Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do what you need/want/like !!

Need, Want, Like,... this list may grow, but the essence of this title is to encourage you to DO it, even if it means sacrificing something. It your dream, your wish, your need. You should never stop to do it for some really silly excuses like "They will benefit from it if I do that" or "I will suffer so much if I do it". It's your dream!! When you reach your dream, you forget all the suffering that you tolerated before you can finally catch it.

If patriots have stopped because of excuses like those I mentioned, maybe they have not seen their dreams come true. There's no magic wand. You need to work hard for only one dream to come true.

Pursuit your dreams. There is nothing more delighting that enjoying your dreams and remembering all the sacrifices you did for standing in the place that you are right now.

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