Monday, July 27, 2009

Talk #2: Reward System Needed

God should elaborate more this system if He wants us to follow a certain path. Things like seeing auras, telepathy, etc. Because things we don't have (ie, limited power), we try to find them by any means: witchcraft, weeds, etc.

I think levels and measures of prizes for success should be established.

Ok. I know it can't be easy, but I think these sacrifies should be well elaborated for some of us to be willing to do them. Also, I know that Your message is spread in this world, but I think this message could be misinformed to some extend.

- Those are abilities you have inside you.
- But are constrained. I want help about them.
- But you can misuse them.
- Then, that is why I beg for a well-defined reward system, (why you want it?) so I can know when I am right or wrong, (but you know that) and recieving feedbacks as soon as possible, (there are easy and hard test) and to choose the right path, although I know that I have many needs, desires, wishes, temptations.

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