Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Killer Kids

I was going to work, and when I was on the public transportation, I heard a boy talking about how a kids band, probably with female kids, killed many people, including two taxi drivers. The boy also said that it appeared in the news and one kid said that she finds pleasure on killing.

If I were a burglar, I will be pleased if people give me the money without me to harm, hit or kill them. I still have not seen somebody dying in from of my eyes (well, everyone that is alive is dying), and I think it would be a very unpleasant and not enjoyable thing to see... except of course, if the dying person deserves to be murdered. I think that the only justification or motive with which a burglar will want to kill a victim of his robbery is if the killer have had personal inconveniences or problems with the victim some time ago.

I still find unbelievable that people love to kill simply and only by pleasure. Why two people able to communicate must kill themselves? We kill animals for food or for protection, but if we were able to communicate with them, these kills will be reduced.

Even the fact that kids have special treatment and attention from laws like, for example, that kids don't have life imprisonment or death penalty, some other "people" like to use kids to do their "evil" acts. I just imagine them saying to the kids "Even if you land in jail, you will be out at the age of 18. Just when you become a real adult. You won't live all your life inside jail...", although, of course, "some" can force kids to be killer, supposedly.

Recently, I had a thought: even if delinquents are bad, they fall in love, have friends and family, and will suffer if one of them dies. Someday I saw a friend playing Assassin's Creed and I got chills when I thought that a killer might sense our karma and take his decision to kill based on it... maybe Delinquency is just another type of Religion...

I only beg that, if I have bad karma, I can be able to reduce it in my near future. :'-(

PS: the last sentence I used is better than "positivist" ones like "I'm still alive" or "I will never get killed" to end a topic like that. Some people even add "if it's God's will" to these "positivist" sentences to reduce the impact on their karma... God is like what hackers know as /dev/null, or astronomers know as Black Hole: that only by using His name it will attract all bad consequences of our own actions and thoughts (well, some people)... Life has an interesting ability to make ourselves to swallow our own words... Respect for the Strong! Compassion for the Weak!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Jar of Candies

Funny Note: This is not like "Jar of Dirt" from Jack Sparrow (well, another type of dirt) This is an example of how perjudicious and vitiated our society and civilization has become. Do this experiment two or three times and then, if you feel it, compare your conclusions with mine.

Buy a transparent jar and a bag of candies, then fill that jar with them. When there are many people, put that jar in a place that is visible to everybody, and then take only one candy and say nothing.
  • Some people will ask "Can I take one candy?" and you say "Yes." But, if the next time they ask "Can I take another candy?", instead of being proud of this repeated question, you might think "Wow, how silly this idiot is. I already said 'Yes' to him."
  • If you got that previous negative thought, then check this now. Maybe one of those people may ask you "Are those candies for us?" Then you said "Yes", and after that, people will stop asking you. Even newcomers won't ask you if they can take candies.
  • Some people feel too comfortable that they even don't think to ask, they only say "Give me one candy." If you go and give one of them, they later will say again "Give me another candy." If you say to them "Go and get it yourself", this will be the last time they will ask you for a candy. Each time they see candies, they will get them, and if you say "Hey, not so fast", they will answer "You said I can get it myself."
  • Nice ones are those who take a candy as soon as they see the jar. They don't even hesitate to ask you if they can take candies. If you say "Wow, how fast!", those are the ones who say "That's simple logic" or "I thought they were for us." Sometimes they even give you a special sight, that is up to you to decipher.
  • But the best of the best can appear in any of these previous groups. Those are the ones who ignored that you took only one candy! Some might grab two or three, others will take a handful, others will make jokes about taking the full jar for themselves, but the vast majority will take more than one.
  • "Pay careful attention to people of the first group that takes only one candy."
  • At the second or third jar, on different days, questions will be reduced and, depending on your previous answers, people will act differently.
Well, this was my experiment and these were my results. If you have made or will make a similar experiment, I will be greatly pleased if you show your results to me.

"I think that things like this are what differentiate Kings from Pawns..."

