Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fear #2?

#1: Moral Suicide. Possibility of dreams. Vice. Obsession. Fear. Maybe one of this is what you need to create and maintain motivation

#2: There are several types of well-being and the most important depends on each person. Whatever a person do, it's for some kind of well-being.

#3: You shouldn't wait good things from people, because, when you need answers, they may not give them to you.

Excess will tire?

Phrases like "Everything in excess do damage" or "Even beauty tires" are obstacles to get your dreams, because those unconsciously prompts you to stop doing anything that looks like an excess, or tiring.

Of course it tires, so you need to rest as much as you need, then you should continue until you get tired again, then you rest... Life is that way: it seems we stumble with similar situations again and again.

Many happy things?

Many times you feel shame because of something you can't achieve or do or have. Best advice in this situation is "Life has other good things. Look for another and make the most of it."

But, to think there are many things which can make you happy does not help enough. It is because what we want to achieve is very, very important for us, and we really want to do it.

It is the same to console ourselves with other things. We feel good enough, and this feeling is needed to work because, as time passes, unresolved problems stays so.

I fell there's something important between "Free Will" and "Motivation", but I don't know what it is... Could it be my needs?

Weaknesses of Lies

Today, I remembered an story I heard in university:

Four students arrived late to a test, and for this reason, they invented a lie to convince teacher to give them another opportunity. What they invented was car got a flat tire.

When they they said it to the teacher, he answers them he will forgive them, but he wants to ask something private to each one, and students agreed.

When he was in private with one of them he asked "Which was the flat tire?"
Each of them answered different, and the teacher knew that was a lie.

A lie needs coordination. This entry is related to lies, too.

My First Story: Immortal Rich

Methodology inspired by manga "Monster" and "Le monstre sans nom" story, which is inside the manga:

There was an Immortal Master Child.

People don't believe any teachings of this Master because of his appearance.

He is immortal and learned many things to gain fortune.

One day, three people went to him and became his students.

He said them "I have a method which can make you rich for sure, but it lasts 60 years. In the first part you will learn and practice; second part is execution of what you learned; third and last part is management."

"Practice. Execution. Management."

Student 1 was silly, and for that, he was the one how taken more time to become rich.

Student 2 was methodical, and for that, he achieved his richness on the right time.

Student 3 was hasty, and for that, he was the first one to become rich.

When students where near 80, they met and talked about what they have achieved. All of them were unsatisfied, and also had same question: "Why our master is not rich?"

Students ask him why the master is not rich. He said "I am the only immortal in the world. I might be happy with many people. I want to share all things that I have got with people who I love, but they always die."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cheats might have weakness!

In One Outs, Tokuchi Towa knew Blue Mars team wins its games by cheating. Instead of feeling offended by that behavior, he saw this as a new challenge.

He didn't restrain himself to play against them.
He didn't try to reveal their cheats.
He didn't want to have a fight.

Instead, he was focused to take advantage of their cheats, and find weaknesses in them.

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." What an old quote! I have never understood this one completely, but now I think I am on the right track.

Sharpen your senses!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Imposing goals ourselves to reveal weaknesses

The Last Samurai
Katsumoto: You believe a man can change his destiny?
Nathan Algren: I think a man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed.

One Outs
Hiromichi Kojima went to a mountain to recover his willpower by chopping a thousand pieces of firewood, but before cutting the last one, a butterfly stopped in the way of the ax and, while he avoided to kill the insect, he got his hand injured. After this, he said "Oh! so, this is my weakness!"

When Dr. Kenzou Temna was fired because he attended Johan instead of a politician, he complained by saying "What a wasteful life"; but after he decided to continue his life and pursue his dreams, his previous job is given back! Then he complained again: "What a wasteful life".

A recurring reflexion of Guts in many aspects is "Why I always notice it when I already lost it?"

If you focus on only one goal and push your life to its limits, you will see more and more obstacles that makes difficult for you to catch your dreams. Sometimes you feel that, as you get closer to your dreams, you start to feel yourself alone, with no one to share your happiness, but a ton of people willing to share your benefits and profits.

Alone with your dreams, or accompanied with no dreams? success or company? Loneliness is a weakness I found in myself. Yours may vary.

Fly as butterfly and sting as bee

By Muhamed Ali. It seems this quote applies only to fights, and that could be true, because we fight against many things: poverty, illness, deceits, lonelyness, ...

I like fighting games, specially KOF98-2002 and SSB64. Some days ago, I met with old friends who play this games, and I was again impressed when I saw one of them winning with a simple pattern. If you have seen a Zangief winning without using any throws, you know what I'm talking about.

I have heard many times "Stick with what works", but you need to find your path, the path that works for YOU. If it works for somebody else, that's fine, but it's does not mean anything.

Whatever you do, be flexible in your ways to do things, and precise enough to achieve results.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Do not talk about all your thoughts

I don't know why, but when you assure anything you are trying to accomplish in your life, even if you tell it to your most reliable friend, the accomplishment of that dream gets harder and harder, to a point where you feel you must quit it.

But, if you keep it in silence and secret, I don't know why, but it gets easier and easier to achieve.

Sometimes you feel a need to share your plans and dreams with some people who are important to you, but, if you can not withstand all possible negative reactions that will appear when some other people don't get happy enough when they know about your plans, then you should not share them.

Try to find someone who never tell a thing about your dreams to anybody. That should be the ideal one to share them.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Job? Favor!

If I have some coins, and someone beg my money, I might give them a few, even if I know they will buy drugs with it. Do you think I am mad? Kids beg for candies, drunkards for alcohol. There are many beggers in the world. I wish I never be a begger, but if I were one, I would like to get help, and I would be happy if I receive it. So, I do it for that happiness.

And then I was thinking: What kind of things you would do that not many people in your world would, and why? Then I arrived to the idea of doing things by favor.

Don't look it as hard work. Look it as a favor you are trying to do to someone. Think that you are trying to help someone to reach at least one of their dreams. Maybe their dreams are not the same as yours, but they have dreams too, and trying to help someone on his dreams is somewhat... rewarding.