Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Appearance: not a luxury, but a need!

Everybody is attracted to beautiful things. It is really a clever way to make people notice about your intelligence and intellect, without directly interrupting anything that person could be doing.

Of course, it doesn't give us assurance about people noticing or being interested in ourselves, but it is the most clever path.

Also, your appearance can change whatever thing people could think about you. People don't like to see ugly or unattractive people. So, you should improve the way you look, little by little, until you feel comfortable, and people around you don't avoid or run away from you. ;-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

The end justifies the means

By Machiavelli. I forgot this phrase was written by Niccolo Machiavelli. This data makes a total twist to the motivation I had to write this entry: If your goal or dream is accomplished, it is Ok, *BUT* just try not to create a bigger problem.

Maybe you are not sure about the path you want to choose to accomplish your goal, but if you know all the pitfalls and still your goal is reachable, take the path you feel more comfortable with.

If your goal is accomplished, it is Ok.

Everything depends

By circumstances is obvious. But they also depends on your objectives, goals, motives and dreams.

For example, you could say "In one week I will complete my work." You might be sure that you will do it, but there are many things that may stop you from doing it, like when you spend all the money needed to work, or doing things that removes your focus from your work.

And that's not all. It is possible that something unexpected occurs. Something really big and important that you must everything. An example is when a woman needs to stop studing because she is pregnant.

About the objectives and goals, if you pretend to be a programmer, why are you designing then? Many people can do both, but there are specialties that are not so common to have. Sometimes one is a hindrance to the other.

Your objectives, goals, motives and dreams can affect things you percieve and choices you make in your life, in such a way that people may call you crazy.

Transferring appeal

Relate something appealing with other thing you want to increase your appealing for it.

Somtimes I have tried this advice. Sometimes it has worked for me, because I tried to find the similarities of some aspects of very different things.

For example, Benjamin Franklin said "Life is a kind of Chess" because he found many aspects in chess that are really alike with life, in an abstract way, of course, but very real and common enough to be compared with life.

That's it. You just need to find points something you want to like have in common with another thing you already like!!

Success = 10% Inspiration + 90% Perspiration

By Thomas Alva Edison. I think it might be even less inspiration and more perspiration.

The greatest things in life have been generated with a quite phenomenal commitment and work, although now, we could feel them as the mos trivial things. Can you think about all the care and effort that Thomas Edison have done, for us to see that tiny thing that lightens our room, called electrical bulb? No.

If you want to do something really great, you should do a really great effort . You may fail many times, though, but Edison has another funny quote: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Isn't this enough? See this YouTube video. I also need more sources to inspire myself to perspirate more. Help me!! :-D

Nothing is Perfect. Everything have a shortcoming.

Phrases like "what you win in one way, you will lose it in another way", or "To adquire something, you should give another thing of equal or greater value than the one you want", or even "The Yin-Yang Law", all of these are telling us that nothing in the world is perfect.

We should learn to live with all those imperfections, because they will be always present, forever. It is difficult, but you should try to find the funny part of the shortcoming, because even that shortcoming could have a benefit!! This also is part of the Yin-Yang law.

There is a phrase that says "If one person is happy, even in the worst situation in life, it is because the person has someone or something to blame about it." :-D

Making more friends of the opposite gender

I feel it is easier to make friends of the same gender, so I want to have more friends the opposite one. I will put here a list of things I think I need to do to have this kind of friends. From time to time, I will elaborate more about them:

Make them feel good
Talk things about the moment
Humor, maybe double-meaning
Positive Debate
Their interests and likes
Maybe some writing
Maybe a toast
Money and Time

Oscillations are everywhere

You have to keep oscillations present. You need a moment in the day, or in the week in which is a must to forget about your work.

You can neither work continuously forever, nor rest. Neither be happy forever, nor sad. Just be aware of the oscillations of our life. Think about this like a bow and arrow: you need to pull the bow string as much as you can, in order to push the arrow as far as you wish.

And the bow string keeps oscillating until it stops, so you need to pull it again. ;-)

Taming ourselves. We are wild horses

We think in many things. We want many things. We see many things. We lose focus easily. We need to train ourselves to keep focus. This training is not as easy as it sounds. Many sacrifices we have to make in the path of success.

We need a corral to keep us in the learning place, whip and spurs to push us, and halters to stop us from temptations and running away. Why now is harder for us to tame ourselves? I think because yesterday we had a corral, but today we don't.

