Friday, August 28, 2009

Things needed even if seem useless

There are things in life that are needed, even if they look like luxury, waste of time, or garbage.

For example, sleep could be seen as is a waste of time, a refrain, a way to escape from problems and to try to forget pain, but it is important because our body and mind needs to rest.

Another example is transportation. Many people think cars are luxury or an amusement toy, nevertheless, they are able to make you reach further places in shorter times, and gives you the freedom to choose any path you feel more appropriate and effective.

I feel public transportation is trash sometimes, because they are very slow and uncomfortable and dirty. Nevertheless, that is a job and employees must make the most of it. Also, it is the most economic way to travel further for people who can't afford to buy a car.

Try to find things that are needed in your life, and try to take the most of them. Maybe they could be important.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

To know or to do?

Which is more important? Both are important. You need to know abilities to do something, but you also need to do something to prove that you know.

So, those two verbs needs to travel together in your life. Sometimes one gets more importance than the other. A man who likes to think needs to struggle more with actions, because his desire to think is natural, but his lack of actions is an obstacle to reach his dreams. The same is for a man of actions, because his obstacle appears when is needed to know something new, or find a better approach to reach his dreams.

In my case, I am trying to find the most effective way to make transition to do more, and to think only in the necessary. Not more. I need to show evidence of my thoughts, even to myself!!

I need to improve my character of action a lot more! :'(

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Move the whole world

By Archimedes: "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."

This phrase seems merely physical... but it is not!! It somewhat impressing to see how an small object like a jack can lift trucks. This principle is applied also to emotional realm.

Levers need a pivot point to multiply the force you apply to them. Of course, levers need to be long, but objective is to increase force you apply to something. Sometimes you don't need to increase force, for example, when you use a fishing rod.

You need a pivot point in your life. A point capable to multiply your force of will, your motivation towards life. That pivot should be present everyday, because motivation is easy to lose, and, of course, you need to be able to improve that pivot.

What is the best emotional pivot? I don't know, but for me, my pivots are all my dreams: my forgotten, actual and undiscovered dreams.

Then, what are levers? All things you can use to ease ways to reach every dream you have.

Loads are all obstacles you need to overcome... Remember you pivot point! :-D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A list of some of my dreams

This list has only those dreams I feel capable to share with any people in world, because some of them may not be enjoyable enough to many of you. I will change letter color when I have done any of them. (-;

  • Go to a resort
  • Play golf
  • Ride a very fast motorcycle again
  • Ride a car in city
  • Ride a horse
  • Do bungee jumping
  • Buy an iPod
  • Buy a Digital Camera
  • Buy a modern cellphone
  • Go to gym and get a body in shape
  • Buy new glasses and teeth braces
  • Learn how to swim
  • Go to an amusement park again
  • Visit every province in my country
  • Trip overseas
There are also many things I want to do that should not appear here. This list might either grow or change totally, but it must be present everyday in my life.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Motivation? Suicide!

Life offers many good things, directly or not, if you are conscious or not. Of course, there are bad things in life too. In those cases, remember: "Father, into your hands i commend my spirit.", and start walking your frightening path in life.

If we forget about corporal torture and the physical world, and focus only in the realm of thoughts, what things do we have that all fictional super heroes don't? Moral suicide.

You are able to withstand lust, violence, misery, ignorance, selfishness, pride, hate, arrogance, envy, deceit, filth, cruelty,... Do you need anything more powerful than that? Yes you do: your ideals and final goal in your life.

Motivations for committing suicide are so big that they can blind us. That is the same kind of motivation I need to chase my dreams.

Suicide... to live like a martyr and die only for your ideals. To be able to give or lose your life, only for the sake of your dreams.

Suicide... to be able to lose your life simply because of your way of thinking or ideals, and give it with such a satisfaction that the least thing people can think about is: you are so crazy!

Suicide... to make whatever you do a vice or obsession because it has the possibility to make many of your wishes come true.

Moral suicide in society due to your way of thinking. Honor suicide: to risk yourself to talk with an unknown person could be fatal... they can hurt your body, or even worse, your feelings...

