Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To bring jokes from adversity?

Sometimes I feel Jealous of blind people, because they live in total darkness. They are not easily tempted by vanities, because they can't see. This was a thought I had when I walked below the bridge of Italia avenue, in Santo Domingo, towards my house.

To see many pretty women is like to go to a shopping mall, either without money in your pocket, or with money for your transportation only.

Why do we focus our existence in whatever that can be a waste of our abilities, instead to improve our situation related to employment, women, marriage, etc.? We normally act to keep them and avoid to lose them, but we rarely think about improving them.

Smiles, Laughs, Humor, Fun. These are the best assets, but they can provoke admiration, envy, zeal and hatred. Every negative or opposite energy will hunt you and try to make you suffer.

Why could we want that people (or I) think about and endure suffering? Is the purpose of Life to think about that? If that's so, then elaborate jokes related to those unpleasant things about Life!

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