Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Big Bang of some contradictions of myself

  • When you promise, you will swallow your words.
  • I start as a Lion, but end as a Chicken.
  • I tell myself "I will never do it", but I do it; "I wish I never do it", but I do it; If I say "I want it", then it goes away
  • The thing I want the most, is the hardest thing for me to achieve or decide
  • Some problems and promises will accumulate, until one day, they all explode altogether
  • Even if you don't have problems, MANY PEOPLE are making plans with your money. MANY.
  • It seems ALL PROBLEMS are resolved with a SACRIFICE that doesn't assure anything. The problem is only interchanged by another problem that is not less bigger, and sometimes with a doubtful profit.
  • Then, unconsciously, my psyche tends to forget this sentimental intensity of big depression and start injecting enjoyment in me, instead of keeping me there to analyze it.
  • People always like that we guess whatever they want. It seems SURPRISE and LIES are needed in this !"#$%&/ Universe.
  • Many times, I can't apply my conclusions to myself!!
  • "Luck Vs. Fate" is so hard to handle sometimes, hard to keep in equilibrium.
  • What I must do is so hard... and what I want to do is so enjoyable...

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