Monday, February 1, 2010

Fighting against myself

Express your love with actions. Create a group of witnesses. A woman with her son wanted to see her brother! but I wanted to ask her something...

I saw The Love Guru... If she doesn't listen, then follow DRAMA: Distraction, childhood, courtesy, e+motion, yes, randomness. Prepare next meeting. Then it means I must think always and forever in people?

God isn't interested in your silly thoughts about Love. Even He (like everybody) is more interested in your actions. He better believes in what can be seen.

To say "I love you" and "I can do it" are similar. Both are empty if there's no action. Follow flow of music. Show you can. You also need people.

Infinite solutions, do, price, discipline, time? future? goals. Lazy/Yes... There are many temptations. For example, how does a monk defeat sex and vagrancy? Learn to love yourself, and everybody.

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