Monday, June 29, 2009

Live everyday as the last day of your life?

This phrase is expressed to encourage us to put all of our efforts to do what we want as fast as possible, to live our life intensively, trying to catch all what we could catch, because one unknown day, our lives will end.

This is another powerful advice, but it is also a double edged sword, because this advice ignore many delighting things in life because they probably will be wasting time.

Working forever is boring, but resting forever is boring too. Don't you believe me? Have you been sick in the hospital for one month? What about rehabilitation? You always want to get out of it as fast as possible.

Live your life intensively, but remember that some things can wait, and many others can be ignored as well.

Proud? Dominance? Look further

Are you proud of your success? Do you feel dominant for the times you have won? Are you happy because you are better than your opponents? All of these are silly illusions.

The real proud and dominance are born from people that admire, love, and follow the great examples you give to them. The sad part of this is that actually you need economical resources to spread the message.

Even though, you can't leave these limitations decrease the depth of your good goals in life, always trying to make your way of living better and better, as well as other people you could met in your life. Just keep an eye on good people, and two on bad ones. :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Focused On Goal

Although the rain helps to the creation of mud, the rain is also very helpful for nature. Although no one is immortal, it is a relief to know that criminals are not immortal either ;-)

Sometimes you feel discouraged for things you try to do, but doesn't show any good results. Don't feel that way, because the method or the experiment you could be doing has some type of advantage or could solve one of your problems, otherwise you would not be doing the sacrifice, even if it haven't worked at all.

Always keep focused on the goals and objectives that your efforts are trying to resolve, because you can be sure that your path has a real advantage over other paths.

Know Pain

Scratch oneself's itch. My Reverse Law.

Only those who lived all their lives in war, are the one who really wish to feel the real meaning of peace. Only those really tired wish to have a rest. Only those who have been in the darkness, really wish to know what is the Light. Only those who know real pain want to put all their efforts to avoid it.

Try to know your pain and hatred well, because this knowledge is very helpful for discovering the real feeling of love. Apply any type of questions to your pain. This can help you to learn how to feel more love.

Going to forest, but not seeing trees

Although women are complicated beings, I love them. They have a power, a kind of attraction force that keeps me wanting to see them, to be near them. Even that power can inspire me to do things I never thought I would do.

Programming is the kind of profession that lets you invent and test many alternatives. Even you can make tools or libraries that make your coding more easier.

There are things in this life that have the power to make us to do impressive things. That power is the motivation and inspiration that arise. Some people compose, others write, others paint, some make discoveries.... When you do pleasant things, try not to feel proud of it. Instead, use that blissful energy to build the inspiration and motivation to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Science and/or Religion

I personally prefer the Science approach. I feel more love for life because of all things that have been discovered or invented. But there are many things that the Science can't explain, and the only decent answer for them is Faith of the teachings of a religion, although religions have a very well documented ethical and moral system, the religions also cripple many of the possibilities that people may have. Maybe they don't want to live in some way, but religions force the living. Check the opinion of some religions about the abortion law. Go figure.

As the great Albert Einstein said: "Science without Religion is cripple. Religion without science is blind." Great examples of this thought are Alfred Nobel (Dynamite) and Galileo Galilei ("E pur si muove") respectively.

Louis Pasteure said "A bit of science distances one from God, but much science nears one to Him." and "The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator." Even after all of our achievements in both areas, we still want to be sure enough of the Origin and Creation of everything, material and/or spiritual.

I dream for the day that both can unite...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

If I don't win, I draw... what about losing?

Normally, the phrase "If I don't win, I draw" is used when people needs self-motivation to get something they don't have. I think this is really motivating, but even being like this, you feel a little sad when you don't get what you want.

People get tied to much to the illusion of reaching their dreams, that they forget that the possibility of not achieving it is always present, and when it happens, they totally forget that they went for a possible draw.

