Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh mi vida

Inspirada en Camilla de Basshunter

Oh mi vida (Cantada por mí)

Te dí una parte de mí
cuando lo sentí
Amor había entre los dos
y lo dejé partir

Ahora veo que tonto fuí
Que mal me hace sentir
el haberte dejado ir
sin atarte a mí

En mis ojos estás
En mi mente estás
De mi alma no te puedo sacar
Oh mi vida, enciende mi mundo otra vez, oh

Todas las noches
y diariamente
tu nombre se clava en mi mente
Oh mi vida, enciende mi mundo otra vez...
...enciende mi mundo otra vez.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lo dificil

Ritmo similar al de Omega en Qué tengo que hacer
Lo difícil (Cantada por mí)

hay tantas cosas que pueden hacerse
en vez de aprovecharse de los demas
parece una evolución del racismo
aprovecharse de los demás

unos dicen difícil es empezar
otros dicen dificil es mantenerse
y yo digo difícil es terminar
lo que has empezado correctamente

lo dificil, es decidir y motivarse a dar ciertos pasos...

no me impresiona que la gente
crea que un lider miente

por lo que hace que nos corrompamos
esta bien. somos seres humanos

no se duda su aptitud
pero es por el bien comun,

que estan gobernando
no por el particular...

no por el particular.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Odian lo mismo

Una cosa es predecir lo correcto y moral
Y otra justificarlo como universal
El futuro traerá altenativas mejores
No repitas los mismos errores
Lo que pienses hoy cambiará mañana
Mantén el silencio y no metas la pata

Son muchos los superpoderes que he deseado.
Los de Superman, Spiderman, Guepardo
Hay personas que dicen que un humano es capaz
de percepción de auras y proyección astral

Otros creen posible la levitación
y que un átomo es un colector de información
El más deseado de todos los poderes
es detectar las mentiras de los demás seres

No puedes predecir, pero puedes suponer
cuales cosas deben hacer
La intensión perfecta es la moralmente correcta
Haz que tus actos enfoquen a esa meta

Paz y amor debes promover
chantaje y lujuria debes remover
No molestar también es lo correcto
Conoce sus motivos y no pierdas el tiempo


Cierto tiempo Cristo había predicado
"No existe nada oculto que no pueda ser hallado"
fruta prohibida, diluvio, meteorito
cosas malas que recuerdo al ver un crucifijo

sismos, terremotos, huracanes,
terrorismos, guerras, bombas nucleares
independiente de las diferencias que en el mundo he visto
todos los seres vivos odian lo mismo

blanco y negro, odian lo mismo
joven y viejo, odian lo mismo
rico y pobre, odian lo mismo
policia y ladron, odian lo mismo

lindo y feo, odian lo mismo
loco y cuerdo, odian lo mismo
bruto y sabio, odian lo mismo
creyente y ateo, odian lo mismo


Dar un mensaje
es como derramar agua en las personas
o sambullirlas en las aguas
para lavarlas o limpiarlas
aunque el agua puede estar contaminada
o que la gente no quiera ser limpiada
Pareciera como si estuviese hablando del bautismo

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To bring jokes from adversity?

Sometimes I feel Jealous of blind people, because they live in total darkness. They are not easily tempted by vanities, because they can't see. This was a thought I had when I walked below the bridge of Italia avenue, in Santo Domingo, towards my house.

To see many pretty women is like to go to a shopping mall, either without money in your pocket, or with money for your transportation only.

Why do we focus our existence in whatever that can be a waste of our abilities, instead to improve our situation related to employment, women, marriage, etc.? We normally act to keep them and avoid to lose them, but we rarely think about improving them.

Smiles, Laughs, Humor, Fun. These are the best assets, but they can provoke admiration, envy, zeal and hatred. Every negative or opposite energy will hunt you and try to make you suffer.

Why could we want that people (or I) think about and endure suffering? Is the purpose of Life to think about that? If that's so, then elaborate jokes related to those unpleasant things about Life!

