Sunday, November 8, 2009

I want to auto-program myself

I am so miserable that even I can't auto-program myself to think in work only. Discouragement always appears because of work amount or delivery date (dead line).

I try harder everyday in order to focus in job only, but it seems it so difficult to achieve. What I exactly want is to be able to ignore big amounts of work to the point to look like an idiot, not only by appearance, but also by commitment and results.

It should be really useful to auto-program ourselves in only having eyes for what we want. It is so easy with love. Could we become in love of everything? Even love things that we actually don't like very much? Sure, it is possible, but it isn't easy.

I think it is the same analogy as achieving great muscles: don't expect them to come in less than three months.

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