You only lose when it is something you have already gotten. But if you work for something is not of your property and you end not getting it, is a draw! This is because you have it neither before you start your attempts nor after you stop them.

But remember: this draw can not be an excuse to stop yourself from achieving your dreams! :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yin-Yang saves me again!

All good has something evil, and/but all evil has something good. I have known this "law" for some time, but it seems that I have forgotten something interesting about that: for Auto-Motivation, this law could be good.

Trying to find good points of view from a disgusting event you have to withstand everyday, can help you enough in the rise of motivation. Make a list of those good points. Just make sure to find something good, beneficial and motivating for each exception you could encounter when looking for good points. Try not to use the same good point to match many bad ones. If you have many bad points, find at least, the same amount of good points.

Although Yin-Yang law is an useful and interesting one, it increases our level of skepticism from things around us, or over-confidence. A law that applies to itself!! :D

Reject nothing

I tried to reject a little Christian Treatise paper because all bad things I learned that happen in church, but in that moment, I recalled that in life I have learned that I can learn something from anything. So, I took it and read it, comparing what I have learned against what they try to teach me. In this occasion, I found a paragraph in which I was totally agree.

What is the big deal? Nothing, except auto-motivation. Don't you feel motivated when your thinkings are right? I think, besides food and knowledge, we also need emotions capable of pushing us to continue our path to success.

Besides knowledge and emotions, what other beneficial and abstract things can we get? It can be an interesting list to elaborate...

What cross do we wish to carry?

Everyone has something in their lives, capable of making them living in the pits of hell by their own free will. Something that can make us do incredible and unthinkable things, even though our experience have tell us that path is not good enough.

That something generates a force to move us so big that, even in problematic situations which can appear in our way to our "hell", instead of giving up our efforts, our stubbornness still pushes ourselves to continue carrying that cross!

Maybe the things are this way because the end of that road lead us to achieve a dream we had from a long time ago, a dream not reached, a dream one thinks is still able to catch, even after passing so long time.

In this attitude I found two interesting questions: 1) What will I do after I have achieved that dream? and 2) What will be the thing that stops me from falling into that hole? A third question exists, but right now, I don't really want to think what I will do if I can't achieve that dream.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Parables=Universe Knowledge?

Why did Jesus liked to talk with parables so much? They say because it is very easy for teaching very elemental principles of our lives.

Paulo Coelho in "El Alquimista" promotes the idea of "reading the language of the Universe". I think this is "interpreting all the things that occur in life and learn from them".

Many Proverbs, Sayings and Quotes were build with this principle. That is why (I thing) they are not commonly related to human being activities, but related, for example, to flora, fauna, climate, or things that occur in our world.

To think that many of the answers of the struggles in our mind could be hidden in these natural events, is something I praise for this Design of the Universe. This is one of the things that makes me keep the idea of the Universe have been made by Someone, or Something.

When Time for Reflection Arrives

If one of these human states is missing or decreasing, then the Time for Reflection is near: Happiness, Tranquility, Joy and Calmness.

Once upon a time, Albert Einstein said: "To make a goal of comfort or happiness has never appealed to me; a system of ethics built on this basis would be sufficient only for a herd of cattle." This is one of those quotes that keeps floating in my mind until I find an example for applying them. Now, from my updated point of view, it seems these states of the mind does not motivate thinking or imagination!! Two very useful things to do with our mind to improve our style of living better and better as time passes.

Although I don't like the way this can look like (that is why I won't generalize here), it seems the effort I do in order to stay in Happiness, Tranquility, Joy and Calmness, is inversely proportional to the level of understanding to my real life and world, or, in other words, my maturity.

All pending posts done!!

Cheers!! I have completed all my pending posts!! From now on, posts will be created very near (maybe one or two days of difference) from the date my thought could have occured.

I feel proud of myself of arriving at this point. I have made something similar to this posting before, but it was in TXT files and in Spanish. Maybe I could upload them to somewhere.