Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Programming Minutes: 15-5

Oscillations are Everywhere. If you go to one extreme, sooner or later you will want to experiment with the other.

Biorithm. Some people tried to create approximation formulas related to our mood, just like we calculated a year or menstruation cycle, and in some sense, it worked approximately!

Freedom of Choice: Work and Rest cycles. You can neither work nor rest forever. Your body and mind will speak out loud, even if you either drink tons of coffee or you have two months of vacation.

Extreme Programming. Techniques promoting a programming environment full of speed. Although Linux method starts slow, but it gets too fast after some time.

Google's long tail. Success of Google, like Linux, focused on everything Big Boys ignored or overlooked: how useful can be to show appreciation for The Underdogs.

15-5. Fifteen minutes of work, and five minutes of rest. This is not a Lord's Prayer, but you must always include moments of rest or fun in your job.

Vices. It is the biggest problem of the 15-5, that you can get too attached to moments of rest, but that is the risk, because "humans are lazy by nature."

Sleep is too long. Work too.

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