The cross exercise

I have an interest about knowing the source from where the author of TFoC got this exercise.

In this exercise only an image and your eyes are needed. It is said it could be helpful to us.

I think crossed sight keeps cerebral hemispheres busy, and inducts us to see and focus what our normal sight can't notice.

Also, It is said that it helps to improve the communication between cerebral hemispheres. If you want to know what I am talking about, you can go here.

Talk #2: Reward System Needed

God should elaborate more this system if He wants us to follow a certain path. Things like seeing auras, telepathy, etc. Because things we don't have (ie, limited power), we try to find them by any means: witchcraft, weeds, etc.

I think levels and measures of prizes for success should be established.

Ok. I know it can't be easy, but I think these sacrifies should be well elaborated for some of us to be willing to do them. Also, I know that Your message is spread in this world, but I think this message could be misinformed to some extend.

- Those are abilities you have inside you.
- But are constrained. I want help about them.
- But you can misuse them.
- Then, that is why I beg for a well-defined reward system, (why you want it?) so I can know when I am right or wrong, (but you know that) and recieving feedbacks as soon as possible, (there are easy and hard test) and to choose the right path, although I know that I have many needs, desires, wishes, temptations.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Inverses, Reverses, Contrasts.

A long time ago (around 2001-2002) I developed a point of view that arose when thinking about a phrase that I read in TFoC: "We percieve things when we put them in the proper contrast." For example, If you want to know the meaning of love, you could try examining situations and consecuences of the absence of love.

I find it a very useful saying, so I thought "How could I maximize that perception?" I will put colors in my examples. The only thing you need is to try to associate colors with feelings and you will understand me.

Reverse: I decided to call this way to all the colors except the one you want to avoid, or study. (eg: I coud choose every color except fucsia, magenta or pink)

Inverse: when you choose exactly the opposite color of the one you want to avoid or study. (eg: cyan is the opposite of red, magenta is the opposite of green, yellow is the opposite of blue)

Contrast: this one was tough both for defining and deciding. It is the subtle tonalities of the same color you want to avoid or study. It could be a lighter mix with other colors. (eg: I could choose a lighter or darker pink)

The more difference between the colors, the more that color will be noticeable. It is very difficult to read a yellow text in a white background... ;-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Talk #1: Doubts and Tests.

I was reading one of those forwarded emails about miracles that God make into the lifes of some people. I was complaining about not being able to witness that Power of God in some way, and then, a kind of talk I am going to baptize as "Talks with my Higher Self" was originated...

This is not the first time I have got these types of talks. Normally, I start them in spanish. So, this is my translations of my writings.

Prepare yourself to witness a kind of "Solo talking". This is the first longest entry of this blog.

Warning: sometimes I feel I am talking with God, but I can't prove if He is the one who is aswering my questions. To keep the same feeling, these talks will be kept the same way. Please forgive me if this bothers you.

- Do you have any doubts about My Power?
- I don't have doubts about it, instead I would want more people be aware of Your Presence and Power, and so, they believe and be conscious about that there is something more Powerful that the things people can see.
- Why do you feel that way?
- I feel angry about being not able to prove Your Power. You complain about humans being obssesed with touching, seeing and feeling. So, I want an explatation: What is the point of creating Material Reality, if we can't materially believe in something? Could it be that we should not believe in anything? Not even in You?
- Nothing can make me sure that you will choose the right path, even after I give you the physical prove that you wish too much. So, Why should I give that evidence, anyway?
- I have to have faith. Ok. What about You? Can't You have Faith in me? I know I will stumble many times. But you know I am conscious You see what I do...
- Then Forward that email!!! What stops you from forwarding it is the same thing that stops you from being a workaholic: Doubt and possibility of people ignoring what you did. Remember: although many important people for you ignore it, it will always exist somebody that is paying attention to you, and normally, you don't know who that person is.
- Then, what should I do about that person?
- Start preparing the quickest way to make that person know all the good things you have learned about life, and get it ready when the physical contact happens.
- Ok. Some of the things could be:
a) God exists, and He likes when we talk a lot with him. ;-)
b) Live you life as you are giving an example to people.
c) The conflict between Materiality and Spirituality...
- Great! But don't forget to tell them that God gives you signals and test for both, to test your Faith, and for you to test yourself of what you are capable of.
- When I think about things like this, I get shivers in my body. As I can't explain them, I like to think that God is caressing me... the same way I would caress a pet... I have failed many times to many people, and maybe I will fail a lot more in the future.
- But everything is not lost yet. Keep building your way and being aware of all the things you know. ;-)

You could think this is paranoic, but this is what I feel. And also, If you think that way, that same paranoia said me to show you another entry of me: When "worlds colide", philosophy is born

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is easier to run??

