Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creator is Selfish

Life always gives you hits anytime you talk about or share your thoughts.
It seems like there will always exist someone who feels pleasure when you suffer.
And that person feels a desire to hurt you and to see your saddest face.
And on top of all that, one must withstand everything, because one doesn't know
what is the correct way to react in a situation like that.

And wherever one go, will always encounter with people like that.
Maybe the best alternative is to practice telepathy, because it is private enough
to stop people to know whatever you think about. Nevertheless, there always appear
someone who want to force you to do something, even if you don't have enough desire
to do it, or maybe because of insecurity.

Biggest solace is that sadness people feel motivates them to write this way; but then,
it seems that, for each joy I feel, a greater sadness come after, i.e., it happens an event terrible enough to make me remember how good is to be small and promote smallness.

It is more pleasant to live as an skeptic, than to live jumping from happiness to sadness and vice versa. Einstein said that happiness is for cattle. Another one said "if I am, I don't know; if I know, then I already am not."

It is to live the life giving that moral advice that we are trying to find the reason why that advice is so correct, even if we think it is not perfect enough. It seems life has things with no amount of reason; things that right right because they are so, and the only thing one can say is "You are wrong! It is not because you have objections for it, but because, everywhere I go, workers and honest people that I see on streets don't promote that kind of thought or image! And even if I can feel you have good intentions, I must acknowledge that, for some weird reason, people react in an specific or common way towards public and society."

The only thing is left for me to believe is in Fate or Destiny. Destiny of sacrifice to live between vampires, wolves, vultures, hyenas, sharks, bears, and any other kind of predators that exist in our society. Sincerely, all of this is sad. It seems like complete and absolute happiness is forbidden for human beings, or it is maybe an illusion: it doesn't exist!

One must always think about future, even though humans are not eternal beings. None of all theological theories can be 100% proven, then one must believe by Faith, or follow its instincts, or do what the majority of people do... but no one of them can give a 100% happiness or complete removal of suffering. The former can be enjoyed briefly, and the latter gets a little reduction from time to time, and even they are not constantly eternal.

Happiness is an illusion. Sadness is the biggest prove of how Selfish Creator is.

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