Sunday, January 18, 2009

Possible Vs. Probable

"All is possible". That is what we were taught. Is a very inspiring phrase, of course. But that is not the reality, well, in all of my concern I think that's not reality. We should focus on what is more probable. That could be because of the lack of qualities for doing it, the time we will need to accomplish something, etc. There are many things that can make a possible event to be less probable.

"Is possible to walk on water". Ok, but "Can I walk on water? What is the probability for me to walk on water?" When I put it this way, It becomes clear that I must stop trying to walk over it.

"Is possible for me to win the lottery?" Of course it is, but the probability is not as big as the possibility. I know people who has played lottery all of their lives, but never winning the big prize.

Do what is more probable for you. i. e. , Do what you think you have the biggest probability of success.

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  1. you know .... is easier than it is. and believe it or not. You just need an idea. remember ... Twitter started with an idea, Facebook began with an idea, and things like instagram Lockz etc who have no 11 months, started with an idea. the question is .....?

    Have an idea?