Monday, April 26, 2010

Things all People have in Common

This is a list of things I think are universal for all the people and that they all have inside them, from your beloved and hated ones to those whom you still have not met. I should have written "We" instead of "They", but I think writing this way put my thoughts in the correct perspective: to remember all of these qualities when someone upsets me:
  • They like friends
  • They want to feel either powerful or beloved, but not questioned
  • They love to be flattered
  • They like when someone give something valuable to them
  • They like to beg for valuable things
  • They suffer when beloved ones die
  • They are lazy by Nature and love to work only because of benefits
  • They ask "how much?", just to use "so ...", "too ...", or "very ..."
  • They rarely give evidence. They try to be believed by word of mouth only.
  • They easily forget...
I think this is what some christians use to decorate or sugar-coat some actions they do when they are either attacked or offended, but with a catch: they don't say or explain these things too frequently.

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