. Well, at least they keep improving user experience ... Always keeping people in mind.

If other things in life could get the same improvement speed as the software had, this world would be great, but people still feel pleasure with the pain of others ...

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