You can leave comments, I will read them. (Maybe late, but not never!) :-P

Things all People have in Common

This is a list of things I think are universal for all the people and that they all have inside them, from your beloved and hated ones to those whom you still have not met. I should have written "We" instead of "They", but I think writing this way put my thoughts in the correct perspective: to remember all of these qualities when someone upsets me:
  • They like friends
  • They want to feel either powerful or beloved, but not questioned
  • They love to be flattered
  • They like when someone give something valuable to them
  • They like to beg for valuable things
  • They suffer when beloved ones die
  • They are lazy by Nature and love to work only because of benefits
  • They ask "how much?", just to use "so ...", "too ...", or "very ..."
  • They rarely give evidence. They try to be believed by word of mouth only.
  • They easily forget...
I think this is what some christians use to decorate or sugar-coat some actions they do when they are either attacked or offended, but with a catch: they don't say or explain these things too frequently.

Two Coworkers

This was a dream I had. Sorry for the format of it, but when I am trying to recall a dream, I close my eyes and start to type. Normally I forget about line breaks and words in bold. XD

I was traveling in the back seat of a minivan. Two people were at front. The man was driving. The woman was in the seat of the right. The car got a desperfection in San Luis, so we stopped. The driver went out to chec it when suddenly wo burglars came and, instead of going out, I hid below the back seat. Burlars took the antena of the car and startd to to get amuzed by fooling me and my fear (I now thing I should come out and talk, at least). After they left, the car miraculously started again and then we whent to a firefighter and I recalled some of them (the cooker, monaco?, the boss, and a fat civil with look of a politician and lawyer that visited them from time to time) all of us went out of the minivan, but for some reason, the others went on foot but I was riding a bycicle. We waited in the anteroom, the cooker was cleaning a cauldron. They had a fridge like the one at rico hot dog. We started to buy something to drink and when we attempted to pay, I offerted myself to pay with my credit cad, but then the firefighter passed it many times on the verifon, and then I started to think things: Is he stealing me? Does my card got cancelled? Do I have not paid it? I should pass to him my debit card... in that moment I woke up!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Edmond (Et Monde; The World)

A "friend" of mine recommended me Edmond movie, because he says the main character make him remind me... !@#$%! I think it was a bad joke from that "friend", but also I felt connected with many situations the main character suffered, but not exactly in that way.

Edmond path is somewhat acceptable for me.

Some people have related me about how my grandfather, Luis Alberto Cortorreal, always walked with two knives. The last thing I remember about him is that he committed suicide by ingesting a poisonous liquid. It makes me feel chills to think that I will end my life like Edmond or my grandfather.

This movie made me to recall a feeling of fear that I got when I saw Click movie. I hated and was afraid to have the same future of Michael Newman. I also recalled that was the night that motivated me to have a child, but many things that happened afterward have removed my motivation to become a father... but anyway, people might change. My future got wasted.

Going back to Edmond, the striking moment is when he got in jail: he felt fearless, then suffered "something", then he felt angry... and after some time, he accepted his actual life. And now, he is thinking about his next life. Does he have fear about his upcoming life?

I'll accept that possibility, because Future is uncertain. We can control our Future, but we need a strong willpower. I also recalled a moment in Minority Report movie when Chief John Anderton discovered the man that had many pictures of his son... What would I have done if I get into a similar situation? That is a scary thing to think!

Will my "friend" become gay? Maybe he already is! :-P Will I become Gay? I don't know what my Future have stored for me. :-P! I am walking a path similar to Edmond's, but with essential differences. I feel that some things are predestined in life, but what I really fear is that things I do might really be perceived the way I don't want to. I think that is called Non-Verbal Communication. I don't like Lies, but I also hate to live using appearances. Sadly, I have learned that, you might pretend to be some other type of people, either by ego or by self-protection.

Edmond movie also is making me to believe that "our feelings hide all the problems that must be solved in this Universe!" Gravity? Energy? Speed of Light? Atomic or Cellular Regeneration? NO!! Only one mind is too limited to solve problems like those ones, but "L'Union fait la Force!"