Creator is Selfish

Life always gives you hits anytime you talk about or share your thoughts.
It seems like there will always exist someone who feels pleasure when you suffer.
And that person feels a desire to hurt you and to see your saddest face.
And on top of all that, one must withstand everything, because one doesn't know
what is the correct way to react in a situation like that.

And wherever one go, will always encounter with people like that.
Maybe the best alternative is to practice telepathy, because it is private enough
to stop people to know whatever you think about. Nevertheless, there always appear
someone who want to force you to do something, even if you don't have enough desire
to do it, or maybe because of insecurity.

Biggest solace is that sadness people feel motivates them to write this way; but then,
it seems that, for each joy I feel, a greater sadness come after, i.e., it happens an event terrible enough to make me remember how good is to be small and promote smallness.

It is more pleasant to live as an skeptic, than to live jumping from happiness to sadness and vice versa. Einstein said that happiness is for cattle. Another one said "if I am, I don't know; if I know, then I already am not."

It is to live the life giving that moral advice that we are trying to find the reason why that advice is so correct, even if we think it is not perfect enough. It seems life has things with no amount of reason; things that right right because they are so, and the only thing one can say is "You are wrong! It is not because you have objections for it, but because, everywhere I go, workers and honest people that I see on streets don't promote that kind of thought or image! And even if I can feel you have good intentions, I must acknowledge that, for some weird reason, people react in an specific or common way towards public and society."

The only thing is left for me to believe is in Fate or Destiny. Destiny of sacrifice to live between vampires, wolves, vultures, hyenas, sharks, bears, and any other kind of predators that exist in our society. Sincerely, all of this is sad. It seems like complete and absolute happiness is forbidden for human beings, or it is maybe an illusion: it doesn't exist!

One must always think about future, even though humans are not eternal beings. None of all theological theories can be 100% proven, then one must believe by Faith, or follow its instincts, or do what the majority of people do... but no one of them can give a 100% happiness or complete removal of suffering. The former can be enjoyed briefly, and the latter gets a little reduction from time to time, and even they are not constantly eternal.

Happiness is an illusion. Sadness is the biggest prove of how Selfish Creator is.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Big Bang of some contradictions of myself

  • When you promise, you will swallow your words.
  • I start as a Lion, but end as a Chicken.
  • I tell myself "I will never do it", but I do it; "I wish I never do it", but I do it; If I say "I want it", then it goes away
  • The thing I want the most, is the hardest thing for me to achieve or decide
  • Some problems and promises will accumulate, until one day, they all explode altogether
  • Even if you don't have problems, MANY PEOPLE are making plans with your money. MANY.
  • It seems ALL PROBLEMS are resolved with a SACRIFICE that doesn't assure anything. The problem is only interchanged by another problem that is not less bigger, and sometimes with a doubtful profit.
  • Then, unconsciously, my psyche tends to forget this sentimental intensity of big depression and start injecting enjoyment in me, instead of keeping me there to analyze it.
  • People always like that we guess whatever they want. It seems SURPRISE and LIES are needed in this !"#$%&/ Universe.
  • Many times, I can't apply my conclusions to myself!!
  • "Luck Vs. Fate" is so hard to handle sometimes, hard to keep in equilibrium.
  • What I must do is so hard... and what I want to do is so enjoyable...

Fun = Attitude + Methods + Tools

I start my days as a Lion, but end them as a Chicken. I really really hate this!

Fun! Remember to keep everything you do funny enough! What you don't like is what you MUST improve! That is what Joy of a Child means.

You must improve your Attitude, Methodology or Tools related to the thing you hate.

Mother/Father, Feelings/Reasoning, Randomness/Order ... it is not determining which one is the best or worst, it is to find the perfect balance or equilibrium between them.

Fate/Luck/FreeWill, Yes/Randomness/e+Motion ... that is the way things improve and get better; although sometimes a Big Bang is needed from time to time. An action that will make both of those extremes shake strongly!

But then, what about that philosophical need of Improvement that we all have in our souls? There's no contradiction! Making something funnier is also an Improvement, isn't it?

