Monday, April 26, 2010

The Jar of Candies

Funny Note: This is not like "Jar of Dirt" from Jack Sparrow (well, another type of dirt) This is an example of how perjudicious and vitiated our society and civilization has become. Do this experiment two or three times and then, if you feel it, compare your conclusions with mine.

Buy a transparent jar and a bag of candies, then fill that jar with them. When there are many people, put that jar in a place that is visible to everybody, and then take only one candy and say nothing.
  • Some people will ask "Can I take one candy?" and you say "Yes." But, if the next time they ask "Can I take another candy?", instead of being proud of this repeated question, you might think "Wow, how silly this idiot is. I already said 'Yes' to him."
  • If you got that previous negative thought, then check this now. Maybe one of those people may ask you "Are those candies for us?" Then you said "Yes", and after that, people will stop asking you. Even newcomers won't ask you if they can take candies.
  • Some people feel too comfortable that they even don't think to ask, they only say "Give me one candy." If you go and give one of them, they later will say again "Give me another candy." If you say to them "Go and get it yourself", this will be the last time they will ask you for a candy. Each time they see candies, they will get them, and if you say "Hey, not so fast", they will answer "You said I can get it myself."
  • Nice ones are those who take a candy as soon as they see the jar. They don't even hesitate to ask you if they can take candies. If you say "Wow, how fast!", those are the ones who say "That's simple logic" or "I thought they were for us." Sometimes they even give you a special sight, that is up to you to decipher.
  • But the best of the best can appear in any of these previous groups. Those are the ones who ignored that you took only one candy! Some might grab two or three, others will take a handful, others will make jokes about taking the full jar for themselves, but the vast majority will take more than one.
  • "Pay careful attention to people of the first group that takes only one candy."
  • At the second or third jar, on different days, questions will be reduced and, depending on your previous answers, people will act differently.
Well, this was my experiment and these were my results. If you have made or will make a similar experiment, I will be greatly pleased if you show your results to me.

"I think that things like this are what differentiate Kings from Pawns..."

You can leave comments, I will read them. (Maybe late, but not never!) :-P

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