Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mary & Max: "They" think humans learn by magic

Yeah! I wanted to write something about this great story, something that really moves me, or have a great meaning, at least for me.

This was born when I thought how bad people would comment about this movie, and specially to Max, which I compare with characters like Shrek, Forest Gump, or even Homer Simpson: "That's why you should never talk with strangers!" That's where my anger come from.

We are taught comprehensive reading and writing, but we are not taught about feelings. Even some people have "coined" the buzzword "emo"; some have "discovered" the "asperger" symptom; many people think only in money, fashion, bullets and bombs, and try to leave feelings aside. Wow! The only feeling that is important is LOVE! But, what kind of Love...?

Everybody wants someone to rely on, but there's no subject in school that teach us about it. We should learn it by our own means.

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