Monday, February 15, 2010

life=die (dice is plural)

How did I made the hook between "Death" and "Dice"?

When did I connect "Seems life is a dice" with "die 1 and 2" and "to die"? When did I remember "dice" was plural? I don't know, but it seems a nice spark, isn't it?

Pachisi and some Chaturanga variants use dice to determine the course of the game. I think inventions of these simple games reflect the randomness aspect of life.

You must choose how will you spend your fortune, if you can. Seems life is like playing dice.

Abstract Vs. Concrete

Common Understanding Vs. Command and Discipline

- What if our methods don't work as planned?
- Then we'll fix them!

Abstraction is good to bring our attention to relevant things. The bad thing is we need something concrete to work on, fix or upgrade! It's not the same to ask "2+2=?" than "If my wife and I will have two kids, how many dishes will we need in our table?"

In Delinquency spoiled everything and Feelings: like bacterias, I slightly touched the idea that "change might generate bad feelings, and these feelings tend to hide interesting opportunities."

I read "The Cathedral and The Bazaar" by Eric S. Raymond, in where, in essence, it is explained how successful could be a development model that includes every people with a desire to really help to improve something.

"NEW alternatives will ALWAYS appear as time passes by", Or, like Mr. Tom Chalko said in The Freedom Of Choice, "When you grow to understand more - new possibilities may arise and you need to be ready to admit them in your considerations". So, we need an Adjustment of Attitude, in order to take advantage of next upcoming options.

Thomas Edison said that "Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That's not the place to become discouraged." That's not the moment to lose motivation. When you find difficult obstacles in your art, you must do adjustments to either techniques or tools or attitude!

Never forget people! Somebody might know one way out!

My praise for The Love Guru

This entry is dedicated to The Love Guru. Here I will put phrases and quotes that promote deep-thinking and inspiration in myself, even with movie's high level of comedy and morbidity.

I am doing this because the fact this movie was high criticized is colliding with all good messages it has. Well, here I go:
  • Into-me-I-see
  • BASIC Instructions Before Leaving Earth
  • D.R.A.M.A.: We must Distract you from your emotional pain, Regress you back to your childhood. We must Adjust your negativity, Mature you, and put it all into Action
  • Maurice, if Plato, Shakespeare and Einstein were talking about the meaning of life, and two elephants started humping outside, even they would rush to the window. It is the ultimate distraction.
  • Good distraction frees us from emotional pain. Bad distraction gives you a mouth full of whizz.
  • Did it smell that bad when you ate it?
  • Fate is a joke ... The joke is in your hands
  • People may say bad things about you, but you must never say bad things about yourself
  • Yeah! You are laughing! You see, you're filled with joy of a child! ... Congratulations, you have been regressed.
  • I have two tattoos. One tattoo is the DRAMA tattoo, which signifies the self-determinist philosophy of the Tugginmypudha Ashram...
  • When love goes wrong, nothing goes right.
  • Songs: "Working 9 to 5" and "More than words"
  • Once you have learned that self-love is more important than being loved by others, you may remove the belt.
  • To know something is good. To do something is God.
  • - Pressure makes diamonds.
    - Pressure also makes rubble
    - And after a good whipping, cream rises to the top.
    - So does scum! (Yin-Yang!)
    - ... You're like the poor man's Deepak Chopra.
    - Game over. (Because of feelings or it got personal?)
  • An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind ... Never watch the bottle ...
  • Remember, being vulnerable is being woundable. I say take the risk.
  • What is the downside of throwing away your fear? The only way out is in.
  • Boyfriend? Girlfriend? (LOL, I have never asked that way!)
  • 3 girls named Ann (LOL)
When later I remember another one, I will add it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Ritmo inspirado en Ungdomens Port de Basshunter

Coro Egoismo (Cantado por mí)
Egoismo (Completo - Cantado por mí)

---Coro [x2]---
La forma en que la ciencia ha avanzado,
ha trastornado, al corazón.
Es triste ver como los que pueden,
sólo promueven, cierto tipo de amor

