Monday, July 27, 2009

Everything depends

By circumstances is obvious. But they also depends on your objectives, goals, motives and dreams.

For example, you could say "In one week I will complete my work." You might be sure that you will do it, but there are many things that may stop you from doing it, like when you spend all the money needed to work, or doing things that removes your focus from your work.

And that's not all. It is possible that something unexpected occurs. Something really big and important that you must everything. An example is when a woman needs to stop studing because she is pregnant.

About the objectives and goals, if you pretend to be a programmer, why are you designing then? Many people can do both, but there are specialties that are not so common to have. Sometimes one is a hindrance to the other.

Your objectives, goals, motives and dreams can affect things you percieve and choices you make in your life, in such a way that people may call you crazy.

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