Saturday, April 24, 2010

Edmond (Et Monde; The World)

A "friend" of mine recommended me Edmond movie, because he says the main character make him remind me... !@#$%! I think it was a bad joke from that "friend", but also I felt connected with many situations the main character suffered, but not exactly in that way.

Edmond path is somewhat acceptable for me.

Some people have related me about how my grandfather, Luis Alberto Cortorreal, always walked with two knives. The last thing I remember about him is that he committed suicide by ingesting a poisonous liquid. It makes me feel chills to think that I will end my life like Edmond or my grandfather.

This movie made me to recall a feeling of fear that I got when I saw Click movie. I hated and was afraid to have the same future of Michael Newman. I also recalled that was the night that motivated me to have a child, but many things that happened afterward have removed my motivation to become a father... but anyway, people might change. My future got wasted.

Going back to Edmond, the striking moment is when he got in jail: he felt fearless, then suffered "something", then he felt angry... and after some time, he accepted his actual life. And now, he is thinking about his next life. Does he have fear about his upcoming life?

I'll accept that possibility, because Future is uncertain. We can control our Future, but we need a strong willpower. I also recalled a moment in Minority Report movie when Chief John Anderton discovered the man that had many pictures of his son... What would I have done if I get into a similar situation? That is a scary thing to think!

Will my "friend" become gay? Maybe he already is! :-P Will I become Gay? I don't know what my Future have stored for me. :-P! I am walking a path similar to Edmond's, but with essential differences. I feel that some things are predestined in life, but what I really fear is that things I do might really be perceived the way I don't want to. I think that is called Non-Verbal Communication. I don't like Lies, but I also hate to live using appearances. Sadly, I have learned that, you might pretend to be some other type of people, either by ego or by self-protection.

Edmond movie also is making me to believe that "our feelings hide all the problems that must be solved in this Universe!" Gravity? Energy? Speed of Light? Atomic or Cellular Regeneration? NO!! Only one mind is too limited to solve problems like those ones, but "L'Union fait la Force!"

Although I think this movie was a bad joke towards me, I also recall that, to make an apparently disgusting picture like that might only be a message from the author of that story. I really love women. I really wish to have many of them, and treat all of them very nice, but I have not enough money for all of them and their feelings and wishes are somewhat complicated to understand... To talk too much about a movie like Edmond looks too Gay-ish... this bad appearance is the bad side of the !@#$%&* power of Non-Verbal Communication.

One of my most favorite biblical entities is also King Solomon. If I were a king, I would be like him!

Edmond haggle too much about women, and never got paid-sex; and when he achieved free-sex, then he made something not too deplorable; in my case, I struggle and haggle too much about code structure in programming.

If you hate something too much, I can bet that you have something that you love to do that is not too lazy for you. Then, that probably might be your next step in your life!

One interesting feature of intelligent people is that they seems eager to beat other people "using a little of their own medicine". It is an easy path, but it lacks some originality. Also, another thing I hate about people is how they promote too much fear, instead of Unity.

This world is driving all of us crazy, and I think that is a fault of this civilization. The author of The Freedom Of Choice said that he had experimented many limits or extremes in his life, and he is still unsatisfied; also, Edmond still wonders what will be coming next.

Normally, what I dream is not exactly what I achieve; but when you set up goals and achieve them, magical things happen. Things you thought too hard or impossible to see. Dreams are hard goals. Pursuit easy ones. Not one of the 7 Wonders were build by only one man. A manager is not alone!

I struggled too much, and after some hours (and a second look) I got interesting quotes:
  • 1:15
  • You admit that you were speaking to her?
  • I learned my lesson. I'm ready to go home.
  • "That happens"
  • Maybe you are ready to be filled
  • Nothing is impossible
  • Interrogator, Priest: Why did you kill that girl?
  • Mena Suvari! Julia Stiles! Denise Richards! Grr, you lucky moron...
I was marveled when I saw his wife and the priest went to visit Edmond in jail. I think those were the two boats God sent to try to help him.

I learned something: instead of avoiding those difficult questions, what you should do is to find a very acceptable answer to show to everybody, yourself included.

I also have a really profound and deep question to ask:
"Do you believe that Edmond thinks that he is in the place where he belongs?"

PS: with this post I have confirmed that, if an idea keeps me bringing memories or alternatives to accept that idea in my life during more than thirty minutes, then I can write a blog entry with acceptable length for me!


  1. Ok, I read the whole thing, I have to say I didn't understood most of it, you mixed movies, family, memories, womens, sex, money, french, quotes, etc. That makes it a hell of a good post, even though I didn't understood most of it...

    But dude, your grandparent did commit suicide? I never knew that, unbelievable.

  2. Feelings are just like that. We never understand them 100%. I think it should be easier to transmit and communicate them, but it is too hard. So, I write in a way I can easily remember them, because "Humans easily forget..."

    You see. If I start explaning to you each topic of this entry post, we could even write an entire book! If that's so, then this post should be a summary, or what in Bakkuman is called "A Name", and "script" in movies or theathers. What do you think? LOL! I earn my life writing scripts and also write scripts for fun and reflexion! :P

  3. A book, man I think you really have a lot of things to say, let's get back to our regular posting schedule. :P