Egoismo. Pensar solo en sí mismo.
Mantiene a los humanos al borde del abismo.
Verdades. Tenemos necesidades.
No olvidemos algunas que son importantes

He tropezado, muchas veces en mi vida
aún me faltan muchas otras más todavía
La forma más barata para corregir males
Mientras vida tengas, lleva tu mensaje

El dinero, y otras adicciones
destruyen lo mejor de nuestros corazones
Cuando tú seas rico
desearás encontrar con quien compartirlo

Cierta persona alguna vez dijo:
Felicidad no es meta, sino un camino.
No me importa trabajar toda la vida
si lo hago en la tierra prometida


No digas simplemente "Perdona y olvida"
si olvidas tu historia, deberás repetirla
Muchas de las cosas que quisimos olvidar
son las mismas por las cuales no tenemos libertad

Dar un paseo a cualquier hora del día
Ver a muchos niños jugar con alegría
La vida disfrutar a cada segundo
Trabajar todos unidos para mejorar al mundo

Las ideas con las que mato mi ocio
Todas son fuente de negocios
Ferias mecánicas, servicio policial,
superación personal, manejo empresarial

Entonces, es perfecto como en el mundo vamos?
Entonces, esta es la forma en cómo progresamos?
Entonces, esperar el día en que nos comeremos?
Entonces, o junto con la tierra explotemos?


Ma.Cr. me recordó que "La música tiene un poder inmenso"
Aunque la letra sea alegre,
los tonos tristes me hacen tomar la idea en serio y profundamente.
Un cambio es necesario, o mejor dicho, una mejora total.

---Último Coro---
La forma en que el dinero ha avanzado,
no promueve, al corazón.
Es triste ver como los que pueden,
han trastornado, a cierto tipo de amor

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Coincidencias (Cantada por mí)

En el momento en que un artista desarrolla sus ideas
Son diversos pensamientos los que rondan su cabeza
La relación entre ellos se debe de pensar
antes de que algo se vaya a crear
--- ---

CO2 es la sustancia que humanos transpiran.
Plantas producen el oxígeno que respiran.
Lo que los humanos producimos con disgusto
es abono para plantas; ellas producen frutos

El sol al agua evapora y al hielo descongela
Asi es como los ríos y las lluvias se generan.
El agua la usan los seres vivos sin cesar
y de una forma u otra, la misma vuelve al mar.

Qué importante es la relación entre seres vivos
Un ser humano por si solo no procrea hijos.
Y las maravillas que la historia cuenta
no se crearon sin tomar a la gente en cuenta

Los colores y las apariencias de las cosas
quizá se hayan decidido de forma aletatoria;
pero el orden y relación entre ellas
en mis ojos no luce como una coincidencia.


El dinero fue creado para hacer intercambios
de bienes y servicios entre los seres humanos.
Creo que se permite esta singularidad
porque si quieres recibir, debes pensar en como dar

El dinero te permite conseguir lo que has deseado
pero al unir muchas personas se necesita demasiado
Hay cosas que el dinero sí podrá comprar
para todo lo demás, pensar y actuar

Lo que necesitas otros pueden producir.
Si no tuvieses dinero, los podrías persuadir?
Cortesía, confianza, responsabilidad,
y el deseo de superar cualquier adversidad

es el tipo de mensaje que debes ser capaz
de enviar, así algo bueno podrá pasar...
Las cosas buenas que hoy puedas lograr
nadie sabe hasta donde llegarán...


Lin Manuel Miranda dijo algo como:
"Escribe! Nadie escribirá la historia de tus sueños!"
Estos son mis sueños, y así los escribiré.
Tú también tienes sueños. Escribe.

Opposite of Yes? Sleep and Rest!

Everybody was taught that the opposite of Good is Bad, and of Yes is No... Total lie! The real opposite is to sleep and rest! You might have the highest stamina all over the world, and even you, Mr. Super-Macho-Man, will have to rest... a daily rest!!

