Monday, February 1, 2010

Divide? Distractions? Prototype!

"Divide and conquer" is a very good advice to give in order to solve really big problems; nevertheless, techniques for division are not so vast. There appear many alternatives for division and we need to analyze and take note about all of them, and later choose decisions. I am trying to develop a method for myself and, in essence, it resembles a tree data structure: a tree whose branches grows until each and every one of them get exhausted.

If I "solace" myself, then I fall sleep and stop working. If I don't do it, I only thing about it. If I work, then it's too late or I need to ignore other duties. At this time somebody would say "You are a crazy morbid idiot", but I am more interested to find out what things in life induce these kind of thoughts or branches, then I will study each one of them.

Even though 0.01% is a very good plan to build motivation, exactly after you finish, distractions might appear. For example, if a work flow is to turn computer on, to open a folder, then an internet browser, a file editor and a script file, then print a little example, and write conclusions on paper... alright, these are elemental steps that conform your 0.01% effort. Then, what about those distractions after 0.01%?

My answer right now is prototype. Create the dumbest and silliest prototype of a solution! The dumber, the better. Remember that you can improve it. The fact that you don't know the final look of interface and solution adds the necessary randomness, but remember to start with K.I.S.S. (Keep It So Simple), of course, until clients needs something new... but the client could be yourself!

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