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Unnoticed Messages: Deliberately or Mistankenly?

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From time to time I read Naruto and Bleach mangas, and I get amazed when I find some features that reminds about some stories like Star Wars, or Lion King, or Lord Of Rings. Even sometimes, I find some so-far-away references towards God (like a missing father or a beast sealer), but that's no the point of this entry.

What amazes me is the cleverness of how some authors exploit Picasso's Law ("... great artists steal"), and that's a great path, because many authors "have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds", but even though, they need to transmit their message, because that is the best thing they can do to improve this effete world.

From my wannabe point of view, it's true that many of my ideas can be rejected, and that I cannot generate ideas quickly, but we have press and internet, so your ideas, questions, and sketches can be shared and stored by someone or something, although that won't be totally free. You need a device to create your writings, and a channel to transport it to press or internet... well, we used ink and paper before...

One of my thoughts I try to write and adapt from time to time is about Sacrifices and No Defined or Clear Path. Both are what successful people left us. They clearly spotted some pitfalls and good advices, but there's still too much to do. Sometimes, bad practices can be advantageous, and good ones not. Sacrifice is the way to go, but what if our vision was wrong? How could we assure we will make a better world? But Doris Day sang "Que será, será"...

Jesus was crucified, or let himself be leaded to that position to accomplish prophecies. But many authors have also written stories of sacrifice:
  • Life of Jean Valjean
  • Yondaime sealed Kyuubi
  • Tomu Shirasagi lost a Finger
  • Chris Gardner lived as Indigent with his child
And there are tons of sacrifices through all the human history. What would those ones, who sacrificed their lives, think about today? Have our world become better or worse than they thought?
  • Antonio Machado: "Traveler, there's no road. You make your path as you walk."
  • Muhamed Ali: "Fly as Butterfly; Sting as Bee."
  • Bruce Lee: "Having no way as a way; no limit as a limit; no shape as a shape."
Nobel and Einstein are sad examples of how bad a sacrifice can become. They gave all their lives to discover something useful to humanity, but some humans discovered other uses. Now, science seems somewhat stopped, because nobody wants to be the one that discovered how to wipe out 2/3 part of the world in an instant.

Is keeping lies and secrets the way to do things? A book said that very advanced civilizations like Mu and Atlantis had secrets of state. So, is this Universe so sick and wasted, that it can be very dangerous to share secrets? From a secret to a lie, there's only one step, and I was taught that is bad to tell lies.

Besides secrets and lies, one must have patience to withstand adversity, courtesy to communicate properly with people, and learn to live in the mud, because in this society good things comes from very hard work. I prefer to think in this way instead of promoting positivism blindly. Human beings are easily controlled by emotions and you can't predict them. When you try to say something, you can be misunderstood and ridiculed; but if you remember this possibility before transmitting your message, you can prepare yourself so their silly action doesn't increase your hatred.

Whatever you say, you must keep in mind that people might think about it the other way around. No matter how good your message could be, it *CAN* be misunderstood. When you decide to transmit a message, think in these 2 points:
  • How you want people to perceive it
  • How you don't want them to perceive it
Yin/Yang. Remember that Non-Verbal communication also exists, and it can spoil your message if you ignore it. It is sort like "Gestures and Manners" you use with your body. Many times, we have to lose something in order to win something.

Also remember: Do whatever you want to do (like blogging) the way you would like it or enjoy it the most. Write for yourself, as I do. Then, adapt or re-write your idea in a way that you would use to explain it to a third person. If you write this way, then you will remind what you thought when you re-read what you wrote 10 years in the future.

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