How small should rest be? Some people say eight hours. Seems logical that twelve hours should be the ideal rest, because day has twenty four hours: half day working, and half day resting.

Yeah, I used work instead of Yes. It is because that is the root of all of these writings. I have always known positivists who have always promoted a positive or Yes attitude. Well, I have walked a long path to arrive at this point.

Motivation, Goals, Improvement (prototype, 0.01%), Love (e+motion, randomness), Faith, Courage... Yes! Then, I started to hunt for everything that will hinder my "positivism". I found five hindrances. I tried to reduce or group them, only to notice than I will easily forget one if I summarize them.

Well, here you are, the five (and not Jackson... :-D)
  • Sleep/Rest: the first and most important one. You can ignore it today, but it will haunt you tomorrow.
  • Laziness: this one appears from time to time in form of boredom, but moments that it really annoys me are either before or after resting.
  • Curiosity: anything you would like to test, taste, prove, experiment, etc. "Yes" or "Positivism" likes to hide itself inside curiosities.
  • Distractions: they may be confused with curiosities... Don't confuse them! Special and Important sources of distractions are relatives and friends!
  • Discipline: finally the last, and an important one. This one is very vast. In a summary, it is like to whip yourself either to do what you must or by doing what you should not.
See? These kind of thoughts are crazy, but somehow, when I write them somewhere, I feel they help me to get myself better. And it's very comfortable when you look back what you wrote five or ten years ago...


Excite and/or motivate solutions and make them to be expressed either by yourself or others. Don't ignore the possibility!

Problem? Objective!
Way? Algorithm!
Structure? Start and End!
Test the Algorithm!
Algorithm Types: Informal and Computational

In Andrea: The Revenge of the Spirit, Babu Corsicack said: "A question might bring many answers; but one only answer might bring many questions." Remember that your answers will be upgraded, commonly when needs appear.

Nothing stays the same. Everything changes. (Buddhism)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still Alive. Valse de la Lune.

I heard Still Alive from Valve's Portal game which is sung by GLaDOS AI. This song is a mix of fun, happiness, sadness and revenge. I liked all the story behind that song.

Next was Valse de la Lune, from Wolf's Rain anime. I wished to hear somebody to sing a song on a triple compass music. This song met my need and as an added bonus, it feels sad.

I come to think about it, and it feels there are many references to wolves in literature. Wolf's Rain, Lonely Wolf Terry Bogard, Lycans in thrillers like Van Hellsing, Underworld or Twightlight. They seem to be the Underdogs.

Anyway, I liked the style of this song, and I tried to do my version in spanish. (Thanks to for its superb music collection)


Inspired by Valse de la Lune song, which is present in Wolf's Rain anime:

Baile Con Lobos (Cantada por mí)

lo claro y lo oscuro se ve en mi camino
espero algun día cambiar mi destino
aunque con luz mi cuerpo vista
la oscuridad hace a la distancia infinita

a jóvenes vestidos con piel animal
en las tormentas los vemos danzar
otro horizonte se va a apagar
ante la luz de los ojos que quieren despertar

no me pienso acobardar
temo a la oscuridad

incluso si lo siento
me esfuerzo y no lo encuentro
aunque lo busco como loco

aunque difícil parece
puede que empiece
mi baile con los lobos

siento la luz sobre toda mi piel
no tengo miedo a su lado infiel
la luna danza con brío
cuando el sol se ha posado en mi corazón frío.

no me voy a acobardar
le temo a la oscuridad

la sombra esconde mi deseo
me esfuerzo y no lo encuentro
aunque lo busco como loco

aunque difícil parece
puede que empiece
mi baile con los lobos

incluso si lo siento
me esfuerzo y no lo encuentro
aunque lo busco como loco

aunque difícil parece
puede que empiece
mi baile con los lobos

Why RD does not conceptualize? Because nobody teachs it

What I wished when I wrote Ying Xiong: Broken Sword, I have learned that "Intellectuals" call it Conceptualization.