Although I think this movie was a bad joke towards me, I also recall that, to make an apparently disgusting picture like that might only be a message from the author of that story. I really love women. I really wish to have many of them, and treat all of them very nice, but I have not enough money for all of them and their feelings and wishes are somewhat complicated to understand... To talk too much about a movie like Edmond looks too Gay-ish... this bad appearance is the bad side of the !@#$%&* power of Non-Verbal Communication.

One of my most favorite biblical entities is also King Solomon. If I were a king, I would be like him!

Edmond haggle too much about women, and never got paid-sex; and when he achieved free-sex, then he made something not too deplorable; in my case, I struggle and haggle too much about code structure in programming.

If you hate something too much, I can bet that you have something that you love to do that is not too lazy for you. Then, that probably might be your next step in your life!

One interesting feature of intelligent people is that they seems eager to beat other people "using a little of their own medicine". It is an easy path, but it lacks some originality. Also, another thing I hate about people is how they promote too much fear, instead of Unity.

This world is driving all of us crazy, and I think that is a fault of this civilization. The author of The Freedom Of Choice said that he had experimented many limits or extremes in his life, and he is still unsatisfied; also, Edmond still wonders what will be coming next.

Normally, what I dream is not exactly what I achieve; but when you set up goals and achieve them, magical things happen. Things you thought too hard or impossible to see. Dreams are hard goals. Pursuit easy ones. Not one of the 7 Wonders were build by only one man. A manager is not alone!

I struggled too much, and after some hours (and a second look) I got interesting quotes:
  • 1:15
  • You admit that you were speaking to her?
  • I learned my lesson. I'm ready to go home.
  • "That happens"
  • Maybe you are ready to be filled
  • Nothing is impossible
  • Interrogator, Priest: Why did you kill that girl?
  • Mena Suvari! Julia Stiles! Denise Richards! Grr, you lucky moron...
I was marveled when I saw his wife and the priest went to visit Edmond in jail. I think those were the two boats God sent to try to help him.

I learned something: instead of avoiding those difficult questions, what you should do is to find a very acceptable answer to show to everybody, yourself included.

I also have a really profound and deep question to ask:
"Do you believe that Edmond thinks that he is in the place where he belongs?"

PS: with this post I have confirmed that, if an idea keeps me bringing memories or alternatives to accept that idea in my life during more than thirty minutes, then I can write a blog entry with acceptable length for me!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Unnoticed Messages: Deliberately or Mistankenly?

(Idea sketched at 20100410T1739)

From time to time I read Naruto and Bleach mangas, and I get amazed when I find some features that reminds about some stories like Star Wars, or Lion King, or Lord Of Rings. Even sometimes, I find some so-far-away references towards God (like a missing father or a beast sealer), but that's no the point of this entry.

What amazes me is the cleverness of how some authors exploit Picasso's Law ("... great artists steal"), and that's a great path, because many authors "have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds", but even though, they need to transmit their message, because that is the best thing they can do to improve this effete world.

From my wannabe point of view, it's true that many of my ideas can be rejected, and that I cannot generate ideas quickly, but we have press and internet, so your ideas, questions, and sketches can be shared and stored by someone or something, although that won't be totally free. You need a device to create your writings, and a channel to transport it to press or internet... well, we used ink and paper before...

One of my thoughts I try to write and adapt from time to time is about Sacrifices and No Defined or Clear Path. Both are what successful people left us. They clearly spotted some pitfalls and good advices, but there's still too much to do. Sometimes, bad practices can be advantageous, and good ones not. Sacrifice is the way to go, but what if our vision was wrong? How could we assure we will make a better world? But Doris Day sang "Que será, será"...

