Thursday, August 27, 2009

To know or to do?

Which is more important? Both are important. You need to know abilities to do something, but you also need to do something to prove that you know.

So, those two verbs needs to travel together in your life. Sometimes one gets more importance than the other. A man who likes to think needs to struggle more with actions, because his desire to think is natural, but his lack of actions is an obstacle to reach his dreams. The same is for a man of actions, because his obstacle appears when is needed to know something new, or find a better approach to reach his dreams.

In my case, I am trying to find the most effective way to make transition to do more, and to think only in the necessary. Not more. I need to show evidence of my thoughts, even to myself!!

I need to improve my character of action a lot more! :'(

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