Venn Euler, Baldor methods, Abstraction ... Vs. Money. I feel human kind is passing into a crossroads where money and quality of life are starting to get into conflicts. Nobody wants to teach something for free, and everybody hates when people start to earn money using things that should be given for free.

In essence, conceptualization consists in trying to find connections or similar features between things are seemingly or evidently different. It is like to find similarities between a Cow and a Building (there's a funny and long Dominican joke relating those two entities) ... the sad part about this definition is that it is considered either too childish or too crazy, but that is what I feel is the essence of conceptualization.

The other sad extreme is Money. Money is a kind of drug, or in order to make a better conceptualization, Money is like Food. Many people find pleasure when overeating. Even some people may think that Food is the only important thing in life... a nice comparison with Money. When improvement of human mind and knowledge depends on Money, everybody who is unwilling to pay will remain stupid, until a Good Samaritan appears... Thoughts like this are born when you try to connect the un-connect-able (i.e. practice conceptualization)

Lack of conceptualization is what keeps people polluting and overpopulating our earth. Thoughts like "Earth is big enough" or "When petroleum run out, then we'll talk about Hydrogen" or even "If I have enough money, everything will be alright" are results of that lack.

Even thoughts like "World will end only for anyone who is dead" can be born from lack of conceptualization.

Note: RD means República Dominicana.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Más que amor

Inspirado en la canción More Than Words de la película The Love Guru

Más que amor (Cantada por mí)

Decir te amo
No son las palabras que escuchar de tí quisiera
No es que no quiera
que las dijeras, pero si tú supieras
cuan fácil, podría ser mostrarme tu sentir
Más que amor
es necesario para poderlo vivir
asi no tendrías que decir
que me amas
pues ya habré sentido tu amor
Más que amor...
Más que amor...


Inspirado en Hero de Nickeback

Héroe (Cantado por mí)

Cuán grande soy, puedo escuchar al cielo [x2]
Pero mi cielo, mi cielo no me escucha a mi.

Dicen que un héroe podría salvarnos, no lo esperaré
Veo a las aves volando, a sus alas yo me aferraré

Una vez alguien dijo que el amor nos salvaría
Nadie imagino lo que el amor nos dejaría
Palabras de sangre y de muerte
Y será así por siempre


Y como el mundo no acaba, es amor lo que te llevo hoy
No es el amor de un héroe, y a eso es lo que temo yo


Están mirándonos, mirándonos... perecer [x2]


Solución (Cantada por mí)

---De Lito MC Cassidy:---

El se levanta bien temprano, pensando en su trabajo
Ni se afeita, se pone la misma ropa que tiene en el palo.
No se supone que yo deba de escoger?
Donde está el otro ángel que me venga a socorrer?
Estudiar para él fue un pecado
Y terminó de cajero en un supermercado

Yo solo quiero poder encontrar la solución
Que me permita mantener viva la motivación
Sin que me abrume por completo la preocupación
Para aplicarla a cualquier situación.
--- ---

En esencia Dios creó el universo
para destruir lo malo y mejorar lo bueno.
Estas seguro de saber cuál es tu bando?
La respuesta la contiene lo que hagas con tus manos!

No porque hayas corregido a un pequeñuelo
te mereces el castigo de quemarte en el infierno.
Pero tampoco por haber negado un peso
Es tuya la dicha que proviene desde el cielo.

Big Bang y Evolución son promovidos por la ciencia.
Dios para mí era una simple creencia.
Pero la Naturaleza luce bella y perfecta.
Me pregunto como pudo haber llegado a la existencia.

Muchas religiones esparcidas por la tierra
prometen paraíso, salvación y vida eterna.
Mente, trabajo en equipo e ideas
Tenemos a la mano lo esencial para obtenerla!


Si la curiosidad fue que mató al gato
estoy interesado en saber cómo y cuándo
Esperar pacientemente hasta que llegue mi hora?
Estudiando errores se encuentran mejoras!

