Monday, February 1, 2010

Examples. Consequences. Auto-Restart

What kind of emotions do you feel when you are misunderstood? Or ridiculed? What should be your state of mind when you are building up your question or answer?

Some feelings and thoughts that have passed through my mind at some stage of my life are: Shame sorrow sacrifice suicide suffering sadness, patience and politeness, eternal effort, pain, boredom, secrets and lies, poverty, needs, rejections, Egoism, envy, hatred, rancor, materialism, desire, distractions, worries, birth, disease, age, death, vices, laziness, sleep, joy and happiness

Some of my best conclusions have been related to ideas like: Karma=money; better=pricey; correct=relative; beauty is not the way! Things I wish I should look at them like needs! But today, when talking with some workmates, this thought passed through my mind: Ask with examples; answer with consequences. Why? Well, if you use examples, they will want to correct what you said; and if you use consequences, they will bring alternatives. As people likes to show to others that they know, in this way they will feel tempted.

Even though, you should keep in mind things related to the proper way to talk with people: courtesy, discipline, justice, logical (nasty word, grr), common sense, moral, civic, respect, and remember that the ripple effect of things you do may improve your society.

Destroy what you have and restart, treasuring important experiences. Disorder or restart? Suffering to stop suffering until a greater suffering appears.

Nobody gives anything for free. Everybody has a price. How do you find out if what you offer is enough for them to give you what you wish? Would you look at their eyes, or at their actions? Mind/Body, Falcon/Snake, Religion/Science, Tiger/Dragon, Vampire/Wolf, Uchiha/Senju, God/Devil, Good/Bad, Yin/Yang!

One day I was enumarating things I should take into account when drinking, in order no to lose my conscious:
  • Keep only one posture all night long
  • Avoid singing and dancing alone
  • Empty your glass before going to bathroom
  • Eat food from time to time
  • Go out with enough money for yourself
  • Look people at their eyes, they really talk loud! If not obvious, actions are treacherous
  • And the hardest one: Avoid your sexual desire!
It looks like I am reformatting myself. If reincarnation is true, I would be glad if could remember all this blog in my new life... of course, if I am born as a human being...

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