Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Coworkers

This was a dream I had. Sorry for the format of it, but when I am trying to recall a dream, I close my eyes and start to type. Normally I forget about line breaks and words in bold. XD

I was traveling in the back seat of a minivan. Two people were at front. The man was driving. The woman was in the seat of the right. The car got a desperfection in San Luis, so we stopped. The driver went out to chec it when suddenly wo burglars came and, instead of going out, I hid below the back seat. Burlars took the antena of the car and startd to to get amuzed by fooling me and my fear (I now thing I should come out and talk, at least). After they left, the car miraculously started again and then we whent to a firefighter and I recalled some of them (the cooker, monaco?, the boss, and a fat civil with look of a politician and lawyer that visited them from time to time) all of us went out of the minivan, but for some reason, the others went on foot but I was riding a bycicle. We waited in the anteroom, the cooker was cleaning a cauldron. They had a fridge like the one at rico hot dog. We started to buy something to drink and when we attempted to pay, I offerted myself to pay with my credit cad, but then the firefighter passed it many times on the verifon, and then I started to think things: Is he stealing me? Does my card got cancelled? Do I have not paid it? I should pass to him my debit card... in that moment I woke up!


  1. Dreams look like Nonsense. It has two or more Nonsense.