What is the reason that can make me act the fool in front of a group of people that doesn't even know me, only for the sake of trying to know something they could think as silly and/or stupid? My final goal in life.

Because of your ideals, you are willing to be humiliated. Possibly, my ideals are not very inspiring, but I remember 2002, when I thought about committing suicide... If only I could put that kind of intense desire in my goals in life...

If, in any time of your life, you have thought in committing suicide, it indicates that you have the potential to reach the limit in anything you feel motivated enough. Although I am not sure about this, I think the solution to increase our motivation could be hidden inside any kind of moral, social, or honor suicide, that could be stopping you to get your focus in the right direction. Forget about losing your life. I talk about losing some habits.

You may not stand tortures, but you can stand humiliations; have no powers, but abilities; You have total control of your mind, spirit, emotions, and things you can do with your body. And, also, you have your ideals and dreams.

Why have many people in history lost their lives in some kind of suicide? Because they feel the best way to make their dreams come true is to make that kind of sacrifice, or suicide. Patriotism? No. Again, it's because of your ideals, your dreams.

Give the highest value to your life, and a higher value to your final goal in life, no matter what it is.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pensamientos sobre Hangyaku no Lelouch

Reiji: ya tu terminaste Code Geass?

Ignacio: sí

Reiji: Te gusto?

Ignacio: no (no fue ayer, sino) hace 3 dias
que te digo
sí, me gustó mucho.
pero tiene algo
porque por cada cosa buena que (Lelouch) tiene (o hace),
tambien tiene algo lo suficientemente malo
que no te deja disfrutar del buen momento
por eso me parece grotesco
es bueno, pero grotesco
me recomendaron uno que se llama "Detroit Metal City"
son enfoques muuuuuuuy diferentes
pero en el fondo es la misma (problemática)
aunque la escala de Code Geass (Hangyaku no Lelouch)
es algo global y casi mundial o universal.
en DMC es un tipo que le gusta cantar canciones romanticas,
pero trabaja cantando metal.
En el caso de Lelouch, el quiere vengarse
y hacer del mundo un lugar mejor...
pero sin importar los medios
y sufre en el camino
pero, aunque muere (tengo mis dudas), al final logra sus sueños
wow, voy a copiar y pegar esto
me voy a comer, nos vemos

Beauty: everything beautiful was made by God?

Musicians, architects, dancers, painters, any kind of artists are inspired by their thoughts and feelings. It is known that God have made all things we see in the universe, but God have never made a novel, or a building, or dancing or painting. Ok. nature is so magnificent and great, but there are other great intellects capable of making beautiful things too. So, the miracle of beauty is not belonged to God only.

That is a relief, because it promotes the diversification of the beauty. Maybe my likes are not the same as yours, but this variety has an useful quality: more people doing beautiful things, more things we can be delighted with! ;-)

Jesus: his objetives worth more than his life.

Jesus is now seen as a God!

He has the power to revive and withstand pain!

He has endured and withstood many difficult situations, as any human being do with their feelings. Nevertheless, he suffered too much instead of quitting the pain. That was so painful for Jesus, but he continued to support those injuries and torture.

I would like to know which was the method Jesus used. (Maybe some kind of God power, or maybe drugs or something.)

It seems that his goal was greater and more important than the material and physical suffering... but it is too hard to ignore the material pain, and also we need to learn to appraise our human body as a tool of learning. How can we increase our level of learning if we loose all of your limbs and senses?? And remember, of course, the pain we feel when we are injured...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A truth is easy to say. A lie needs imagination!

By Jaume Perich: "Any idiot can say the truth, to lie there is needed some imagination."

From my point of view, this is a very realistic and creative quote by Mr. Perich. It is so creative, that it is making me to question myself about my attitude of not saying a lie.

I agree that you need creativity to lie, but you need strength and character to tell the truth! Both paths have an end, and many times those ends are common. Which way is the most correct? Which way will make your dreams come true? (and more important) What will you do after you achieve your dreams?