Linking Park... How easier is to run from your problems? Sometimes you need to run, but don't leave obstacles that could spoil you later.

Sometimes you run, and then you end stumbling with all the rubbish you forgot to clean. This cleaning is not easy. It is like picking up needles and small pieces of glass: You could get cut, but in the future, this is better than leaving hatred in the way.

In a web page that shows information about chess (Mig On Chess, I think), I found a phrase like "Mistakes always come back to haunt you!" If you need to run, leave the path clean, because you don't know when you will need to walk it again. :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

#2: Materialism Vs. Spirituality

Desire and needs, feelings and duties, love and intercourse, material and spiritual...

These situations are sometimes unfair, because both sides of the balance receives the same level of attention from ourselves, consciously or not.

Does it was designed that way? Or could be that even God suffers that hindrance?

God made Nature. I think that, within Nature, God could have shown his answers for many of our thoughts, including thoughts about materialism and spirituality.

God have a strange way of saying things. Simple and Complex at the same time. Sometimes I feel like God doesn't really want us to understand him, at least completely... But it is fun to admire Nature!!

The Spirituality provides you with everything you need for your Soul and Spirit. The Materiality gives you everything else.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

While working, not before!

"Motivation comes while working, not before it." I am still searching for the author of that quote. If you find it, please post a comment with his name.

Start with something minimal, then do the necessary, then try possible things, and in a future you will be doing things that you thought were extremely difficult to achieve.

Do you want motivation for working? Then work!! Work thinking that you could find some great ideas or alternatives in your work. Think that you will find something magical or philosophical in your working schedule. Something so valuable that it will keep you working there.

It is like the analogy of a miner. He keeps breaking rocks and mountains, not knowing what could he find inside them. But the simple fact that he could find something in them keeps him interested for breaking them.

Work is like a rock... :D

Friday, July 3, 2009

A big tool for a small goal

Photoshop for creating small icons, small buttons that start or manipulate a big machinery, all the tools that are needed to generate a three-minutes song or a ninety-minutes movie, ... many big tools to create small things.

The tools are not only used for one thing, and all the things that many tools could create will often be used to construct something bigger than theirs. For example, a building.

Normally, the size of the effort should be much bigger than the results you could get, even in programming.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Feelings = Fuel ?

The feelings are the fuel that moves us to do unthinkable things. Keep thinking and analyzing your feelings and why you can or can't do some things in your life, and you will end there. The feelings are the cause.

Love, hatred, proud, envy, fear, courage,... the list can grow in a very big manner. No wonder what kind of feeling it could be, that feeling can be capable of generating anything, from poems to atomic bombs.

It is sad when sometimes that fuel or energy can confuse our senses and make us go through the wrong way. It is difficult to stop us when the "fuel" start pushing us, but it feels so good when you are moving...

Do you need motivation for doing something? It is easy. Just try to build the feelings that will appear if you make that something, or if you don't do it at all :) But remember: this is a double-edged sword, as the Yin-Yang law, because you can get attached too much to a bad feeling, and driving you to make some bad things as well.

#1: God learning how to communicate better?

Today I was caught in my mental debate "How could I say something to someone I have never talked with before??". Then the question "How could God try to communicate with people without even talking?". The answer "How do you think He would do??" was the answer that arose inside me.

Things like "By making living examples", "By sending physical signals, dreams, etc". Ok. I know I am far from knowing what are all the ways God communicate with us, but the real catch I have is that, even with all his powers, there are people who doesn't follow His examples by doing any kind of deceitful things, including me in many ocassions.

I know that the Freedom of Choice is the cause of this deceit, but I am sure He doesn't want the deceit. I try to be honest with myself every time. But there are many things I need in this life, and seeing how easy are for some people to achieve them is somewhat deceitful.

How is the best way we have to speak with someone in private? As I see in this design, it seems it should start with a somewhat public signal.