Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stone Heart toward friends? What will you become?

Joy, courage, happiness, tolerance, love, desire, wanting, sleeplessness, tirelessness, sacrifice, delightness, excitation, urgy, funny, duty, ... Divide and conquer.

I really want to feel and enjoy all things I do that are related to each feeling pointed by those words, but is really difficult because each good feeling has a bad feeling tied to it, and even if i try to focus them to direct me to one side, the opposite force of their effort bring my focus to the worst part.

Even in that abstract path of dominating our feelings, they keep you hitting your core feeling (the one tied to your goal), and keep you suffering for you sacrifices and making you sad.

A hard and cold heart is maybe impossible to completely achieve; but if it is possible, I have fear because I don't know in what kind of person I will become.

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