Although it could be fun to practice this kind of "creativity", I like the Karma theory so much. So, I always try to be aware of this: A lie can generate bad karma some day.

Money + Success = Sacrifice + Suffering + Work

To win something, you need to lose something, besides time and effort. To recieve, you need to give. This sacrifice generates suffering and is needed a lot of work to make my dreams come true.

Suffering is the essential point here. All the good things you could achieve in your life, they come hidden in those three big words.

It is still hard for me to digest them, but I will try to do my best, because all of them are always present in everything I do.

Is there another way to really like Sacrifice, Suffering, and Work, besides thinking about Money and/or Success? I am still thinking about it.

Living as a tree

I like to think everybody chooses the life they want before people start living it, so I was wondering, why could someone, with many options available to live, choose to live as a tree? The first one could be that it is the best choice available, but I thought something different.

As somebody said: "Life is a test, whether you know it, or you dream that you do", I think a being could choose a life of only giving, with no interaction with any other beings that could be interesting for him. That being will only accept beings that are looking for him. Even if those beings threat him badly, he can't do anything about it, neither cry nor defend itself.

This "What if" could be so fantastic, but of course, it is an unproven fact that I started imagining. I am loooking for a better way to learn and accept to suffer.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Attraction": way too much intense than living

You should have not gotten addicted to that forbidden apple... wow, oh God! What a struggle this desire provides.

And the fact that you see an attractive gender everyday does not help too much! You suffer for it day to day.

I wish I could reprogram myself that intense desire, to make it point to something like Hard Work, but, with all temptations my mind receives everyday, that reprogramming will be long and hard.

Anyway, we were created to receive that kind of stimulation, sooner or later, but in my case, the force of the intercourse is so delighting, so inspiring, so tasteful, so enjoyable... but materially useless. Nevertheless, ... you know! :'-(

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We do everything, except what is a must!

Some people say it is because we are lazy by nature, but nevertheless, this is not a good saying for somebody who wants to erradicate that malicious habit.

I fight against this way of acting everyday. I don't understand why it keeps coming again and again. I think this is one of the elements of the eternal fight between feelings and reasoning. History has documented very well the fact that momentaneous feelings of pleasure are not better than small and continuous good feelings, but we always keep pushing for those little moments, even though they are nothing in the long run.

As George Bernard Shaw said in Maxims for Revolutionists: "The most intolerable pain is produced by prolonging the keenest pleasure." We always forget this topic, even though we know this is a real truth about the life. Why do we forget it from time to time?

Maybe He want us to focus on the emotions and feelings, and not too much about the material gain we need to live this life...

Another one from Shaw: "I'm an atheist and I thank God for it." It's funny, isn't it? I believe in God, but in my own stylized way. He exists, but He doesn't act the same with everybody, well, in some cases, so I think the laziness against our duties is an universal failure He is thinking how to correct. People, please help him to find an answer!! I need it too! :-D

She: Sec. Cuss

Some people have been with her. I want her, too. It feels so good when you are with her. You feel complete, but is difficult to convince her to be with you. Also, it is impossible to determine the level of commitment she will have with you.

Some people have received great prizes by her, and others have wasted them. I think she is way to expensive, but some people can get her with an incomprehensible easiness.

I am still thinking about what is the easiest way to be with her forever. I would love that.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

To be direct while talking: good or bad?

In the love, in your working. It seems sometimes is good, and sometimes you think it can't cause problems, but if you try it, you could get a bad surprise. I am almost believing that you can't be direct. Ok, you should have plenty of courage, but you should not be direct. Being direct is the total source of misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

The risk of misinterpretation is so high. So, I advice you: don't lose your courage, but don't be direct either. Because you could be doing more damage, than fixing the problem.

Why: the gold digger

Why? Why? You should never stop asking why. Just avoid giving answers like "That's the way of life" or "God wanted it that way", and you will find the true value of the Why.

The interesting thing about why, is that it fits very well with a phrase that says "One question can have many answers, but one answer may generate many questions." The why works with the last part: helping us to dig up all those answers, or questions.