A medida que el tiempo pasa, aparecen alternativas
El tiempo y las alternativas son infinitas.
No importa lo alocado que esto pueda parecer.
Mientras haya tiempo siempre habrá algo que hacer.

Son menos de 100 años los que vive un ser pensante?
Dícelo a Jesús, a Buddha o a Duarte.
La vida es muy corta. Es la realidad.
Pero hay cosas que perduran una eternidad.

Está bien que por tus creaciones debas de cobrar
pero además de recibir, también aprende a dar
Mejora tu mundo, no importa el instrumento.
Esta canción fue escrita con mensajes de texto.


Hay poderosos malos, y poderosos buenos.
Lo mucho hasta Dios lo ve.
Trabaja mucho, para que Él te pueda ver.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Programming Minutes: 15-5

Oscillations are Everywhere. If you go to one extreme, sooner or later you will want to experiment with the other.

Biorithm. Some people tried to create approximation formulas related to our mood, just like we calculated a year or menstruation cycle, and in some sense, it worked approximately!

Freedom of Choice: Work and Rest cycles. You can neither work nor rest forever. Your body and mind will speak out loud, even if you either drink tons of coffee or you have two months of vacation.

Extreme Programming. Techniques promoting a programming environment full of speed. Although Linux method starts slow, but it gets too fast after some time.

Google's long tail. Success of Google, like Linux, focused on everything Big Boys ignored or overlooked: how useful can be to show appreciation for The Underdogs.

15-5. Fifteen minutes of work, and five minutes of rest. This is not a Lord's Prayer, but you must always include moments of rest or fun in your job.

Vices. It is the biggest problem of the 15-5, that you can get too attached to moments of rest, but that is the risk, because "humans are lazy by nature."

Sleep is too long. Work too.

When fears becomes insecurities

"Fear? I have no fear. It's only that if I do it, it might fail!" Welcome to the world of insecurities, where fears becomes things that have less probability of success!!

Courage, guts, bravery, prowess... When did we forget all of these and start talking about probabilities? This is how Science may lead us into a wrong path. Nevertheless, I don't think it's good to promote Fear of God. What do you thing?

In The Love Guru, they are sell the idea that "If you are not with her, things will go bad." I still don't digest that idea very well. It is a nice way to promote fear, and also a message to reunite divorced couples.

Now that I think about it, that previous quote was MY OWN misinterpretation of the REAL thing: "When Love goes wrong, nothing goes right!", but the only Love that is globally merchandised is the love between a couple, so I feel no shame for my mistake. That kind of thought has become second nature.

Either fear or insecurity, both can be fought back with Yes and Love... although in my case it's not so easy as it seems. I'm still thinking about those last two words...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Disperse Thoughts

I was inside a public car, and two people were argueing. I decided to say something even, for both of them. I said something like:

- If he is angry, please try to slow things down. Don't put more wood to fire! (si él esta guapo, no lo enchinches)

It seems driver understood my message, but passenger doesn't and he said.

- But this crap is not fast enought! (Pero si esta mie%$a no corre!)

Seeing that he insisted in that silly fight, Then I said:

- See? You are wild fire! (Ves? Eres un enchinchador)

In that moment I re-learned the importance of balance, equilibrium and mid-terms... and not to underestimate some (gay?) thoughts about Unity and Love.

- - - - - - - -

In programming, before I knew better practices for coding, I did my programs very fast; but now that I know more about those practices, sometimes I feel either lazy or insecure about my results.

- - - - - - - -

Lin Manuel Miranda - In the heights: "If you want or can write, then write! Nobody will write the story of your dreams!"

Rita Indiana: "No matter what kind of music some musicians play. If we group with different genres, some new style should be born from that!"

Ignacio (Myself... :-D): "Keep all your ideas and thoughts separated (well-stated) and together. It is probable that an idea or solution will come in short time..."

Possibilities are infinite! Or, better said, NEW possibilities WILL appear as time passes by...

Fighting against myself

Express your love with actions. Create a group of witnesses. A woman with her son wanted to see her brother! but I wanted to ask her something...

