Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forces that move our Spheres

When I compare our interaction with feelings, I compare us human beings like spheres in a endless space, and the forces that move those spheres are our feelings.

I choose the analogy with a sphere because a sphere is less resistant of being movement. Even a tiny force can make it move.

I am always trying to control those forces that moves my sphere. I have learned that Concentration is focusing all your power towards a common point, and also that Meditation is not using your power at all, and so achieving a resting state.

Both Concentration and Meditation are susceptible of feelings. If your sphere is moved by any feeling, your Concentration aim is going to change its direction.

It is hard to make a precise location of a target, and also it is upsetting to re-target it after some external force has made it lose its calibration. And then, it generate a Force (feeling) that moves our Sphere even further from what it was aiming in the first place.

Feelings are good, and bad at the same time. Sometimes feelings keep us adding "improvements", and then it reach a point when it can make no sense. So, in the short term, it can be a great marketing and advertising technique; but in the long term, it is too risky that it can become a total waste of time, and even more if it becomes into "the real path for opulence." Let's check this example:

- To eat
- Something venomous or prejudicial?
- To eat something healthy
- Excessive eating?
- To eat something heathy, the right amount
- What about your family and friends?
- To eat something healthy, the right amount, and shared with your friends
- So, only family and friends need food. What about the whole world?
- To eat something healthy, the right amount, shared with friends, and the whole world
- But probably, there's not enough food for the whole world
- ...

So, if you keep adding things, sooner or later, you are going to reach a limit, or fall into a vice cycle. And no matter what you do, Forces (feelings) keeps appearing and moving our Spheres, either forward or backward. In this case, my goal is to define a goal good enough for me, and try to avoid those moving forces... but then, it comes suggestions, alternatives, improvements, et cetera.

The challenge then, is to define which is that exceptional Force that can make our Spheres to break those cycles and limits, and how to maximize Its generation and intensity. Some great people in the past have tried to give a name to that Force; nevertheless, that name is falling too short to it, nowadays.