Monday, July 20, 2009

Inverses, Reverses, Contrasts.

A long time ago (around 2001-2002) I developed a point of view that arose when thinking about a phrase that I read in TFoC: "We percieve things when we put them in the proper contrast." For example, If you want to know the meaning of love, you could try examining situations and consecuences of the absence of love.

I find it a very useful saying, so I thought "How could I maximize that perception?" I will put colors in my examples. The only thing you need is to try to associate colors with feelings and you will understand me.

Reverse: I decided to call this way to all the colors except the one you want to avoid, or study. (eg: I coud choose every color except fucsia, magenta or pink)

Inverse: when you choose exactly the opposite color of the one you want to avoid or study. (eg: cyan is the opposite of red, magenta is the opposite of green, yellow is the opposite of blue)

Contrast: this one was tough both for defining and deciding. It is the subtle tonalities of the same color you want to avoid or study. It could be a lighter mix with other colors. (eg: I could choose a lighter or darker pink)

The more difference between the colors, the more that color will be noticeable. It is very difficult to read a yellow text in a white background... ;-)

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