Jesus was crucified, or let himself be leaded to that position to accomplish prophecies. But many authors have also written stories of sacrifice:
  • Life of Jean Valjean
  • Yondaime sealed Kyuubi
  • Tomu Shirasagi lost a Finger
  • Chris Gardner lived as Indigent with his child
And there are tons of sacrifices through all the human history. What would those ones, who sacrificed their lives, think about today? Have our world become better or worse than they thought?
  • Antonio Machado: "Traveler, there's no road. You make your path as you walk."
  • Muhamed Ali: "Fly as Butterfly; Sting as Bee."
  • Bruce Lee: "Having no way as a way; no limit as a limit; no shape as a shape."
Nobel and Einstein are sad examples of how bad a sacrifice can become. They gave all their lives to discover something useful to humanity, but some humans discovered other uses. Now, science seems somewhat stopped, because nobody wants to be the one that discovered how to wipe out 2/3 part of the world in an instant.

Is keeping lies and secrets the way to do things? A book said that very advanced civilizations like Mu and Atlantis had secrets of state. So, is this Universe so sick and wasted, that it can be very dangerous to share secrets? From a secret to a lie, there's only one step, and I was taught that is bad to tell lies.

Besides secrets and lies, one must have patience to withstand adversity, courtesy to communicate properly with people, and learn to live in the mud, because in this society good things comes from very hard work. I prefer to think in this way instead of promoting positivism blindly. Human beings are easily controlled by emotions and you can't predict them. When you try to say something, you can be misunderstood and ridiculed; but if you remember this possibility before transmitting your message, you can prepare yourself so their silly action doesn't increase your hatred.

Whatever you say, you must keep in mind that people might think about it the other way around. No matter how good your message could be, it *CAN* be misunderstood. When you decide to transmit a message, think in these 2 points:
  • How you want people to perceive it
  • How you don't want them to perceive it
Yin/Yang. Remember that Non-Verbal communication also exists, and it can spoil your message if you ignore it. It is sort like "Gestures and Manners" you use with your body. Many times, we have to lose something in order to win something.

Also remember: Do whatever you want to do (like blogging) the way you would like it or enjoy it the most. Write for yourself, as I do. Then, adapt or re-write your idea in a way that you would use to explain it to a third person. If you write this way, then you will remind what you thought when you re-read what you wrote 10 years in the future.

(Entry Completed at 20100411T0147)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mary & Max: "They" think humans learn by magic

Yeah! I wanted to write something about this great story, something that really moves me, or have a great meaning, at least for me.

This was born when I thought how bad people would comment about this movie, and specially to Max, which I compare with characters like Shrek, Forest Gump, or even Homer Simpson: "That's why you should never talk with strangers!" That's where my anger come from.

We are taught comprehensive reading and writing, but we are not taught about feelings. Even some people have "coined" the buzzword "emo"; some have "discovered" the "asperger" symptom; many people think only in money, fashion, bullets and bombs, and try to leave feelings aside. Wow! The only feeling that is important is LOVE! But, what kind of Love...?

Everybody wants someone to rely on, but there's no subject in school that teach us about it. We should learn it by our own means.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Pursuit of Happyness

I am talking about that great movie. It was stated very clearly and exactly how real "happyness" is achieved. Many people may say "Bah, I have bigger problems than that Chris Gardner", or "Geez, it is a simple imaginary story". If you have not achieved all your dreams and still keep that kind of thoughts in your near future, then you are destined to walk through a path full of sadness, misery and suffering.

The Pursuit of Happyness it is NOT a movie about Chris Gardner. It IS a movie about all twists you will encounter in your life that were generated by some past mistakes, and all sacrifices you will need to make in order to correct them and keep yourself moving forward.

Although I heard some information about this movie, some unexpected moments deeply moved me. If you see it, then you will understand many of these phrases:
  • Don't ever let somebody tell you: "You can't do something". Not even me. All right?
  • There was a man who was drowning, and a boat came.
  • What is it? Dinosaurs!
  • Please don't move that mountain
  • Volunteer Donor: Blood Donation!!!
  • You're a good papa
  • US $250: 4 more weeks of oxygen
  • Was it as easy as it looked? No, sir. No, sir, it wasn't.
  • He must have had on some really nice pants (LOL)
  • Oh, Chris. I almost forgot. (5 dollars, LOL)
All what he had to endure in order to keep his opportunity to achieve his happyness, all mishaps one will need to withstand in the new way of living until that opportunity sprouts its fruits: that was the message I got.

What about you?