Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Killer Kids

I was going to work, and when I was on the public transportation, I heard a boy talking about how a kids band, probably with female kids, killed many people, including two taxi drivers. The boy also said that it appeared in the news and one kid said that she finds pleasure on killing.

If I were a burglar, I will be pleased if people give me the money without me to harm, hit or kill them. I still have not seen somebody dying in from of my eyes (well, everyone that is alive is dying), and I think it would be a very unpleasant and not enjoyable thing to see... except of course, if the dying person deserves to be murdered. I think that the only justification or motive with which a burglar will want to kill a victim of his robbery is if the killer have had personal inconveniences or problems with the victim some time ago.

I still find unbelievable that people love to kill simply and only by pleasure. Why two people able to communicate must kill themselves? We kill animals for food or for protection, but if we were able to communicate with them, these kills will be reduced.

Even the fact that kids have special treatment and attention from laws like, for example, that kids don't have life imprisonment or death penalty, some other "people" like to use kids to do their "evil" acts. I just imagine them saying to the kids "Even if you land in jail, you will be out at the age of 18. Just when you become a real adult. You won't live all your life inside jail...", although, of course, "some" can force kids to be killer, supposedly.

Recently, I had a thought: even if delinquents are bad, they fall in love, have friends and family, and will suffer if one of them dies. Someday I saw a friend playing Assassin's Creed and I got chills when I thought that a killer might sense our karma and take his decision to kill based on it... maybe Delinquency is just another type of Religion...

I only beg that, if I have bad karma, I can be able to reduce it in my near future. :'-(

PS: the last sentence I used is better than "positivist" ones like "I'm still alive" or "I will never get killed" to end a topic like that. Some people even add "if it's God's will" to these "positivist" sentences to reduce the impact on their karma... God is like what hackers know as /dev/null, or astronomers know as Black Hole: that only by using His name it will attract all bad consequences of our own actions and thoughts (well, some people)... Life has an interesting ability to make ourselves to swallow our own words... Respect for the Strong! Compassion for the Weak!

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