Saturday, January 24, 2009

Resist NOT Evil?? Why drugs exist?

I had never understood the first sentence, until I found the answer to the second one. I found it in one of my favourite ebooks: TFOC.

Drugs form part of the self-correcting design of the Universe and Nature. So, if there is someone how loves the feeling that drugs generate, this will contribute to his extinction.

Why is this related to the "Resist Not Evil" quote? because Universe and Nature were so well designed, that those evil individuals will force themselves to their own extinction!!!

If there is much fire, don't put more fire on it. Put something that can stop it, or leave it alone. Sooner or later, the fire will cease.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Possible Vs. Probable

"All is possible". That is what we were taught. Is a very inspiring phrase, of course. But that is not the reality, well, in all of my concern I think that's not reality. We should focus on what is more probable. That could be because of the lack of qualities for doing it, the time we will need to accomplish something, etc. There are many things that can make a possible event to be less probable.

"Is possible to walk on water". Ok, but "Can I walk on water? What is the probability for me to walk on water?" When I put it this way, It becomes clear that I must stop trying to walk over it.

"Is possible for me to win the lottery?" Of course it is, but the probability is not as big as the possibility. I know people who has played lottery all of their lives, but never winning the big prize.

Do what is more probable for you. i. e. , Do what you think you have the biggest probability of success.


Of course. Everyone has failed to reach something in any moment. The world seems to crash in front of our eyes. Maybe our last opportunity has gone and it looks like we can't do something to regain one more chance again.

Oh! All my dreams have gone, or, at least, they will take more time for them to come true. Why? because of my failure, I will maybe need to start from scratch again since I lose all what I have achieved until today.

Why, even when we try with all of our strength, we suffer an embarrassing failure? In the past, a teacher told me this phrase: "Luck is the meeting of the Preparation and the Opportunity". I got the opportunity, but I wasn't prepared enough. That must be...

The only hope I have is to keep trying until the day I die.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do what you need/want/like !!

Need, Want, Like,... this list may grow, but the essence of this title is to encourage you to DO it, even if it means sacrificing something. It your dream, your wish, your need. You should never stop to do it for some really silly excuses like "They will benefit from it if I do that" or "I will suffer so much if I do it". It's your dream!! When you reach your dream, you forget all the suffering that you tolerated before you can finally catch it.

If patriots have stopped because of excuses like those I mentioned, maybe they have not seen their dreams come true. There's no magic wand. You need to work hard for only one dream to come true.

Pursuit your dreams. There is nothing more delighting that enjoying your dreams and remembering all the sacrifices you did for standing in the place that you are right now.

My first blog entry.

This is my fist blog entry. I hope I could create a blogging habit.

I chose english because I can both practice my writing, improving my english skills and most important: expressing my thinkings about things that occur me in the course of my life.

Welcome to my blog!! Please leave comments about your thinkings and points of view.