I saw The Love Guru... If she doesn't listen, then follow DRAMA: Distraction, childhood, courtesy, e+motion, yes, randomness. Prepare next meeting. Then it means I must think always and forever in people?

God isn't interested in your silly thoughts about Love. Even He (like everybody) is more interested in your actions. He better believes in what can be seen.

To say "I love you" and "I can do it" are similar. Both are empty if there's no action. Follow flow of music. Show you can. You also need people.

Infinite solutions, do, price, discipline, time? future? goals. Lazy/Yes... There are many temptations. For example, how does a monk defeat sex and vagrancy? Learn to love yourself, and everybody.

Examples. Consequences. Auto-Restart

What kind of emotions do you feel when you are misunderstood? Or ridiculed? What should be your state of mind when you are building up your question or answer?

Some feelings and thoughts that have passed through my mind at some stage of my life are: Shame sorrow sacrifice suicide suffering sadness, patience and politeness, eternal effort, pain, boredom, secrets and lies, poverty, needs, rejections, Egoism, envy, hatred, rancor, materialism, desire, distractions, worries, birth, disease, age, death, vices, laziness, sleep, joy and happiness

Some of my best conclusions have been related to ideas like: Karma=money; better=pricey; correct=relative; beauty is not the way! Things I wish I should look at them like needs! But today, when talking with some workmates, this thought passed through my mind: Ask with examples; answer with consequences. Why? Well, if you use examples, they will want to correct what you said; and if you use consequences, they will bring alternatives. As people likes to show to others that they know, in this way they will feel tempted.

Even though, you should keep in mind things related to the proper way to talk with people: courtesy, discipline, justice, logical (nasty word, grr), common sense, moral, civic, respect, and remember that the ripple effect of things you do may improve your society.

Destroy what you have and restart, treasuring important experiences. Disorder or restart? Suffering to stop suffering until a greater suffering appears.

Nobody gives anything for free. Everybody has a price. How do you find out if what you offer is enough for them to give you what you wish? Would you look at their eyes, or at their actions? Mind/Body, Falcon/Snake, Religion/Science, Tiger/Dragon, Vampire/Wolf, Uchiha/Senju, God/Devil, Good/Bad, Yin/Yang!

One day I was enumarating things I should take into account when drinking, in order no to lose my conscious:
  • Keep only one posture all night long
  • Avoid singing and dancing alone
  • Empty your glass before going to bathroom
  • Eat food from time to time
  • Go out with enough money for yourself
  • Look people at their eyes, they really talk loud! If not obvious, actions are treacherous
  • And the hardest one: Avoid your sexual desire!
It looks like I am reformatting myself. If reincarnation is true, I would be glad if could remember all this blog in my new life... of course, if I am born as a human being...

Divide? Distractions? Prototype!

"Divide and conquer" is a very good advice to give in order to solve really big problems; nevertheless, techniques for division are not so vast. There appear many alternatives for division and we need to analyze and take note about all of them, and later choose decisions. I am trying to develop a method for myself and, in essence, it resembles a tree data structure: a tree whose branches grows until each and every one of them get exhausted.

If I "solace" myself, then I fall sleep and stop working. If I don't do it, I only thing about it. If I work, then it's too late or I need to ignore other duties. At this time somebody would say "You are a crazy morbid idiot", but I am more interested to find out what things in life induce these kind of thoughts or branches, then I will study each one of them.

Even though 0.01% is a very good plan to build motivation, exactly after you finish, distractions might appear. For example, if a work flow is to turn computer on, to open a folder, then an internet browser, a file editor and a script file, then print a little example, and write conclusions on paper... alright, these are elemental steps that conform your 0.01% effort. Then, what about those distractions after 0.01%?

My answer right now is prototype. Create the dumbest and silliest prototype of a solution! The dumber, the better. Remember that you can improve it. The fact that you don't know the final look of interface and solution adds the necessary randomness, but remember to start with K.I.S.S. (Keep It So Simple), of course, until clients needs something new... but the client could be yourself!