Thursday, July 2, 2009

#1: God learning how to communicate better?

Today I was caught in my mental debate "How could I say something to someone I have never talked with before??". Then the question "How could God try to communicate with people without even talking?". The answer "How do you think He would do??" was the answer that arose inside me.

Things like "By making living examples", "By sending physical signals, dreams, etc". Ok. I know I am far from knowing what are all the ways God communicate with us, but the real catch I have is that, even with all his powers, there are people who doesn't follow His examples by doing any kind of deceitful things, including me in many ocassions.

I know that the Freedom of Choice is the cause of this deceit, but I am sure He doesn't want the deceit. I try to be honest with myself every time. But there are many things I need in this life, and seeing how easy are for some people to achieve them is somewhat deceitful.

How is the best way we have to speak with someone in private? As I see in this design, it seems it should start with a somewhat public signal.

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