Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jesus: his objetives worth more than his life.

Jesus is now seen as a God!

He has the power to revive and withstand pain!

He has endured and withstood many difficult situations, as any human being do with their feelings. Nevertheless, he suffered too much instead of quitting the pain. That was so painful for Jesus, but he continued to support those injuries and torture.

I would like to know which was the method Jesus used. (Maybe some kind of God power, or maybe drugs or something.)

It seems that his goal was greater and more important than the material and physical suffering... but it is too hard to ignore the material pain, and also we need to learn to appraise our human body as a tool of learning. How can we increase our level of learning if we loose all of your limbs and senses?? And remember, of course, the pain we feel when we are injured...

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