Thursday, August 13, 2009

Living as a tree

I like to think everybody chooses the life they want before people start living it, so I was wondering, why could someone, with many options available to live, choose to live as a tree? The first one could be that it is the best choice available, but I thought something different.

As somebody said: "Life is a test, whether you know it, or you dream that you do", I think a being could choose a life of only giving, with no interaction with any other beings that could be interesting for him. That being will only accept beings that are looking for him. Even if those beings threat him badly, he can't do anything about it, neither cry nor defend itself.

This "What if" could be so fantastic, but of course, it is an unproven fact that I started imagining. I am loooking for a better way to learn and accept to suffer.

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